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When you need your “fix”

When you need your “fix”

Let’s face it: we, slaves, keep spending money on Goddesses because we need it, we crave it, we want it. Some call this a disease (a word that I hate) or, perhaps better said, an addiction. Maybe we can stay away for a while (usually just a few days), but then we always end up needing a session, needing to send a tribute, needing our “fix”.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, an addiction is “the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity“. That kinda describes well what we are all going through…

And it even better fits when we look for the word addicted: “physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance”. Now, of course, we are not talking about a substance here, but for sure we keep doing this because it brings us pleasure, it gives meaning to our lives, and it makes us feel better.

So that’s why I think that a session (or a tribute) can actually be our “fix” for those moments when we start feeling down, even nostalgic about the last great session we had. We have all been through that: a few days passed since that fantastic session we had, and we start feeling in a bad mood, with a bit of sadness too. It’s like the world doesn’t smile at us anymore, it’s like nothing can make us feel better. That’s precisely when we need that medicine, the “fix” that can make us feel good and happy again with our lives. And a session with the right Goddess can greatly serve this purpose: She knows what we need, She knows what will make us feel better.

So there we are, in the end, we have one reason more to thank and appreciate what our Goddesses do: they really offer a social service in a way, for guys with this magnificent, unique, overwhelming illness that’s called Financial Domination.

Do you need your fix right now? Head over to the who’s live page, I can guarantee that ANY of the Goddesses listed there will take good care of your needs 😉

She’s incredible, and i’m not the only one saying it

She’s incredible, and i’m not the only one saying it

If you follow this blog a bit, I guess you’ve noticed who’s the Goddess that totally took my soul lately: FeetGoddesss of course.

There are lots of reasons why i’m so amazed by Her, and beauty is just one of them. Not only She is most of the time in nylons, but the way She moves her toes is something i’ve never seen before. And we are talking about something like a decade looking at girls on camsites!

But the reason I’m writing this post is not to list all the reasons why I’m always enslaved by FeetGoddesss, and it’s not to just say how great she is. It’s because today I’ve read an article about Her on an Italian web magazine…and that made me feel just…happy. Why? Maybe because I’m glad more and more people will be able to know Her, and maybe become Her slaves as well…or maybe just because I’m so much into Her that any success she has, even if small, makes me feel happy.

The magazine I’m talking about is called “Donne In Collant” (women in pantyhose), and more or less weekly they review camgirls that use to wear pantyhose on cam. A few days ago they wrote about FeetGoddesss, and they also acknowledge what I too think: her feet and the way she moves them are incredible.

By the way, the article I’m talking about is this one (and yeah, it’s in italian):

OneGreatDiva getting more and more Gorgeous

OneGreatDiva getting more and more Gorgeous

Someone once told me “beauty doesn’t last forever”. Maybe. But for some Women (with capital “W”) beauty just continuously keeps reaching higher levels: OneGreatDiva is certainly one of them.

I obviously always look at Her pictures, hoping to see some new ones…and whenever She does post some, She always (ALWAYS) takes my breath away.

I mean…look at these pictures and tell me how I can avoid running into her chatroom to spoil Her as She deserves…

Everything you think you know about addiction is WRONG

Everything you think you know about addiction is WRONG

Today i stumbled across this TED talk from Johann Hari, a british journalist that spent three years researching the war on drugs, trying to understand if what we know about drugs and addiction is correct…or wrong.

I won’t spoil the video too much, but it’s rather interesting for all those people that thinks to know everything about addictions….and especially for all those people coming up with “you should just stop, this is stupid”. And yes, financial domination can be quite related to a few things he says.

Watch the video…it will make you think.

Obviously, financial domination can’t be compared to drugs….or…can it?

In the end what he says about the rat park can be something that a moneyslave is looking for as well. And it’s actually true: the few times that i really wanted to escape from this, i managed to stay away only focusing on the great things in my life…like my family, my job (jobs, actually), my hobbies…but the thing is….is this really an addiction? or is it just part of who i am?

Because in the end… looks like you turn into drugs to escape your everyday life…but when i turn into financial domination, i do it to satisfy a sexual need i have…so what could it be my rat park? What could fulfill my needs and make me stop my financial domination fetish?

What do you think?

