OneGreatDiva now has her own paysite: more ways to fall into temptation

OneGreatDiva now has her own paysite: more ways to fall into temptation

In a way, i was expecting it. A beautiful star such as One Great Diva couldn’t keep letting people see her beautiful pictures and HD videos for free, it wasn’t right at all considering how many models have paysites without even deserving that.

So when the other day She posted this message on twitter, all i did was immediately go and see that playground (as She called it a few times afterwords).

And my God… it’s one of best looking sites i’ve ever seen. I’m not saying just because it’s Her site (even if, of course, that has a play into my opinion), but also because, even if i’m not a designer (far from that), i can see that it stands against many many other paysites.

Needless to say, i joined it immediately. Besides, compared to all the money i spend on Financial Domination in cam, those few euros didn’t look like a lot…and actually i was hoping they could have helped me reduce the need to see her live.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Since i’ve joined in, my addiction is actually growing. I visit it everyday just to see the site, look at the pics and praise Her beauty. I’ve already sent her a couple of tributes (as there are links reserved to members to do that) and i’m waiting anxiously for the first free cam show reserved to members that She will do.

I know some of you will now think “here’s a classic post made just to advertise Her”, but i swear this is not the case. I write what i feel writing in this blog, and One Great Diva (the one that made me a moneyslave) opening her own paysite is, for me, an event to remember and write about.

By the way…if you want to see it, here’s the address:

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