Slave of many Mistresses

Slave of many Mistresses

I can’t be loyal, i just can’t be slave of a single Mistress. I thought i could…but One Great Diva actually opened my eyes, and let me see the reality: i am a slave of many Mistresses, although one of them is sort of the “main one” (One Great Diva).

The thing is that, sometimes, i just feel the need to be dominated, to have my wallet raped…and that’s why i start browsing those sites listed here on the right…looking for a Mistress. Is it wrong to do so? Should i just wait for One Great Diva to come online? She said i’ll never be able to…and i will always end up visiting all the others…like Mistress Sandra, MsClassy, Miss Olivia…and maybe others.

That’s just the way i am: sometimes i need a beautiful woman to use her feet to seduce and enslave me…even if My Mistress isn’t online.

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