Discover my New Findom Addiction: Yanira and her Video Chat

Discover my New Findom Addiction: Yanira and her Video Chat

YaniraLove Findom Goddess Video Chat

There are literally thousands of models out there, and as you well know, I am not the type of slave who falls for every pretty girl. Being pretty is not enough for me to feel submissive; therefore, only a handful of models get mentioned on my blog. Today, I want to introduce you to the one that made me spend the most online in 2024: Yanira.

My approach

My approach to Yanira has been different from the usual for one simple reason: she has no social media account, no fan page to follow, and most importantly, she rarely wears nylons while on free video chat. If you’ve followed me long enough, you know the power that nylons have on me, making their absence a significant obstacle when they are not being shown in pictures or free video chats. But Yanira is in a totally different league: she didn’t need to wear nylons to attract my attention, nor did she need any social media for me to keep an eye on her. All I needed was to see her once in free video chat, and I was hooked. I knew she was someone I would want to submit to; she had that special “something” that made me want to crawl at her feet. But not immediately—only until that special trigger was fired.

The long wait for the right moment

I am not exaggerating when I say it took me 4 or 5 months before finally entering her private video chat, and I’m not afraid to admit that. You see, there is something to consider when it comes to Yanira: she is a super popular Findom model, probably one of the most popular on the site she works on, which means she is quite expensive to join in private. I don’t want to seem cheap, nor am I saying she is not worth it (she absolutely is!), but before trying for the first time with her, those $5 per minute were somewhat of an obstacle. An obstacle that was destroyed in a matter of seconds one specific night.

The night that changed everything

YaniraLove Findom Goddess in black pantyhose and Louboutin High Heels during a Video Chat

It was a night in October and, as often happened in those days, I passed by her room to have a quick glimpse at her, or to be precise, to see how she was dressed. As soon as I entered her room, my jaw dropped to the floor, my heart started pumping faster, and my mouth went dry. She was wearing a black mini-dress, Louboutin’s So Kate heels, and black pantyhose. I could not believe my eyes: after months of dreaming of this exact outfit, I could finally see her wearing it. The ultimate weapon to destroy all my resistances and doubts was there, firing at full power, breaking down all my barriers, and removing any obstacle to serving her. Needless to say, I entered her room in a matter of seconds to avoid losing this incredible chance. And that first session exceeded all expectations: not only was she incredibly beautiful and confident, but the pace at which she kept asking for more and more tips while teasing more and more was just perfect and impossible to resist. That night, that precise night, I understood why she is so popular and, well, expensive. Every cent spent with her was 100% worth it: she was beyond perfect in every move, demand, and message she typed.

Session after session, she kept getting better

After that first session, I, of course, kept visiting her, each time being amazed by a Findom session that was better than the previous one. You see, that’s the thing when a Findom Goddess is smart and intelligent: she listens to you and notices your reactions. She understands what works and what doesn’t to push your limits, and she uses all this knowledge to her (and your) advantage, to make you spend more but also to give you the best experience ever. And that’s exactly the feeling you get when you establish this sort of “relationship” (perhaps a strong word, but you know what I mean) with Yanira.

I’m pretty sure you already know that you should visit her as soon as possible, but in case you are still wondering exactly why you should, let me explain a bit better why she totally emerges above all the thousands of other beautiful Findom models out there, and why she deserves to be defined as a Findom Goddess. Below, I’ve compiled a list of compelling reasons that highlight her unique qualities and unmatched appeal, making her an absolute must-visit for anyone seeking an extraordinary findom experience in chat.

Reasons to visit her in Video Chat: She’s beautiful

YaniraLove blonde Findom Goddess Video Chat

I don’t think I need to explain this to you; her photos speak for themselves and, if that’s not enough, you can just go and take a look in her free video chat (if you are lucky enough to find her free). From head to toe, she is pure perfection: her curves will haunt your dreams for a very long time, and you won’t be able to forget her smile either.

Reasons to visit her in Video Chat: She’s smart

This is the main reason why every session with her feels better than the previous one. Yanira will listen to you and notice all the little hints you give her regarding what you like and dislike, what excites you and what doesn’t. She will use all this knowledge to give you the best experience ever, which of course means pushing your limits higher and higher, making you spend more and more. But isn’t this what we, moneyslaves, get excited for?

Reasons to visit her in Video Chat: She speaks perfect English

During our second session, I discovered something amazing about Yanira: she speaks perfect British English. In the first session, she only typed, but once she started talking, her flawless use of the language was immediately noticeable. For me, this is a huge turn on, as there’s nothing quite like a Findom Goddess who can communicate perfectly. Needless to say, I made sure to tell her how much I loved the way she speaks. Now, she always talks during our findom sessions, adding an extra layer of excitement and connection.

