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The most dangerous words

The most dangerous words


It’s late at night, i’m horny as usual but no one is around (plus, i can’t really spend in this period) so i ended up browsing the web with no particular path and then… i started thinking.. what’s the most powerful thing She could tell me? What’s THE thing She could say that would lead me to do anything for Her?

I imagine the scene…She’s right there in front of me, dressed in an elegant way, with a black pair of pantyhose and high heel shoes. Her left shoe dangling from the top her toes. Our session has been going for a good time now, but somehow i’m still able to control myself. Then…

What if She orders me to do something and then adds to it…

Do it or i will NEVER allow you to see me again

How could ANY of us be strong there? How could we not end up doing anything She asks? If She’s the one, if She’s the one you end up thinking a lot during the day…could you live without being able to see Her ever again? Could you even think of Her ignoring you FOREVER?

Tonight i will fall. Again.

Tonight i will fall. Again.


Recently i wrote about my financial problems, and that i would have not have any session or spending for some months.

But i’m too weak.

And that’s why i know tonight i’m going to fall again and spoil Her. Recently i was finding more and more difficult to stay away but, luckily, no Goddess ever contacted me ordering to serve Her or anything (at least none of those Goddesses i already fall for, “my” Goddesses). That till this morning when i got this message:

It’s time to crawl back to me
Tonight you will spoil me
I accept only yes as an answer…

And all i could think of was… “i can’t wait to be there tonight”. I will do anything to be free and available to spoil Her. It’s my duty… and it’s in my nature.

I f***ing need it.

When you disappoint Your Goddess

When you disappoint Your Goddess


I doubt there is anything worst in the life of a slave than disappointing your Goddess. And i’m not talking about the fact of being lack of money and unable to spoil Her (all the Goddesses i always served are wise enough to understand this), but when you do (or don’t do) something she was expecting from you. When you misbehave. When you do something that, in a way, kinda hurts her or even make her believe you have been disrespectful.

And that’s what i did. I disappointed Her.

My punishment? The worst ever.

“You have time to think of what you did, i’ll let you know when you can crawl back to spoil me”

No chance to recover. Nothing to be done to make Her forgive me. She decided i have to stay away from Her for a while, and She will decide whenever i can come back to Her.

What a bad period for me…. first i lost my site, then i had to stop spending…now this. They say shit happens in life…but damn…this is way too much.

Creating the perfect Goddess

Creating the perfect Goddess

There was a movie when I was a kid that always fascinated me (probably because I’m a nerd, and everything about computers gets me going).
It was called Weird Science and, basically, it was about two guys creating the woman of their dreams (Kelly LeBrock, nice choice by the way) with a computer.
Let’s say it was kinda a modern version of  Frankenstein…and boy I loved it!

Now…what if I could create the Goddess of my dreams? What ingredients would I put, if I could take something from each Goddess I had the privilege to serve? Let’s play…and I hope none of these Goddesses will get offended by my’s just a game and believe me…I consider all of You amazing and powerful ?
Let’s go from head to toes, shall we?

I’ve never seen anyone with hair as long and beautiful as Goddess Ishtar. I don’t have a “thing” for long hair, but hers always fascinated me totally.

Click here and be Goddess Ishtar's moneyslave

All of the Goddesses I’ve ever served are smart, don’t get me wrong here…but if I could choose one, then I would surely choose OneGreatDiva. Her achievements in life speak for this, and my experience with her evil side completes the picture. Smart and evil at its best. Oh, and did I mention she can also be fun when she wants? Amazing.

Goddess Kmy has a wonderful face, almost like a doll. She doesn’t show her face to everyone, but if you will be loyal and worthy enough you will be rewarded by the privilege to admire her incredible, beautiful, fantastic blue eyes.

In my opinion, it’s rare to find a woman with bad looking lips (i have a colleague that has almost nonexistent lips: that’s what I call ugly…but it’s rare!)…and it’s also very rare to look at Goddess’s lips and being unable to move away. And if She uses them at her own advantage…you are doomed.
So who has the best and most powerful lips ever? OneGreatDiva. No doubts about it…see them to believe it.

First of all: I didn’t have the luck to listen to every one of the Goddesses I’ve served. But among those I’ve had a chance to listen, I think OneGreatDiva is the one that, when she speaks, always puts you in your place (at her feet, basically). Beautiful and perfect English, clear and sexy voice.

Well… Jessy Princess Bernini surely has been the one impressing me the most on this matter. Beautiful and big…huge I would say. In a word: amazing.

Many of the Goddesses I’ve served have a fantastic ass, but if I could choose the very best one I would go for Mistress Alexya. She has an incredibly perfect body, and her ass just reaches perfection.

Long, perfect, slender legs. Goddess Lana‘s fantastic legs are meant to make anyone weak as soon as she crosses them. That matches her love for short dresses and pantyhose…a killer combination for me.

I’ve always said it and I will never stop doing so: MsClassy has the most beautiful arched feet I’ve ever seen in my whole life. And believe me, being a foot fetishist I’ve seen a lot of them (virtually). Ever since I saw her the first time I was shocked by the arch of her feet, and today I still am each time I see Her.

