Pantyhose, High Heels, and Financial Domination: Inside My Session with Massi

Pantyhose, High Heels, and Financial Domination: Inside My Session with Massi

I am more than honored to say that this is a guest post by UltimateGoddess, who sent me this a few days ago. Needless to say, the fact that She decided to write an article about how She enslaved me, made me excited, happy and…willing to serve Her soon. To serve her, jump to the end of this post for the links.

Massi was no stranger to the world of financial domination when he stepped into my room for our first session. I’d already checked out his blog and knew exactly who he was—a seasoned money slave with a secret kink that I was just itching to explore. You see, Massi had this thing for ladies dressed up in pantyhose and high heels, their legs and feet being the ultimate turn-on for him.

When we finally sat down to chat, everything seemed so casual. We laughed and joked like old friends, but beneath that friendly surface, I was laying the groundwork to tap into his deepest desires. My plan was to gently coax him towards his fetish, using my soft-spoken charm to make him feel comfortable while also craving more.

UltimateGoddess findom hypnotic eyes

A few months later, we met again, and boy, had Massi been thinking about me non-stop! He even told me he’d barely logged onto his findom accounts during our break—talk about dedication! I knew then that my influence over him was as strong as ever, and it was just a matter of time before he’d be back for more.

When the day came, I decided it was time to really push his buttons. We started with some light talk, but this time around, I was on a mission to dive deep into his hidden desires. Massi wasn’t too bright when it came to hiding what he didn’t like—it was almost as if he wanted me to discover his kink for myself.

And discover it, I did. I started teasing him with hints of his fetish, and before long, he was squirming in his seat, trying to resist the pull towards what he claimed to hate. But resistance was futile because, let’s face it, Massi had a serious weakness for pantyhose-clad legs and high heels—and I knew just how to use that against him.

UltimateGoddess perfect findom legs in pantyhose and heels

I played with his mind, offering him glimpses of his obsession, making him crave the very things he said he didn’t like. And as the session reached its peak, Massi was putty in my hands. He couldn’t deny it anymore—I am a true Goddess, and I had turned his weakness into an intense pleasure that he couldn’t escape from.

After our session ended, Massi wrote all about his experience on his blog. His words were full of gratitude but also showed a deep obsession with me and my power to manipulate his desires. He was hooked, and I had transformed him from just another money slave into someone who would do anything for the chance to submit to my will—all because of his secret love for legs in pantyhose and high heels.

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