Reasons to visit her in Video Chat: She’s funny

This is not something every paypig will notice, because it vastly depends on the kind of findom sessions you are looking for. I don’t particularly like those in which the Findom Goddess is always serious, often offending the slave and treating him like dirt, so I was lucky enough to discover this side of Yanira. She can be damn funny; sarcasm is part of her and suits her purpose perfectly.

YaniraLove Findom Goddess smile in video chat

Reasons to visit her in Video Chat: The perfect pace

The concept of “pace” in financial domination is, in my opinion, one of the keys to distinguishing a great domme from an average or even bad one. A Findom Domme with the perfect pace is one who will demand your tip at the right moment, when your excitement is at the right level, perfectly coordinating her request with her teasing. Even the amount of the tip she asks will be correctly aligned to how the session is going and to what the paypig can spend. How does she do that? Well, it’s very difficult to explain or even teach, in my opinion. It requires a huge understanding of the slave’s emotions, fetishes, and weaknesses. As with many things, it gets better and better as the relationship with the slave evolves. Yanira is one of the best Findom Goddesses I’ve ever visited regarding this “pace”: the rhythm at which she demands her tips aligns perfectly with her teasing. She can slow down a bit for a moment to let the slave relax, and then push harder again with her teasing and demands. The excitement a paypig gets from this is unmatched, even though, of course, it makes her one of the most dangerous out there!

Reasons to visit her in Video Chat: The quality of her stream

Everything in her stream is 100% top quality: outfits, nylons, shoes, camera, lighting, microphone. There is not a single detail that doesn’t match the top quality available online. She, of course, works in a studio and that probably helps, but this doesn’t change the fact that every single financial domination session with her is the best you can get online.

Why are you still on this page?

Seriously… if you made it this far in the article, I’m not really sure why you are still reading. Click here and visit her right now, or join my Telegram Channel to receive an instant notification the next time she is online. You know you can trust my judgement: you won’t be disappointed by Yanira. It will only hurt a little… but that’s the kind of pain we, as moneyslaves, are actually seeking, isn’t it?

Findom Goddess Yanira - Visit her Video Chat
Pantyhose, High Heels, and Financial Domination: Inside My Session with Massi

Pantyhose, High Heels, and Financial Domination: Inside My Session with Massi

I am more than honored to say that this is a guest post by UltimateGoddess, who sent me this a few days ago. Needless to say, the fact that She decided to write an article about how She enslaved me, made me excited, happy and…willing to serve Her soon. To serve her, jump to the end of this post for the links.

Massi was no stranger to the world of financial domination when he stepped into my room for our first session. I’d already checked out his blog and knew exactly who he was—a seasoned money slave with a secret kink that I was just itching to explore. You see, Massi had this thing for ladies dressed up in pantyhose and high heels, their legs and feet being the ultimate turn-on for him.

When we finally sat down to chat, everything seemed so casual. We laughed and joked like old friends, but beneath that friendly surface, I was laying the groundwork to tap into his deepest desires. My plan was to gently coax him towards his fetish, using my soft-spoken charm to make him feel comfortable while also craving more.

UltimateGoddess findom hypnotic eyes

A few months later, we met again, and boy, had Massi been thinking about me non-stop! He even told me he’d barely logged onto his findom accounts during our break—talk about dedication! I knew then that my influence over him was as strong as ever, and it was just a matter of time before he’d be back for more.

When the day came, I decided it was time to really push his buttons. We started with some light talk, but this time around, I was on a mission to dive deep into his hidden desires. Massi wasn’t too bright when it came to hiding what he didn’t like—it was almost as if he wanted me to discover his kink for myself.

And discover it, I did. I started teasing him with hints of his fetish, and before long, he was squirming in his seat, trying to resist the pull towards what he claimed to hate. But resistance was futile because, let’s face it, Massi had a serious weakness for pantyhose-clad legs and high heels—and I knew just how to use that against him.

UltimateGoddess perfect findom legs in pantyhose and heels

I played with his mind, offering him glimpses of his obsession, making him crave the very things he said he didn’t like. And as the session reached its peak, Massi was putty in my hands. He couldn’t deny it anymore—I am a true Goddess, and I had turned his weakness into an intense pleasure that he couldn’t escape from.

After our session ended, Massi wrote all about his experience on his blog. His words were full of gratitude but also showed a deep obsession with me and my power to manipulate his desires. He was hooked, and I had transformed him from just another money slave into someone who would do anything for the chance to submit to my will—all because of his secret love for legs in pantyhose and high heels.

The 20,000 Euros Findom Lie: How Close Did I Come to Getting Caught?

The 20,000 Euros Findom Lie: How Close Did I Come to Getting Caught?