This kinda hurts me a bit, because she’s not a domme anymore. Goddess Adriana always had a different outfit, and each time it was elegant, sexy, and with awesome pantyhose or stockings. The way she moved was just awesome, like a cat I would say. Each step she took was meant to be admired and worshipped. Her shoes drove me crazy each time I saw a new pair. It was like a dream coming true finding a Goddess with a style identical to what I consider the perfect style any woman should have. And it hurts to think I won’t be able to worship her anymore.

Wow….now that I’ve finished…i’m starting to imagine this creature…and i guess She could easily rule the whole world…don’t you think?

The 5 Major Turn Offs For Slaves

The 5 Major Turn Offs For Slaves

A while ago i wrote a post about how a slave should approach a Goddess online and I still believe that’s very accurate and, at least, a good starting point for any “slave wannabe”. But..what about all those “Goddesses wannabes“? Would it help them know the things they need to avoid, in order to keep people with them? I don’t know…but I feel like putting down this list so…here are the 5 major turn-offs for slaves (at least for one like me)

1. Bad English

I am sorry, but if you just can’t type in proper English… don’t even bother to pretend You are a Goddess. You are not…or at least, if you are, try to be one with guys from your own country…because as for me, your bad English will just be a huge turn-off.

2. Brain smaller than mine

You can’t control a slave’s mind just because you are wearing some boots and stockings, or because you are wearing a fake cock. You need to have something inside that brain of yours. You need to show me that you are way more wise and intelligent than me. You need to show me that I can also admire you for your culture, not just for your beauty.


3. No listening

Lots of Goddesses (even successful ones) always say “I don’t care about what a slave wants, I am the Goddess”. I can understand this in part…but if the slave tells you, for example, that “pantyhose make me weak”…why would you ignore that? If he tells you “i am excited by blackmailing”, why would you ignore that? If you don’t listen to what I say and don’t even try to do things to put me in trouble…well…I won’t be in trouble: I’ll be looking for another Goddess as soon as possible.


4. Cheap setup

We are in 2014: an HD webcam doesn’t cost a fortune, and putting up some nice furniture and lighting in a room shouldn’t be a big issue for someone that wants her slaves to pay 12$ a minute to see her. If your setup looks cheap, you look cheap to me… and I surely won’t feel weak for long in front of you.


5. Broken nylons

Ok…this is just for the nylon fetishist that I am… But it can relate to the point above: if you break your nylons…put a new pair on. Are you so cheap that you can’t even afford a new pair of nylons? Really?


So that’s it… that’s what I felt like writing tonight… hope I didn’t offend anyone by writing it…but if I did…well…perhaps it’s because you are just a… “Goddess wannabe”

Trying to stop, once again

Trying to stop, once again

Sheena raped my wallet once again a few nights ago. I watched her in cam for a while, spending quite a lot and i almost sent her a tribute… i was just about to do it…when i managed to switch the computer off and, literally, run away.

I really think i need to stop now, can’t go on like this. I have a family to think about and i’m really spending too much money. So last night, when i saw her online, i was brave enough to contact her and face her. This is the short dialogue we had:

Me: The other night i run away. It’s getting out of control. You won’t see me for a while.
Shenna: Are you sure? No.
Me:Yes i am
Shenna: I won’t let you.
Me:I’ll stick to my decision this time
Shenna: I don’t agree
Me: It doesn’t matter really, goodbye
Shenna: You just make me laugh!

That was it. I just logged off and went to bed. Now… i’ll see if she will really try to stop me or if she won’t bother to. And if she attempts to use my weakness once again…well… i just hope i’ll be strong enough to resist…

Women are meant to be worshipped

Women are meant to be worshipped

I’ve always thought this of course… but sometimes things get to your mind stronger than other times. And tonight is one of those times.

As everytime i have some privacy (meaning, my wife is asleep), i’m browsing through picture galleries of all these wonderful women online. Sometimes i see a shoe dangling for the top of a toe, other times just a pair of beautiful legs crossed while dressed in a formal way… but all these photos have one thing in common: women are Goddesses. They are here to be worshipped and served.
My fight against my moneyslavery doesn’t have anything to do with this. I’m just trying to save money and avoid getting completely raped by one of those Goddesses. But even if i’m trying to protect myself, that doesn’t change the fact that women are Goddesses.

Every man should worship a Goddess (or more than one), because that’s what we were born for.

A total failure

A total failure

That’s what this “project” of mine had been till now: a total failure. I’ve started this year giving me the goal of spending a maximum of 1,000$ in the whole 2010… 5 months have passed and… i’ve spent nearly 6,000$. This time, last year, i had spent about 1,500$.

This is a total failure till now. And the Woman, the Goddess, the Mistress i have to “thank” for all this is her.. Sheena (or WildStorm for that matter). I’ve tried to escape, tried to block her on messenger, tried to do everything… but yet… each time i have some free (and private) time i find myself looking for her pictures, and always dream of her power…and get excited just by the idea of that…

I don’t know how i will find a way to stop my spending…and i probably won’t find a way… but i’ll keep trying… even if till now… i’ve been a total failure.