FeetGoddesss proved me wrong. Once again.

FeetGoddesss proved me wrong. Once again.

It’s not the first time (and I’m sure it won’t be the last one) that FeetGoddesss shows me how wrong I am about what I think excites me and what it doesn’t. Why? Because she’s just too powerful, that’s why.

It has only been a few days since I wrote about my (bad) opinion about group draining sessions: I don’t like them, they don’t excite me, I would never want to be in one. 

Or so I thought

I have a fetish for legs and feet in pantyhose ever since I was a teenager, and a Woman wearing trousers just doesn’t interest me. She’s not as sexy as in a miniskirt, her legs in nylon are hidden, come on it’s just not for me.

Or so I thought

If there is one way FeetGoddesss has to show me Her immense power, is proving me wrong on this kind of thing. A few nights ago, after finishing my work, I logged online just to have a look around. Started browsing Twitter, cam sites… you know, the usual stuff we all do. 

At some point, I went into FeetGoddess room.

She had a leather catsuit on, Louboutin high heels, and nylons (later I discovered being pantyhose). She looked incredible. Her perfect body was like a perfect match with that outfit, her legs looked even longer than usual, her incredible ass was breathtaking. I couldn’t leave. I had to stay and watch a bit. 

Thing is, she was super busy as usual. I could hear her asking tributes to a few different guys, giving them orders, calling them one by one: it was a group draining session. You know, that kind of session I don’t like. I thought of just enjoying the show, without taking part in it…but she was of a different opinion. 

At one point, between one order to a guy and another, she said, looking deeply into the cam:

“Spoil me Massi, it’s your turn now. You know you want to”

To be honest, I didn’t KNOW I wanted to… till then. Those words instantly turned me into an obedient puppy. I sent the first tribute and started acting like I had no brain. Well, it wasn’t really acting… she did actually take my brain away, piece by piece. She was moving in the sensual way only Her can do, her voice was hypnotic, slowly giving orders to others, then to me, then to them…one by one…sometimes I stared while she was clearly giving orders to others and ignoring me but…she did it in such a perfect way that I never felt left out. It was a constant switching between one and another, with perfect timing, always giving everyone the right attention. It was perfect. I had a magnificent time.

The next morning I woke up happy but also a bit confused. Do I even know what I like? Does it even matter? 

Group draining sessions: Not for me

Group draining sessions: Not for me

One of the reasons why it’s probably so difficult to understand the Financial Domination fetish for someone who isn’t into it (well, this is valid for any fetish I’m afraid), it’s because there is not just one single way to enjoy it. And not every slave likes it in the same way.

I’ve been a moneyslave for over 10 years and, especially since I’ve opened this blog, I’ve been in touch with many slaves: sometimes it’s nice to exchange experiences, opinions, or even comfort each other during those many crises every moneyslave goes through from time to time.

One of the things that I get asked a lot (A LOT) is to join a group draining session. Unless you live on another planet or started yesterday in Financial Domination, you sure know what that is.

A few slaves have a session with the same Goddess, all at the same time. They spoil her, they let her use them, humiliate them…one in front of the other one. Very rarely slaves can see each other, but they sure can see how every one of them reacts to the Goddess’s presence and orders. 

Well, I’m sorry but this is not for me. Not at all. I like to live my financial domination in a more direct relationship with the Goddess: I want to be the only one she’s giving orders at that moment, I want to be the only target of her power. With this, I’m not saying the Goddess needs to give me any sort of special attention, in the end, she is the one in charge…but…let’s say I don’t like to “share” her with others when I serve her. 

Is this selfish? Is this a limit I have? Am I missing some big part of the Financial Domination world? Perhaps guys, perhaps. But, as I said before, not every slave is the same…

Fixing my life, thanks to you

Fixing my life, thanks to you

The end of August was kind of a nightmare for me, and you all probably know that by now. When I wrote about my sadness and guilt, I was really down. My wife was hurt, and it was all my fault. I didn’t know what to do, it was really a horrible moment.

But that article was of huge help, especially because of all the wise and nice words I got from many of you. Some wrote to me on Twitter, some added comments here… and it was really what I needed. I will never thank you all guys enough for helping me! Reading other people’s opinions on the situation helped me put things in perspective, sit down, pull myself together, and Do something about it.

If there is something I’m good at, it’s adjusting my behavior when things are going in the wrong direction. I did the same when I found my balance on spendings, and I did the same this time. Or, better said, I’m doing it. My wife comes first, always. Her needs have to be my main concern and, although I will never stop financial domination, I need to adjust the way I am for her to be happier.

I won’t get into many details (but my guess is that you can understand what I am “fixing”), but let’s say that the last three weeks had been great between us, and I couldn’t be happier.

Does it mean I started having financial domination sessions again? Yes, but that’s another story…

Feeling guilty and sad

Feeling guilty and sad

It happened. I always thought my findom addiction was under control and was not interfering with my private life…but I was wrong. And not because of my spendings, those are actually totally under control (remember how I found my balance?), but because of my…wanking habit. Or at least that’s what I think this is, perhaps it’s deeper I don’t know.