One of the biggest challenges faced by married financial domination slaves is keeping all the expenses hidden from your beloved partner. Usually, I do a good job in setting aside a special budget (with a specific source of income) to Findom and, that way, I’m never worried about my wife finding out about my expenses. What I’m most worried about is avoiding being caught in the act, if you know what I mean.

But what happened in Portugal with Goddess Ishtar goes beyond anything I have ever faced: how do you hide the loss of about 20,000 Euros? And how do you recover from the loss of the summer vacation money?

The days after that magical night (I still truly believe it was magical, and I’m super happy it happened) I constantly focused on one thing only: recovering as quickly as possible a good part of that money, and build up an explanation in case my wife would ever find out. I had to solve both problems pretty quickly, unless I wanted to risk ruining my marriage forever: how could I do that? Where could I find all that money so quickly? How could I build a believable story to tell my wife? I had to come with a plan, and do it quickly: so I decided to fully focus on one problem at a time.

Without TRUST, there is no escape

Before getting into details on how I solved the whole situation, let me make an important premise: trust is what greatly helped me to get away with this. You see, I’ve been happily married for a long time now and, believe it or not, I always made sure my beloved ones were my top priority. I’ve always taken super care of my wife, always made sure she felt happy, loved, protected and, yes, spoiled too. The way I always acted, made her trust in me grow day after day and now, this trust, is what saved me from a disaster.

I’m saying this because I’m pretty sure that some readers could end up thinking she is either naive, or that I am simply making up a story. None of that is true: with the right trust, things like this ARE possible. But it is not easy to build a relationship like we have, and I know many guys that can’t even get close to what me and my wife share.

Recovering the money

The first idea I had to come up with, was how to recover the money that got drained from my bank account: about 14,000 Euros. The rest, the cash I gave Goddess Ishtar in person, was already covered by some budget savings: I wasn’t really worried about those 5,000 Euros.

I was starting to get overwhelmed by all these thoughts, so I decided to take small steps towards the solution and write all those small steps down. The very first I came up with, was creating a list of people that could lend me some money: I included only those that I knew could come up with at least one thousand Euros, obviously with the promise of paying them back with interest.
For my job, I get in touch with people from all over the world and, luckily, some of them can easily handle this sort of amount of cash: the list I came up with was of 12 names, not that much considering they would have had to lend me more than 1,000 Euros each, but I had to start somewhere.

I think I made like 30 phone calls, back and forth from those people but, after 12 long hours of constant negotiation, I started seeing the light: 5 of those people would have been enough to cover the whole 14,000 Euros, and they were ready to send the money as soon as I was going to give them the payment info. I also took one extra precaution: they would have sent the money to an offshore account I rarely use, one I created a while ago to easily exchange cryptos. That way, I would have only needed to make one transaction from that account to mine: it’s easier to hide one transaction instead of five of them.

In 2 days I had all the 14,000 Euros back into my bank account. And yes, I knew that meant contracting a huge debt with those 5 people (obviously, the interests they wanted were quite high), but at least the immediate danger was almost gone. But how could I cover those movements, and what story could I build in order to explain the situation to my wife (in case she ever found out)?

Covering the tracks

Thanks to the trust I wrote about before, I knew my wife is not the one that constantly checks our bank account. She knows I’m the one mostly taking care of it, and she totally trusts me. But I couldn’t take any risks and just leave those transactions there: I had to bury them somehow.

The easiest way was to make a lot of small transactions, so that those big ones would have been further down in the list, and so less easy to spot. I remembered that our Bank app only shows the latest 30 transactions, so I started using my debit card on pretty small stuff like newspapers, coffee, ice-cream, whatever I could come up with while walking in the streets of Lisbon. In a couple of hours, I managed to make about 35 transactions, for a total spending of 150 Euros. If someone opened my bank app now, the amount shown would have been roughly the same as before, and those two huge transactions would have not been so noticeable.

It was, though, stressful and exhausting, but it seemed I made it: I was “that” close to be safe. The only thing left was to create a plausible story for my wife, hoping anyway that I would have never needed it.

The plausible story

How could I explain 14,000 Euros getting away from our bank account, and then come back a few days later? Who was that company I’ve sent 14,000 Euros to? Why did they come back from an offshore account under my name?

As it often happens, they way to make an absurd story a bit more plausible, is to play the part of the victim, especially if the executioner is the boss of the company you work for, a guy you always hated and that your wife knows always made your life at work difficult (to say the least).

The story (which I hope I’ll never have to tell her anyway) was similar to something that already happened in the past with this guy: him asking me to do some shady stuff, in order to keep my job. It happened a couple of times in the past, but those times it involved only small things like sending a certain parcel from the post office, or sending a wire transfer of a few hundred euros to a certain company. No big deal really.

