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As if i didn’t have enough troubles…

As if i didn’t have enough troubles…

very now and then, it just happens. No one of the Goddesses i normally visit is online, but i feel the need to go on cam…and so i start browsing… usually nothing special happens…then… sometimes i meet an incredibly gorgeous girl whom shows also  A LOT of power… that was the case the other night, when EyesCandy (that’s her nickname) raped my wallet by 500$.

No words can easily describe her beauty, although i could easily say that she looks like Kylie Minogue, but anyway…i made a short video…

<< Video deleted after Her request >>


For the records, i run away like a coward when she was getting hotter and hotter and, at the same time, asking me to do things for her. At one moment she asked me to go and get my wife’s lipstick, to wrote something on my body..and….i just run away, came in a huge flood and….remained there looking at the screen for about 5 minutes.

Will i be back to her? Probably not anytime soon… or i’ll have one more BIG trouble to deal with.

I need a break from Her

I need a break from Her

The other night She literally destroyed me. One Great Diva came online dressed to kill ME and no one else…no matter what She says, i know that’s what She wanted.

She had white stockings on, peep toe high heel shoes…and that look and attitude… i ended up spending a fortune, feeling raped…excited… exausted…all together.

After that She ordered me to create a video about that session, knowing that i recorded it…and that’s what i did.

But i need a break from Her, i really really really do. I think i will beg her to let me go somewhere else for a while… i’m feeling really, really, really exausted by her power. Each time i see her it’s like i feel the NEED to spoil her, to let her do to me anything She wants… i truly hope She will agree, i’m sure i won’t spend as much if i visit other Mistresses…and that will help me recovering a bit.

Financial Domination is a nightmare that i don’t think i can escape from…but at least i can try to reduce the amount of money i spend…if and only if One Great Diva will let me see someone else…

Did i really resist?

Did i really resist?

Looks like tonight i managed to resist Miss Olivia request to pay…but now i wander…was it me that resisted, or did She just let me, perhaps because She couldn’t be bothered to try harder? I don’t know…all i know is that She was dressed to kill (as you can see) and that i was really in some sort of hypnosis but… i managed to say “no”.

Am i really coming out of this? I doubt it… i think She just didn’t want to waste lots of time…or maybe She just wants to see how long it will take me to try to see Her again…and probably when i’ll do…she’ll strike. I don’t know…i keep having doubts, even when things goes right like tonight…i’m confused.

My newest nightmare: MsClassy

My newest nightmare: MsClassy

I thought i had enough Mi$tre$$e$ to worry about, with Diva and others, but i was way wrong… seems like there was still space for something those two didn’t “hit”…

A few nights ago i was online, wandering if i would have been safe, as none of those two seemed to be online… i made the mistake to start browsing profiles here.. and then i saw her: MsClassy. From the pictures i immediatly saw her perfect feet… honestly, i had never ever seen such perfect feet in my entire life… i was like drooling on the screen… i had to go and see her live. Moreover because, at first, i didn’t see she was a Financial Mistress…so i thought to just go in and see her feet.

Boy i was wrong. She immediatly understood how feet make me weak…and she used them to hypnotize me and… rape my wallet. I spent more than an hour on her videochat, and those were not the only money i spent.

She has an incredible face that can move from angelic to evil in a second, and when she put her cam on the floor… i was just unable to go anywhere.

So yes… now i have another nightmare to worry about: MsClassy. She even gave me a video and ordered me to put it online…and i did it…of course.

Perhaps i should just give up

Perhaps i should just give up

August has been a hard month for me. I’ve been trying to stay away from Her, thinking in this way to actually..well…save money. But that didn’t actually happen.

I kept going to other mistresses on the sites i well know (the three listed here on the right) and well.. i ended up spending quite a lot (for my standards) and… not being satisfied at all.

She has something… something that really gets me. I don’t know if it’s the way she just doesn’t care a lot of me, the way she looks, the way she often ignores me while moving in ways that kill my brain… or just the fact that she knows what to show me in order to completely fuck up my brain.

I don’t know. All i know is that last night she contacted me on messenger and, after a while, i agreed to go and see her saying “i won’t stay long”.

That didn’t happen. I spend almost an hour there. She had a fantastic new pair of black stockings and an equally amazing pair of high heel black shoes that she could remove easily… she teased me for the whole hour but never talked to me.. i just couldn’t manage to go away… check the video below and tell me if you would have been able to…

She’s the one, i probably better start understanding this and avoid going looking for the same power somewhere else.

I should probably give up and understand  she owns me, no matter what i do to avoid this.

Here’s how she raped my wallet

Here’s how she raped my wallet

I don’t consider myself strong when i have a beautiful woman in front of me, otherwise i would not be here trying to escape from my money slaver problem.

But i’m quite sure NO MAN would have resisted  Her after what she did in cam last night.

She teased me for a while, with her long legs in black pantyhose, her sharp high heels, her feet, her toes. Then, all of sudden, she told me:

“I want you to put your money here”

And she moved her credit card inside her panties…

Would you be able to resist that? I didn’t. I just let her rape my wallet. Once again.

And once again She drained me

And once again She drained me

I thought i was safe… i thought blocking her on Yahoo was enough… but it’s always like this… i block her on Yahoo and then, after a couple of months, i start feeling the NEED to feel her power on me… the NEED to see her contacting me and order me to come into her videochat.

And that’s what happened a few days ago. I unblocked her…and she was online… i waited…i was shaking with the anticipation of what was coming.. then… she messaged me… just “hi” she said… and that’s all i needed… i replied in a polite way as i always do…and all she said was “in 5 minutes, come into my video”.

And i did as she ordered me. Because if i don’t block her…i’m unable to resist her.

When a photo asks for money

When a photo asks for money

It’s how it goes each time with her. I check her profile to look for new photos, i look at them… and then… one of them, each time, like… ORDERS me to go into her video.

It’s impossible to resist to my Diva, it’s just impossible. She will drain your wallet as she’s draining mine… and you won’t be able to stop her. Because deep inside…that’s what we want.

Am i really a MoneySlave?

Am i really a MoneySlave?

I get this told me a lot recently. Usually from Goddesses. And i tend to agree to them. I mean, who would say “i want to stop” and then keep staying online, keep looking at photos, keep getting in touch with temptation?

Well maybe the reason is that i am not really a moneyslave.

I spent about 95% of the money last year on webcam: paying a per minute charge in order to be able to look at beautiful women, showing me their feet in stockings, pantyhose (even better), high heels and looking at me in a sexy way. That is the truth.

Yes, a couple of times i did spend outside of the webcam: some money via Wester Union (twice, for a total of 100 Euros), some gifts on Amazon (for a total of 200$). That’s it.

I don’t know why i’ve identified myself as a Moneyslave, i think all i can be defined is a webcam foot fetishists slave. I have to admit this, i LOVE looking at women on cam, i get so aroused by that and yes, sometimes my brain doesn’t work well while i’m on cam. But just then. When i switch off the cam, i stop acting like that.

The truth is: giving money doesn’t excite me. Being told what to do does.

In fact all my videochats with Her end in the same, exact, way. She teases me for a long time, more than an hour usually (at 3$ per minute)… then she asks me to open my Paypal…i resist…she teases me more…i open it… i tell her i’m not going to pay…she shows me her feet, orders me to pay the amount she wants and… i come and close the videochat and Paypal.

I get aroused by the fact that she’s so sure of herself, that she knows what makes me weak. I get excited by the fact that she pushes me there…but when i’m there…it’s over for me.

This is something i’ll keep thinking about… perhaps i’m understanding everyday more who i really am…