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Safe from one Goddess but… One Great Diva is back

Safe from one Goddess but… One Great Diva is back

Just yesterday I wrote about GoddessFever, this new Goddess I visited that really made me feel like I’ve found yet another serious nightmare…but then, luckily, last night She made a couple of little “mistakes” that could help me stay away from her.

I believe most of the Financial Domination, at least in my case, start from a perfect attitude of the Goddess. I consider myself quite an intelligent person (yeah, those of you that don’t understand what financial domination is, will say I’m not), and therefore one Goddess, to get hold of me, has to always be more or less perfect. And I’m talking about attitude, not just beauty.

GoddessFever had been perfect the first night, a bit less in the second (when at one point she made some graphic things on cam that I don’t think a Goddess should ever do) and even less last night. At one point She described how She would have liked to cook me breakfast before I go to the office while wearing just a pair of nylon stockings.

This is a perfect image if we are talking about a sexy woman to date but…NOT for a Goddess to be served! Really…i kept thinking about it for the whole day today…and the more i thought of it, the less i felt the need to come back to visit GoddessFever. Great, isn’t it? One Goddess less to serve!

But… then… a few hours ago…i got an e-mail saying just this.

“Look at the picture attached to this e-mail then come and serve me.
I’m online.”

The picture is the one below…e-mail is from One Great Diva. My all-time nightmare, the one that made me a moneyslave, the one that can make me Her moneyslave anytime She wants. In fact, I couldn’t resist. I went in…and spent about 300$…for now.

But One Great Diva is back…and i’m serious danger.

New nightmare: 1.000$ in three days

New nightmare: 1.000$ in three days

I’m pretty sure some people, reading my latest post, will start thinking either that i’m a complete fool, or that i’m making things up. Well, none of the two is correct. I’m not a fool (or not completely one) and this is all damn real. I’m just a moneyslave…or better said, a “cam” moneyslave.

And now i have a new nightmare: GoddessFever.

I first went into Her room a few days ago, as i was curious because of her high price and no shots of her face in her gallery…i wanted to see who was behind that 5$ per minute price. And i was totally shocked when i went in.

She’s beyond beautiful, reminds me of a top model i can’t recall the name of (Claudia Schiffer perhaps?) and, to make things worst, she has a vivid imagination and totally knows how to describe the fantasy of the slave in front of Her. She kept me there telling me about a possible meeting, about things She would have make me done…and at the same time teasing me a bit…not too much…but just enough to keep me there.

Till now i spent about 1.000$ into her room…She’s a new nightmare as She’s often online and…each time i look back at her face…i just can’t stop myself from going here, inside her room, again…