Sure, you can see where this is going. My awful boss called me in Lisbon, fuming and agitated. He demanded I transfer 14,000 Euros to a company he owed money to, promising to pay me back the next day from his personal account. Feeling ashamed of the situation, I did it. That’s why I haven’t told my wife about it – hopefully, I never will.

Lessons Learned: Trust, Boundaries, and the Power of Findom

To summarize the lessons I learned, financial domination can be incredibly exciting, but it demands extremely careful handling.
Building trust with your partner is key to enjoying financial domination while preserving your relationship. Remember, your real life and financial stability must always come first.
Maintain separate budgets to avoid jeopardizing your and your loved ones’ well-being. Always prioritize them in your thoughts, actions, and behavior. Financial domination can be a part of your life, but don’t expect it to disappear if you want lasting happiness.
Finally, encounters with powerful Dominants like Goddess Ishtar can be unforgettable — a thrilling mix of empowerment and submission — but also incredibly dangerous, with significant real-life consequences.

Click here and be Goddess Ishtar's moneyslave
My Surrender to Goddess Ishtar: an Anime Video

My Surrender to Goddess Ishtar: an Anime Video

Not a single moment passes during my days when I don’t think back about the unforgettable experience I had about a month ago, when Goddess Ishtar drained my accounts as no one ever did before. The cashmeet experience in Portugal will be in my dreams forever, that’s for sure.

Being a big fan of Anime videos and Manga comics, I decided to try and create an Anime story based on that experience. I’ve published it a few minutes ago on my YouTube and TikTok Channels, please let me know what you think of it in the comments, as I could do some similar stuff in the future, if you like.

Beyond Control: My Surrender to Goddess Ishtar in Portugal

Beyond Control: My Surrender to Goddess Ishtar in Portugal

As you may have noticed, I didn’t post on this blog as much as I used to recently. The reason is quite simple: I have been trying to stay away from findom, to be a good husband, a hard worker and an everyday, normal man…and a bit less of a paypig.
But my efforts at normality began to unravel when I happened to have a casual chat from Goddess Ishtar in which she mentioned she was going to attend a conference in Portugal. By coincidence, I was planning to attend a conference in Portugal around the same time, and through that coincidence, any plans at keeping to the straight and narrow were doomed.

Resistance is futile

At first, I thought I could resist the temptation to be used by her in real time, but I was naïve.  She started to mindfuck and tease me, using my desire and weaknesses as weapons to undermine my will. She sent me photos from our first real time meeting, attacking me mentally and using the memories, feelings, sensations to flood my brain with dopamine to make me mindlessly horny.

Very soon I had returned to that unique form of madness that only Goddess Ishtar can inspire in the male psyche. I had carefully and dutifully saved some money for a summer vacation with my wife, but I knew I would lose it all the moment I was trapped in her golden web.  I tried to shake some sense and sobriety into my brain to balance the dark and irrational desires that were welling up from the deepest recesses of my brain. But all too soon those dark waves overwhelmed any rationality I had left, and I fell into that familiar self-destructive spiral once more. I knew there would be serious consequences this time – my marriage was very much at stake this time. How could I explain everything away this time, my distraction, inattention, the disappearance of the money we had saved for our vacation? I knew that I was walking into the abyss, but my desire was so intense, at that I didn’t care, all I wanted was to feel that thrill of being a findom junkie, out of control, feeling the visceral power of Goddess Ishtar.

The adventure begins

My brain filled with these dark shadows; I arrived in beautiful Lisbon. The meeting with Goddess Ishtar was scheduled for that evening and she had said she would text me the address and exact time the afternoon of my arrival. I was restless – the danger, the money, and the excitement were all making my nerves electric, my body was trembling in a heady mix of wild anticipation and arousal.

After what seemed like an eternity, I received a text message from Goddess Ishtar:

“Meet me at the Discoteca Jézebel, Praça José Teodoro Dos Santos, (Casino Estoril), Estoril tonight at 23:00, slave”

I didn’t expect the meeting would have been in a different city, but 20 Kms and some heavy traffic wouldn’t have stopped me of course. I took an Uber and, after about 40 minutes and 50 Euros spent, I arrived to Casino Estoril and entered the Discoteca Jézebel.

Meeting Goddess Ishtar

On my way to the bar, my fear and excitement mounted to almost painful levels. Adrenaline was coursing through my veins, and the closer I came to the bar, the more it felt like I had electric electricity running through my veins instead of blood.

When I arrived, I sent a text message to Goddess Ishtar:

”I am here, Goddess.”

