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Discover my New Findom Addiction: Yanira and her Video Chat

Discover my New Findom Addiction: Yanira and her Video Chat

YaniraLove Findom Goddess Video Chat

There are literally thousands of models out there, and as you well know, I am not the type of slave who falls for every pretty girl. Being pretty is not enough for me to feel submissive; therefore, only a handful of models get mentioned on my blog. Today, I want to introduce you to the one that made me spend the most online in 2024: Yanira.

My approach

My approach to Yanira has been different from the usual for one simple reason: she has no social media account, no fan page to follow, and most importantly, she rarely wears nylons while on free video chat. If you’ve followed me long enough, you know the power that nylons have on me, making their absence a significant obstacle when they are not being shown in pictures or free video chats. But Yanira is in a totally different league: she didn’t need to wear nylons to attract my attention, nor did she need any social media for me to keep an eye on her. All I needed was to see her once in free video chat, and I was hooked. I knew she was someone I would want to submit to; she had that special “something” that made me want to crawl at her feet. But not immediately—only until that special trigger was fired.

The long wait for the right moment

I am not exaggerating when I say it took me 4 or 5 months before finally entering her private video chat, and I’m not afraid to admit that. You see, there is something to consider when it comes to Yanira: she is a super popular Findom model, probably one of the most popular on the site she works on, which means she is quite expensive to join in private. I don’t want to seem cheap, nor am I saying she is not worth it (she absolutely is!), but before trying for the first time with her, those $5 per minute were somewhat of an obstacle. An obstacle that was destroyed in a matter of seconds one specific night.

The night that changed everything

YaniraLove Findom Goddess in black pantyhose and Louboutin High Heels during a Video Chat

It was a night in October and, as often happened in those days, I passed by her room to have a quick glimpse at her, or to be precise, to see how she was dressed. As soon as I entered her room, my jaw dropped to the floor, my heart started pumping faster, and my mouth went dry. She was wearing a black mini-dress, Louboutin’s So Kate heels, and black pantyhose. I could not believe my eyes: after months of dreaming of this exact outfit, I could finally see her wearing it. The ultimate weapon to destroy all my resistances and doubts was there, firing at full power, breaking down all my barriers, and removing any obstacle to serving her. Needless to say, I entered her room in a matter of seconds to avoid losing this incredible chance. And that first session exceeded all expectations: not only was she incredibly beautiful and confident, but the pace at which she kept asking for more and more tips while teasing more and more was just perfect and impossible to resist. That night, that precise night, I understood why she is so popular and, well, expensive. Every cent spent with her was 100% worth it: she was beyond perfect in every move, demand, and message she typed.

Session after session, she kept getting better

After that first session, I, of course, kept visiting her, each time being amazed by a Findom session that was better than the previous one. You see, that’s the thing when a Findom Goddess is smart and intelligent: she listens to you and notices your reactions. She understands what works and what doesn’t to push your limits, and she uses all this knowledge to her (and your) advantage, to make you spend more but also to give you the best experience ever. And that’s exactly the feeling you get when you establish this sort of “relationship” (perhaps a strong word, but you know what I mean) with Yanira.

I’m pretty sure you already know that you should visit her as soon as possible, but in case you are still wondering exactly why you should, let me explain a bit better why she totally emerges above all the thousands of other beautiful Findom models out there, and why she deserves to be defined as a Findom Goddess. Below, I’ve compiled a list of compelling reasons that highlight her unique qualities and unmatched appeal, making her an absolute must-visit for anyone seeking an extraordinary findom experience in chat.

Reasons to visit her in Video Chat: She’s beautiful

YaniraLove blonde Findom Goddess Video Chat

I don’t think I need to explain this to you; her photos speak for themselves and, if that’s not enough, you can just go and take a look in her free video chat (if you are lucky enough to find her free). From head to toe, she is pure perfection: her curves will haunt your dreams for a very long time, and you won’t be able to forget her smile either.

Reasons to visit her in Video Chat: She’s smart

This is the main reason why every session with her feels better than the previous one. Yanira will listen to you and notice all the little hints you give her regarding what you like and dislike, what excites you and what doesn’t. She will use all this knowledge to give you the best experience ever, which of course means pushing your limits higher and higher, making you spend more and more. But isn’t this what we, moneyslaves, get excited for?

Reasons to visit her in Video Chat: She speaks perfect English

During our second session, I discovered something amazing about Yanira: she speaks perfect British English. In the first session, she only typed, but once she started talking, her flawless use of the language was immediately noticeable. For me, this is a huge turn on, as there’s nothing quite like a Findom Goddess who can communicate perfectly. Needless to say, I made sure to tell her how much I loved the way she speaks. Now, she always talks during our findom sessions, adding an extra layer of excitement and connection.

Reasons to visit her in Video Chat: She’s funny

This is not something every paypig will notice, because it vastly depends on the kind of findom sessions you are looking for. I don’t particularly like those in which the Findom Goddess is always serious, often offending the slave and treating him like dirt, so I was lucky enough to discover this side of Yanira. She can be damn funny; sarcasm is part of her and suits her purpose perfectly.

YaniraLove Findom Goddess smile in video chat

Reasons to visit her in Video Chat: The perfect pace

The concept of “pace” in financial domination is, in my opinion, one of the keys to distinguishing a great domme from an average or even bad one. A Findom Domme with the perfect pace is one who will demand your tip at the right moment, when your excitement is at the right level, perfectly coordinating her request with her teasing. Even the amount of the tip she asks will be correctly aligned to how the session is going and to what the paypig can spend. How does she do that? Well, it’s very difficult to explain or even teach, in my opinion. It requires a huge understanding of the slave’s emotions, fetishes, and weaknesses. As with many things, it gets better and better as the relationship with the slave evolves. Yanira is one of the best Findom Goddesses I’ve ever visited regarding this “pace”: the rhythm at which she demands her tips aligns perfectly with her teasing. She can slow down a bit for a moment to let the slave relax, and then push harder again with her teasing and demands. The excitement a paypig gets from this is unmatched, even though, of course, it makes her one of the most dangerous out there!

Reasons to visit her in Video Chat: The quality of her stream

Everything in her stream is 100% top quality: outfits, nylons, shoes, camera, lighting, microphone. There is not a single detail that doesn’t match the top quality available online. She, of course, works in a studio and that probably helps, but this doesn’t change the fact that every single financial domination session with her is the best you can get online.

Why are you still on this page?

Seriously… if you made it this far in the article, I’m not really sure why you are still reading. Click here and visit her right now, or join my Telegram Channel to receive an instant notification the next time she is online. You know you can trust my judgement: you won’t be disappointed by Yanira. It will only hurt a little… but that’s the kind of pain we, as moneyslaves, are actually seeking, isn’t it?

Findom Goddess Yanira - Visit her Video Chat