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The best cam site for a slave, 3 reasons why this one wins big time

The best cam site for a slave, 3 reasons why this one wins big time


I’m online since like forever now, and i’ve always visited camsites: it has always been the best way (for me) to live my financial domination fetish. A direct interaction with the Goddess, and other reasons i’ll explain below, made me a more or less… a camsite-fan.

These days there are dozens of different camsites, and sometimes it can be difficult to choose which one to go to. I’ve tried more or less all of them, and I still remain loyal to the very first I’ve visited ages ago: this is the site I’m talking about.

Many times i’ve been asking the reasons behind my choice, so why not sharing them here?

Unless you pay, you can’t see the Goddess

This is crucial in my opinion: i want to show Her my total respect as soon as i decide to see Her. I want to give the right value to Her precious time, even if it’s just the first time we meet online. I find all those free cam sites quite cheap or, at least, not perfectly suited around financial domination. We get excited while spending money for a gorgeous woman teasing us, sowhy should it be free to see her? In the site i’ve chosen, all you can see if you don’t pay are pictures of the goddess (or a short teasing video). Nothing else. And usually if you are not registered to the site, you can’t even see the pictures. This is great in my opinion, as it helps keeping away lots of time wasters or fake slaves.

They take money directly from your credit card

You don’t buy credits upfront, you don’t have any sort of way to save your bank account. Money just flows from your credit card to the site, without you having to going out of the chatroom to recharge your account. This makes it all more dangerous of course…but also way more exciting. Too many sites today have this thing about credits, and i really hate it. I want to feel the risk, i want to feel myself in trouble while i’m in chat. If She slowly starts removing her shoe, and she’s very slow in doing that, i don’t want to risk my credits to end in that moment. I just want the session to go on, as it should and facing the risks i’m ready to face. As soon as i get in, i want to feel in danger.

Best place to find Goddesses

Ok this can look quite personal, as i know we are all different as slaves. But trust me, this site is the one where i’ve always found the best Goddesses, especially when it comes to those into Findom and NOT just into leather clothes, whips and chains. You know i’m always looking for elegant dressed Goddesses, that tease me with their shoe slowly dangling, or their foot coming out of the shoes…i am definitly NOT looking for a Goddess dressed in leather, with a strapon dildo telling me she wants to use her whip on my ass. Actually…i’ve met there ALL the Goddesses i speak about on my blog… so to me…that’s more than enough to say it’s the best place to find them.


I am not saying this is the perfect camsite for everyone, nor I’m stating it’s one of the best camsites out there. Perhaps there are better sites in terms of video quality, design, and everything. But in the end, all I’m looking for is to be in danger while having a chat with a beautiful woman. And this is exactly what this site offers me. So if you want to give it a try, there’s a link to it below. And if you disagree with me, feel free to let me know in the comments of course!

>>> Visit the site <<<

About my last session with Goddess Ishtar

About my last session with Goddess Ishtar

Last night I had an amazing time with Goddess Ishtar, so I thought of writing about Her. She is probably one of the Financial Domination Goddesses I’ve been serving for the longest time now, but every time I am amazed by Her.


As I said many times I guess, in Financial Domination beauty is not everything. Of course, it’s where everything starts from (for me at least), and there is no doubt that Goddess Ishtar is one beautiful Woman…but there is way more than that.

She is a smart Woman that easily understands your weaknesses and needs. Yes, you’ve read it right: Needs. I was thinking about this while on cam with Her last night. She is not a Goddess playing just a part to get money, or acting as She doesn’t care about the slave in front of her.


She will enslave you by giving you what you dream of (within her limits and rules of course): so if you are into nylon, feet, and heels as I am… rest assured that every single minute you will spend with Her will be a dream come true for a fetishist of this kind.

And what she did last night was no exception: dressed in a beautiful piece of lingerie with matching stockings, high heels to die for and…her natural sex appeal. Those long hair, her beautiful face, the exciting look in her face. Everything was SO damn perfect that, as it always happens, I simply lost track of time and managed to close the session just because…She stopped it as she had to go somewhere else.

I had such a great time that decided to make a small video of it…hope you will enjoy it. But believe me…no recorded video can even get closer to the excitement of seeing her LIVE on cam.

Click here and be Goddess Ishtar's moneyslave
OneGreatDiva now has her own paysite: more ways to fall into temptation

OneGreatDiva now has her own paysite: more ways to fall into temptation

In a way, i was expecting it. A beautiful star such as One Great Diva couldn’t keep letting people see her beautiful pictures and HD videos for free, it wasn’t right at all considering how many models have paysites without even deserving that.

So when the other day She posted this message on twitter, all i did was immediately go and see that playground (as She called it a few times afterwords).

And my God… it’s one of best looking sites i’ve ever seen. I’m not saying just because it’s Her site (even if, of course, that has a play into my opinion), but also because, even if i’m not a designer (far from that), i can see that it stands against many many other paysites.

Needless to say, i joined it immediately. Besides, compared to all the money i spend on Financial Domination in cam, those few euros didn’t look like a lot…and actually i was hoping they could have helped me reduce the need to see her live.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Since i’ve joined in, my addiction is actually growing. I visit it everyday just to see the site, look at the pics and praise Her beauty. I’ve already sent her a couple of tributes (as there are links reserved to members to do that) and i’m waiting anxiously for the first free cam show reserved to members that She will do.

I know some of you will now think “here’s a classic post made just to advertise Her”, but i swear this is not the case. I write what i feel writing in this blog, and One Great Diva (the one that made me a moneyslave) opening her own paysite is, for me, an event to remember and write about.

By the way…if you want to see it, here’s the address:

Her greedy and powerful look

Her greedy and powerful look

I am weak, and that’s a fact i’ve learned the hard way. But i also understood that i am weak only when i am…made weak. Usually i’m a quite strong man but… how can anyone resist Diva’s look?

The other night i went to see her again…well, to be honest, she ordered me to.. and while i was there…she gave me this look, while asking for money.

How, how, how can anyone resist this look? Made me so weak that…i don’t even remember how much she drained me…well… i do… but it’s better if i don’t say it…a lot, really a lot of money… but again…that’s the power of Her greedy look.

Financial Problems… one week off

Financial Problems… one week off

There we are… i knew this moment would have come sooner or later… i had a rough week, had been drained (literally) by OneGreatDiva and now… if i don’t take at least a week off from all this, i will have huge problems with my bank.

So it’s time to switch off my messenger, stop visiting certain sites, stop updating this blog, stop visiting my (new) facebook account.

I hope i’ll make it…if not…this could lead to serious problems…really serious.