After a few minutes that looked like a lifetime, she finally replied:

“Find me in the VIP area, slave”

Goddess Ishtar dressed to perfection, ready to drain YourMoneySlave
Goddess Ishtar posted this photo right before leaving for the drain

Although the bar was crowded with people, Goddess Ishtar stood out from the crowd, sitting at a table in the VIP area wearing a tight black dress, shiny black pantyhose and expensive ankle boots. She looked even hotter than I remembered, a vision of desire. And, although I have been serving her for nearly 14 years, and met Her once already, I started shaking. Couldn’t even breath well. The vision of her was almost unbearable for my heart, I was excited and scared beyond any possible imagination. But I wouldn’t have stop here of course, so I slowly approached her.

The huge drain

Make yourself comfortable and have a drink, slave” she commanded and pointed to the sofa.

I was trembling and my heart was racing as if I had just run a marathon. My need to be used and financially abused was welling up from the deepest depths of my soul. I craved that feeling of the complete loss of control, to be under her control, to feel her power.

My gaze was fixed on her, but even so, my whole body trembled as if surprised, as she shifted her hips gracefully and stretched her legs and laid her feet on my lap. I could feel my cock twitch in response.

Give me your best foot rub, slaveshe ordered.

My foot massage to Goddess Ishtar during our Findom Cashmeet
Click here and be Goddess Ishtar's moneyslave

With shaking hands, I carefully and worshipfully slipped her boots from her perfect feet, taking the greatest care not to scratch them and began to massage her feet feeling the warmth of her skin through the silky pantyhose.   After a few moments of this bliss, I heard her say, without drama, “Hand me your wallet, slave.” Taking great care to continue massaging her feet with one hand, I reached the other into my jacket and gave her my wallet. With a practiced motion, Goddess Ishtar took the wallet, flipped it open and extracted all the cash it contained, leaving it limp and completely empty.

Findom Cashmeet with Goddess Ishtar - She takes all the money from my wallet

She had taken 5,250 EU, the 5K EU I had brought for her tribute as she had stipulated, and an additional 250 EU I had brought for my everyday expenses.  Then she said the words I had been dreading.

“I know you have more money in your savings account, slave.”

“Please, Goddess, mercy” I murmured, hopelessly. Not even really meaning what I said. Deep down I was craving for more and more. I wanted to be drain and ruined completely.

“You knew that 5K wouldn’t satisfy me, slave, didn’t you? That tribute is necessary, but not sufficient You have known that at some level from the moment you agreed to this meeting, you know me, you know what I want. I want your complete and unreserved compliance, complete submission. The cost of this meeting is not about mere money, a measly 5K EU. The true cost is your willingness to risk complete ruination to demonstrate your devotion to your Goddess. I want you to prove that you are willing to put at risk everything you have – family, life, career in order to be my slave.”

“Fundamentally, I want to destroy you and take everything you have. Hand me your cell phone, slave. Now have another drink.”

Her confidence, beauty and power made me completely powerless and helpless.

I was punch-drunk, confused, aroused, I couldn’t think clearly, I couldn’t control my actions and desires, I was just her mindfuck puppet dangling from her elegant fingers on strings of silk.

Quickly finding my banking app on the phone, she tapped it open as I looked on, paralyzed by the web she had wrapped me in. Then, like a silver bell, I heard her next demand, “Open the app, slave, now!”

Findom Cashmeet with Goddess Ishtar - opening my phone bank app
Findom Cashmeet with Goddess Ishtar -  massaging her feet in pantyhose while giving her my phone
Findom Cashmeet with Goddess Ishtar -  massaging her feet in pantyhose while giving her access to my bank account

My fingers trembling, I entered the necessary data and handed the phone back to her. In less than a minute I had laid bare all my finances and given her complete access. Thirty seconds to do the most stupid thing I had done in my entire life.

Findom Cashmeet with Goddess Ishtar - She is taking money from my bank account

Mindlessly I stared at my hands, still rubbing her divine feet and calves, and heard, as if in the distance, the tone that signaled a transaction had been completed successfully.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see the Goddess grin in triumph.

Goddess Ishtar stood up abruptly and slipped her feet back into her boots: “I will be back in 5 minutes” she said and left, striding across the bar like the divine creature she is, every eye turning to follow her progress as she cut her way through the crowd.

The unexpected gift

The afternoon of anticipation, the electric effect of seeing her in the bar, the sensation of massaging her calves and feet, the dark excitement of the extreme submission she had demanded of me had all combined to make me extremely horny: I desperately needed a release. I wanted nothing more than to escape to my hotel room and stroke my cock until I exploded with mindless orgasm, but I knew that if the Goddess returned and found me gone, my punishment would be physically and mentally excruciating.  So, I stayed where I was, my cock dripping my brain a blur until Goddess Ishtar returned in 10 minutes that had felt like an eternity.