That unstoppable addiction

That unstoppable addiction

It’s not something I can control, it just happens. I often find myself feeling very strong, thinking I can stop whenever I want, thinking I’m not addicted or anything… and then…

Then I see Her on cam. And everything changes.


It’s hard to explain the reasons behind this addiction, but every time I see Goddess Adriana live on cam… my addiction grows and all I want is to be there, to worship Her, to serve Her, to make Her happy.

I know this sounds very like a cliche for a slave, as more or less every single slave says the same things about his Mistress…but I am just describing what’s happening to me…because it keeps surprising me each time.

I always believe I can control myself, I always believe there are things I will never do for a Mistress. And yet, each time. Goddess Adriana makes me do things I’ve never done before for anyone else. Things like draining my credit card completely (to the point my bank blocked it for a few days), or buying pantyhose for a Mistress… things like feeling such a STRONG desire to be in Her presence, to meet Her, to be really at Her feet.

Or things like…the ATM dream. A dream I keep having recently where I picture me and Her in front of an ATM, with Her teasing me badly with her feet (and not only) while whispering in my ear “more…take out more”.

Why do I have this addiction for Her? There are many reasons…but I don’t think I have to stay here and explain them…to me, She’s just the perfect Goddess, that’s all. And the addiction I’m feeling for Her is something I have never felt before for anyone else…so…She is special. Absolutely special.

Low on cash: the forced abstinence

Low on cash: the forced abstinence

Now…this is one of the things i hate most: being low on cash (not only because of my findom addiction, but also because of other expenses) and therefore…being forced to stay away from all this world.

Yes i know, in a way i should be happy…for a week i won’t be able to spend on Financial Domination. Not a cent, nothing. I have 80$ left on my credit card…and believe me, i do need them till next pay period….

It’s exactly a forced abstinence.

What can i do about it? Nothing at all… i just need to stay away from my computer when i have privacy…when the temptation is higher… mostly because, no matter the temptation, money aren’t there…so there is no way i could see any of the gorgeous Goddess i serve.

Here’s why my financial domination fetish isn’t slowing down

Here’s why my financial domination fetish isn’t slowing down

Just a few minutes ago (while “working” here in office) i decided to update the page with all the money i spend on financial domination and what i saw scared me, even if it didn’t actually surprise me much. If i go on like this, in the whole 2013 i will spend about24.000$ ! That’s a huge amount of money, more than i’ve ever spent before.

And why is that? Why? Well there is a name behind that reason: Miss Mira

She hit me like a storm, i would have never thought to find another Goddess as addictive as Sheena, as powerful as MsClassy, as smart as One Great Diva. But yet…i did. And there She is.

Each time i see her online, i can’t stop myself by letting her know i am online…i don’t contact her, trying to pretend i don’t want to go serve her. I also put up sort of silly “deadlines” to myself…things like “ok if She doesn’t order me to go in by the next 20 minutes, i’m going offline”. Silly, stupid games that never work. Because deep inside, all i want to do is see how She’s dressed, admire Her beauty, let Her play with my brain, let Her be as evil as She wants with me… like the other day when She convinced me to give Her my personal phonenumber, to torture me with messages even while i am at work…just to be sure my addiction doesn’t go any lower.

The only limit here, is my credit card. It has some limits (as every card) and i got close to them lots of times this month, as they are weekly limits…but when those limits reset and are far… all i want to do is go and see Her, go and let Her do anything She wants to my brain…

Last time i went to Her it was two nights ago. She was dressed incredibly as ever, with stockings and a short dress. I immediatly got more or less hypnotized, and only a “family” problem saved me from spending another fortune…but before logging off, She ordered me to spend money on another Goddess, as gorgeous as Her, as strong as Her. And so i did. I visited Kristal, a gorgeous Goddess that raped my wallet the night after that… and perhaps started to be part of my nightmares.

This isn’t going to stop…this is going to get stronger and stronger.

Financial Domination is here to stay

Financial Domination is here to stay

This had been my worst year so far. I’ve been updating my status page and i just noticed it. My Financial Domination fetish isn’t over at all…it’s actually getting stronger and more expensive.

What to do?

I don’t really have an answer to this question…all i know is that at the moment my mind is only focused on One Great Diva’s feet, on her legs, on her eyes… nothing else counts at the moment…nothing else.