Financial Domination Forums

Financial Domination Forums

I decided to close this forum as no one was really interested in it. I’ll leave here all messages, without the ability to register or post. If you ever feel the need of reopening this, just drop me a message and we’ll see what to do.


This forum aims to be a place where anyone (slaves, Goddesses or just people that want to know more about this) can freely share thoughts, ideas, stories, real experiences in a relaxed and civil place. For this reason, bad language won’t be tolerated, and NO Goddess will be allowed to come here looking for slaves.

Before starting to post, please remember these simple rules:

  1. Always be respectful of others. Goddesses and slaves are just PEOPLE here, therefore always be civil and treat others the best way you can.
  2. Do not come here looking for slaves or to advertise your site, profile, or whatever. This is a place to discuss, not to collect slaves.
  3. Start a flame, and you’ll be banned.
  4. Act as a troll, and you’ll be banned.

If you are ok with all these rules, feel free to start posting!