As she strode toward me, I noticed with a thrill that now her legs were bare and she was holding, bunched in one fist the pair of black silk pantyhose that had previously been stretched across her beautiful legs, feet, and heavenly ass.  With a powerful and victorious expression on her face, she leaned forward, held the wisp of silk across my mouth. The pantyhose were fragrant with her scent and still held some of the warmth of her body.  Through a haze of desire, I heard the whisper she dripped into my ear, “When you get back to your hotel room, slave, I want you to turn on the video recorder in your laptop, wrap these pantyhose around your face, and jerk off slowly as you breath in the scent of my body and remember your empty wallet and empty bank account. Edge for at least 10 minutes, holding back as long as you can. Only after 10 minutes or longer, you are allowed to cum. Only after you send me the video are you allowed to check your accounts. Now leave, I have no use for you anymore.

The release and the humiliation

As I stumbled back to my hotel, my desire grew to painful proportions. My need for release became the center of my awareness, a bright blinding drive that blotted all else and was soon more important more than anything else.

Stumbling into the lobby of my hotel, rushed to my room looking like a madman, almost breaking down the door in my desperation to get in.  Ripping off my clothes and tossing them in a heap in the corner, I opened my laptop, turned on the video recorder application, kneeled at the bed like the supplicant I was and wrapped the perfumed pantyhose of the Goddess around my face like a holy shroud.  I put the empty wallet and my cellphone on the floor between my knees, spat into my palm grabbed my throbbing cock and began to masturbate, furiously at first, but then more cautiously, mindful of her 10-minute minimum.  As the wave of orgasm rose in my balls, fragments of desire and memory filled my brain, the sight and sensation of her sexy feet, the scent of her perfume, the heat of body, the assured power that emanated from her and she bent me to her will.

After 11 minutes and 12 seconds, I could no longer hold back. My cum exploded from my cock, spattering the computer, carpet, wallet, and cellphone with my thick semen of need that the Goddess and drawn from me. Before cleaning the mess, I had made, I saved the video, made some screenshots of key moments, and sent them to Goddess Ishtar as I had been instructed. As I clicked the button to send the video, my cock was still dripping cum onto the carpet, a hot sticky reminder of my shame and need and a sharp feeling of regret began to fill me.

The shocking discovery

What have I just done? What have I done to myself?  With a feeling of existential dread and after several false starts, I logged into my banking app to see what damage I had to contend with and explain to my family. The pit in my stomach grew bigger and bigger as it became clear that the Goddess and emptied all my personal accounts as well as the joint accounts I shared with my wife.  In total, in addition to the money she had already taken for her own, an additional 14,472.17 EU was gone. She had takem them all. My account showed a rounded, never seen before, zero.

Cashmeet Findom with Goddess Ishtar - Photo of my bank account showing zero euros in it
Goddess Ishtar took a photo of my phone after taking all the money in my bank account

My brain began to race, thinking how I could escape this damning situation. I sank deeper and deeper into a miasma of anxiety, regret and fear the room seeming to close in on me from all sides. After some time, not sure how long, the clear and unique tone of a message on my phone from the Goddess cut through the depression like a shaft of light in a dungeon.  My brain filled with mindless desire as I reached for the phone.  

I saw her message

Well done, slave.

And immediately my depression and anxiety lifted, replaced by pride at having please the Goddess. She had also edited the materials I had sent and added some photos of her own, including a few taken from my mobile while she was empting my bank account. I looked at those photos over and over, as I could not believe my eyes.

Findom Cashmeet with Goddess Ishtar - Her beautiful legs in pantyhose and cash in her hand
Findom Cashmeet with Goddess Ishtar - Taking her shoes off

But even if the consequences have been shockingly harsh on my and my bank account, Looking through these visual examples of my depravity and submission, I could feel the rising wave of desire flooding my body, and the electric need to be used and abused by her even harder. I have never been drained that hard before, and yet I felt like it wasn’t enough. I wanted more. I wanted to keep serving and spoiling her as I have been doing for about 14 years now.

Final thoughts

As I sit down writing this post, I can’t stop thinking and trying to figure out how was all this even possible. How does she do it? How does she exercise such control over all men? How has she amassed such power to destroy and wreak havoc on one man after another? How is it possible that, after a long time of submission and servitude, after all the hard draining, all I can think of is how I can save some money to serve her again? At this stage, I still don’t know how I am going to hide all this from my wife, but I don’t really care. All I want is to keep making Goddess Ishtar happy, to keep looking at her beauty, to keep feeling lost in those hypnotic eyes, to keep feeling the adrenaline pump into my veins each time she demands for more.