I Love Her

First of all, I love my wife with all my heart. She is always my first thought about anything that I do, and I would never do anything to harm her. In all these years I made sure I protected my marriage from all the dangers of Financial Domination. That’s why I managed to find a balance on my spendings, and that’s why I never risked getting caught. If there is a slight risk, I just don’t even go online. She is my main priority.

My failure

But there is one thing that seems to be affecting us: my lack of sexual drive. Recently, we just don’t have sex enough. It’s about once a month, sometimes even less…and it’s not because she’s not beautiful, because she is. It’s probably because she doesn’t represent what my sexual fantasies are always about, she doesn’t even come close to what I need to get excited…and that’s starting to be an issue.

Two nights ago we spent an hour talking about this (well, talking…arguing I should say). She ended up crying, thinking this is all her fault. That I don’t like her anymore and stuff like that. We ended up cuddling and having sex …but since then I feel guilty. Extremely guilty. The one thing I never wanted to happen, it’s happening. I’m hurting her. And it’s all because I probably spend too much time fantasizing on Financial Domination goddesses and stuff like that.

Is there a solution?

How can I solve this? I don’t know. The only solution I see seems impossible: many times I tried, and always failed to quit money slavery. This is who I am, this is an important part of myself, and I can’t be happy without it.
All I’m doing these days is giving more and more attention to her needs, always been there for her (even more than before), and of course, having sex more often but… how long this will last? How long till I will stop feeling guilty, and just get back as I was before?

I have no answers at the moment. I’m just sad.

My Interview with Goddess Resha

My Interview with Goddess Resha

Among all the magnificent Goddesses I’m lucky to serve and have served in these years of Financial Domination, there is one who surely stands out not only because of her beauty but also because of her uniqueness both in dressing style and in the way she dominates men. Hear laugh during sessions is the perfect combination of funny and powerful, her super colorful dresses are not to be missed, and her never-ending collection of high-quality pantyhose would make anyone with a nylon fetish drool in seconds. 

That’s why I’m super happy that Goddess Resha accepted to be interviewed on my blog, and I’m sure all of you will love to know her a bit more through this interview.

How are you coping with this coronavirus situation? Did it impact your life a lot? And what about your online work, was it impacted in any way?

It does impact emotionally and financially! So, I did listen to your advice to watch the news less: more porn and less news made me feel better!

What kind of music do you like?

I like Brian McKnight A lot! He is My go-to music when I need to relax.

And how about your favorite movie?

History, war movies, and romantic comedies!

Goddess Resha in stockings

Name 3 people you admire and why

1. Woman in Nylon
2. Woman in Heel
3. Dominant Woman

When you go on cam, how do you decide what you are going to
wear at first?

It depends on how I feel. I always feel good and comfortable wearing My sexy Nylons epecially Wolford and Fully Fashioned Stockings!

What is the kind of session that you prefer: the one where you order the slave to do things on cam for you, or the one where you seduce him and drive him crazy?

I like to do both! Seduce him first and then make him do what I want.

How long have you been working online, and how did you start?

I think I started camming around 2008. A friend of mine got ME into this.

What are the things you did when you started, and that you then understood was wrong or not for you?

I understand how valuable I’m now more than when I first started. I know from experience than you can cut out little noisy time wasters and “subs wanna be” by setting your price a little higher. And, no matter what, never bargain yourself.

Goddess Resha in pantyhose

Dominating men online and financial domination has become kinda the “cool thing” at the moment. Every girl defines herself as a Goddess, a Princess, a Queen. What’s your advice for these new girls that are coming to the scene? What do you think of them?

1) Be Smart enough not to wallet fish on Twitter and avoid Tweet bait!
2) A real sub will find you, so have your art ready for him when he comes to you. While waiting for him, work on your art. Add nice things to it. It will help you, in the long run, to invest in expensive nylons and decent outfits. 3) Study the fetish you are into. Bring your creativity into it.
4) Findom is not about sitting pretty asking money! Be good at something and work from there. Example: Feet

On the other hand, there are also lots of men that define themselves as a slave. What’s the worst thing a slave can do when approaching, and what’s the proper way to be one of your slaves and live..happily ever after?

1) Always approach with manner, be respectful, and yes pay for MY time.
2) For the first-timer sub: you must be willing to work with ME with your fetish. I’m not a mind reader.
3) It also helps if you give it time for us to build chemistry and a relationship or “relationshit“… I like them both! Because if we understand each other and boundaries are clear, we can have a long-lasting Domme/Sub relationship.
4) If you’re into heavy humiliation, it’s better to act like a total loser in front of ME since our first meeting on video.
5) If not into Humiliation, you must let ME know. Not every fetish involves humiliation of course. I’m very creative once I know what kind of “brain juice” I’m melting on!

So that was it guys, Goddess Resha showed once more how unique she is, even just by answering these few questions. In the remote case you still didn’t bow at her feet, be sure to have a look here below, where all the places you can serve her are listed.

Do you want to serve Goddess Resha? Here’s how
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