Tonight i will fall. Again.

Tonight i will fall. Again.


Recently i wrote about my financial problems, and that i would have not have any session or spending for some months.

But i’m too weak.

And that’s why i know tonight i’m going to fall again and spoil Her. Recently i was finding more and more difficult to stay away but, luckily, no Goddess ever contacted me ordering to serve Her or anything (at least none of those Goddesses i already fall for, “my” Goddesses). That till this morning when i got this message:

It’s time to crawl back to me
Tonight you will spoil me
I accept only yes as an answer…

And all i could think of was… “i can’t wait to be there tonight”. I will do anything to be free and available to spoil Her. It’s my duty… and it’s in my nature.

I f***ing need it.

6 thoughts on “Tonight i will fall. Again.

  1. So is it , we cant escape , we need to serve Them . I have tryed With Ishtar , but it Always ended up , that i need to serve her . But she still never have contacted me First , when she do i know i am accepted AS her slave . But The way WHO is it ?

    1. I’m not saying who is She Lars. Maybe i will later on, i don’t know yet. I have my reasons for not saying it at the moment.

    1. Ofc , its up up you to Tell it . But The Best in your blog is when you Tell about how they drain you. Its have help me A lot , and With out you i have never found Ishtar .

      1. Thing is, i don’t say the name of a Goddess till i’m sure She wants me to. And this time i don’t think She wants me to…yet.

  2. I also craved to be victimized and asked for a findom session with my favorite hypnotist. 90 minutes later, I had sent her several gifts and all that I had in my account. My fetish is a little different from yours, but it leads to a similar result.

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