Unveiling the Holy Grail: My Discovery of the Ultimate Financial Domination Manga

Unveiling the Holy Grail: My Discovery of the Ultimate Financial Domination Manga

From the moment I stumbled upon Manga comics, it was like finding a secret passage into a realm where every page whispered tales that resonated with my deepest fantasies. Manga, with its vibrant imagery and captivating narratives, offered an unparalleled excitement, an electrifying experience that set it apart from any other form of storytelling.

As I traversed the vast landscapes of the internet in search of Manga treasures, a persistent yearning emerged—a desire for a story that delved into the intricate dance of Financial Domination. This pursuit wasn’t just about finding any Manga; it was about unearthing a narrative that would capture the essence of how individuals like us, playfully dubbed paypigs, could be lured into surrendering our hard-earned money to an enticing woman. It’s the teasing, the sparkle in her eyes, the doubts lingering in our minds just before we hit that spend button, and the palpable desperation when we fear we’ve fallen short of her expectations.

Imagine my surprise when, just a few days ago, I stumbled upon what can only be described as the epitome of a Financial Domination Manga—a revelation that felt like destiny had orchestrated a perfect alignment of stars to fulfill my quest.

This Manga, this masterpiece, paints a narrative that transcends the boundaries of mere fantasy. Picture a cute girl, a virtuoso in the art of desire, skillfully teasing a guy into a whirlwind of spending. Witness his valiant attempts to resist the siren call of temptation, the ensuing shopping session that becomes a battleground of desires, and the crescendo of tension as he stands hesitating at the cashpoint, pulled by her teasing yet torn by an inner struggle.

It’s nothing short of a dream come true, a symphony of emotions and desires meticulously choreographed within the pages of “Hajimete no Mitsugi Maso-ka Choukyou – Misaki Route.” As you embark on this literary journey, prepare to be captivated, enthralled, and transported into a realm where Financial Domination and Manga intertwine seamlessly. Without further delay, I extend an invitation: lose yourself in the enchanting allure of this masterpiece, a tale that transcends the ordinary and plunges you into the extraordinary.

So, with bated breath and eager anticipation, step into the world of “Hajimete no Mitsugi Maso-ka Choukyou – Misaki Route” and allow yourself to be swept away by the magic it unfolds!

Join the first Findom Alerts Telegram Channel

Join the first Findom Alerts Telegram Channel

Till now, you were able to check if your favorite Goddess was online in two ways here:

  • This page, constantly showing who is online and who’s not
  • The Findom Alerts twitter account, which sends a message every 20 minutes with one of the Goddesses who is online (you may thank Elon for this 20 minutes limit…)

Today, I am proud to announce a new and better way: the Findom Alerts Telegram Channel

With this new and unique service, you will now be able to:

  • Get an INSTANT notification (within 3 minutes!) as soon as each Goddess goes online
  • Get notified also when she goes offline
  • All easily from your phone, using Telegram
  • Discuss and share anything in the connected Telegram Private Group

Please join the channel and feel free to give me feedback either here or through the group there, I am really looking forward to it!

Behind the Curtain: The Truth About Cam Studios

Behind the Curtain: The Truth About Cam Studios

Behind The Curtain: The Truth About Cam Studios

In case you were wondering, the super fancy, elegant and expensive rooms from where many cam models stream, are not in their houses. And I hate to also reveal to you that no, it’s not like so many girls live in the same home, where their bedrooms look all the same. That, my friends, is the magic world of Cam Studios. Everyone who spends enough time on any live cam site will sooner or later meet a girl who is working from a Cam Studio.

Loved or hated, cam studios are a strong presence online today, and for sure our entertainment would not feel or be the same without them. But what is a Cam Studio? When did they start to be around? What do they offer? What are the pros and cons of them? Keep reading and let’s explore this behind the curtain world together.

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The Rise of Cam Studios

Cam studios emerged in the early 2000s as a response to the growing demand for live adult entertainment on the internet. These studios provide a controlled environment for webcam performers, offering professional support, infrastructure, and promotional services. The first cam studios were kinda small, with only a few models performing, and didn’t offer that much more than a fast internet connection and a good camera. As time went by, and the Live Cam Industry became one of the most remunerative around, Cam Studios got bigger and bigger. Today, in countries like Romania, Colombia or Ukraine, cam studios are owned by huge companies, that dedicate to them whole buildings, giving to the girls all sort of services: makeup, promotional photos, language teachers, big wardrobes with all sort of clothes and, last but not least, talented and experienced cam tutors to teach them all the secrets of this job.

A Day in the Life of a Cam Studio

Picture a cam studio as some sort of regular office: those beautiful girls go in to work, spend their work day in there, then go back home to their normal lives. The Cam Studios serve as a home away from home for webcam performers, providing them with a space equipped with high-quality cameras, lighting, and other technical necessities. Moreover, trained staff members are available to offer guidance on various aspects, including marketing, technical support, and customer relations. A girl can start working there knowing nothing about online camming and, after some time of hard work and dedication, become a successful cam model. And, of course, every girl is free to leave the cam studio whenever she wants. To either stop camming, or applying what she learned to become an independent cam model, from the comfort of her home. It’s worth said that, unfortunately, there are some exceptions to this. It’s no secret that, out there, there are some cam studios that behave in a kinda of “aggressive” way with models, trying to stop them from leaving the studio, especially if they are successful. In some cases, all they do is some sort of psychological aggression, constantly telling these girls that away from the studio they have no future. In other (rare) cases, even worse things happen. It is not in the scope of this article to speak about those terrible stories and, to be clear, I will focus just on the good and professional studios out there. There are a lot, and they do great for the girls.

The Pros of Cam Studios

  1. Infrastructure and Support: Cam studios provide a professional environment and technical setup, enabling performers to focus on their content without worrying about equipment or technical issues. This support can be particularly helpful for newcomers to the industry.
  2. Promotion and Exposure: Cam studios have established networks and promotional strategies to help performers increase their visibility and reach a broader audience. This exposure can boost a performer’s earnings and fan base.
  3. Sense of Community: Cam studios foster a sense of camaraderie among performers. They often organize events, workshops, and gatherings where performers can share experiences, learn from each other, and form connections.

The Cons of Cam Studios

  1. Revenue Sharing: Cam studios typically take a percentage of performers’ earnings as a fee for providing infrastructure, support, and promotion. This revenue-sharing model might limit the overall income potential for performers, especially for those who have built a substantial fan base.
  2. Limited Control: While cam studios offer valuable assistance, performers may have limited control over their schedules, content, and pricing structures. Some studios may impose specific guidelines and expectations that can restrict individual creativity and freedom.
  3. Dependency on a Third Party: By affiliating with a cam studio, performers rely on the studio’s reputation and success. If the studio faces financial or operational challenges, it may affect the performers’ income and career stability.

Are Cam Studios good or bad for us, users?

So far, I tried to give you a sort of complete description of what a Cam Studio is, and what it offers to girls. But what about us? Are there any differences when having an online session with a girl from a studio, other than with an independent one? Are there any Pros and Cons in going online with a girl who works in a studio?

I have been hearing these questions countless times during the years, and the truth is that a definitive answer is difficult to be given. There are for sure certain good things in spending time with a girl who works in a studio but, on the other hand, there are also some things that may impact our level of satisfaction. And also, let’s not forget, that a great cam model will give us a great experience, no matter where she is working from.

The Pros of Cam Studios For Users

  1. The technical quality of the session will always be very high. Everything is usually perfect: camera, lights, furniture in the room, the model’s makeup and lingerie, the audio quality.
  2. Any girl can more easily become the Goddess we want, especially if the people in the studio are skilled enough to teach her

The Cons of Cam Studios For Users

  1. Other than during her live show, it’s usually impossible to have any contact with the model. Her social media channels and private messages, in fact, are usually handled by the cam studio staff for her
  2. Visiting models from the same studio can, sometimes, lead to some uncomfortable situations. It happened to me a couple of times to understand that two girls I used to visit were working at the same studio…and I couldn’t help but thinking: do they share some details about their clients? Do they speak about me and, perhaps, share ways to better handle me? And what about the little lies that, from time to time, we tell to a girl? Do we get busted easily if they work in the same studio?
  3. Sometimes girls end up all behaving the same way. This is not 100% the cam studio’s fault of course but, being taught by the same tutors, can easily make some girls act exactly the same, say the same words, do the same things. Hence, making the whole experience, for us, way less enjoyable
  4. The lack of intimacy: let’s face it, knowing that she is working in a cam studio always makes us wonder who is reading the chat, who is in the same room with her, who is watching her session to help us take care of us.

Wrapping Up

Cam studios have played a significant role in shaping the modern live cam industry, providing a launchpad for countless performers to express their creativity, engage with audiences, and forge meaningful connections. While they offer valuable support, exposure, and a sense of community, it’s essential for performers to carefully consider the pros and cons before deciding to join a studio.

As the world of live cam continues to evolve, it is important to acknowledge the agency and autonomy of individual performers. Many performers have successfully built their personal brands and businesses outside the studio system. Ultimately, the decision to work with a cam studio or go independent depends on the performer’s goals, aspirations, and comfort level.

And when it comes to users, Cam Studios surely bring some benefits to all of us but, at the same time, they also tend to bring some negative factors.

So, whether you’re an aspiring performer or an avid cam shows users, understanding the inner workings of cam studios provides a fascinating glimpse into a thriving and dynamic industry, while giving you a perfect picture of what to expect.

What do you think? Feel free to share your comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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