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Miss Olivia is back

Miss Olivia is back

When i just thought One Great Diva, MsClassy and Mistress Sandra were enough for my problems…Miss Olivia comes back online…. and decided to remind me who is in control of the situation: not me.

She showed up online and sent me a quick message on messenger:

“Hi, i’m wearing my new shoes”

That was is. I decided to go in her videochat to have a quick look but… She decided i was going to stay longer, much longer…she ended up raping my wallet and brain…reminding me how powerful She can be when She decides She wants to get You. There is no escape, no escape at all.

After a really long videochat i went offline…and since then… all i can think of is…

What would it be to meet her for real?

It happened.

It happened.

So it happened. Only a few days ago i was writing about Miss Olivia’s new shoes, about how i found them irresistible… and then, the other night, She contacted me on messenger saying this:

I think you should know i wear the shoes..need some help about the nylons. Got 3 pairs, hard to pick the right one.
Join video

I just went in, like a puppet executing an order. And i saw her: gorgeous as ever.

A super short black dress, her long legs and then…those sandals. She started talking, and my brain started to get foggy…then she put on pantyhose…perfect tan pantyhose…and those sandals again.

Looking at her crossing and uncrossing those perfect legs, while listening to her voice was…just too much. Too much to handle for any kind of man… and for me even more…

After a while i was like a zombie…listening and not writing at all in chat… and the She did it. She asked me to open my Paypal. With her convincing voice…with her crossed legs…with her dangling shoe…

And i exploded. As i never did before with Her, and for the first time i felt…embarassed to tell her what happened and why i would have not paid in Paypal… i just left, like a coward…and sent an apology the day after, to which she still has to answer.

How do i feel? Can’t describe it… but i can clearly see my weakness for her. Useless to deny it, useless to say i can be strong. She showed me that if She wants to get me, She can do it anytime.

I believe no one would ever want to see her in video after reading this post…but in case you do, click here to enter Her videochat. Pure hell. Believe me.

Miss Olivia’s new shoes

Miss Olivia’s new shoes

Since i saw a photo of Miss Olivia‘s new sandals, i can’t stop thinking about her. Well actually what made me think even more of Her is a comment she recently posted on this site, where She describes the way She would behave in a real time session with me:

“Let’s say I date him for a RT session… what makes you think I will whip him in public, when I plan in fact to tease the hell out of him and, at one moment, put my feet on nylons between his legs, make him cum in a public place while smiling like a devil… after a shoes shopping session?”

Now that….that is the exact descrption of a dream i’ve been having since i first talked to Her. And the amazing thing was that, once, She described me that situation without even me telling her about it…it’s like a special connection…i don’t know.


Then those sandals… i imagine her wearing them with tan nylons, among with a classy dress, perhaps a bit short (but not too much). How could any man resist? And if She would start removing one of them and dangle it a bit, while we are having a coffee in a public bar here in Florence…how could i not get instantly hard?

This is a dream i’ve been having since a long time… and of one thing i’m sure…as soon as She will tell me “i’m wearing those sandals“, i will go into her videochat.

By the way…seems like some of you don’t even know how to reach her…and moreover, fail in getting her attention. I can’t tell you how to do it, as many factors are involved, but i’m sure of two things you NEED to do:

  1. – Wait for her to come online and join her in videochat (here).
  2. – Show her that you are not a common wanker, but that you are a slave worth some attention…don’t be cheap.

I don’t think there is any need for me to tell you that you are “playing with fire” by visiting Her. If She decides you are worth her attention…She will drain you.

What did i just do?

What did i just do?

Till a few minutes ago i was on Miss Olivia’s videochat… nothing new…but….the really new and never happened before thing for me is that my wife is in the other room ironing….

She is awake…she could have caught my anytime…and this was exciting…really exciting…

Miss Olivia was wearing back deluxe cuban stockings, red high heels and matching lingerie…She was magnificient….

After about 20 minutes i sort of run away…because i just realised what i was doing…what i was risking…even though…something tells me that, later on, i will go back there…

Worst year ever

Worst year ever

So far this has been my worst year ever. Tonight i’ve updated the status page (here) and… in 2012 i so far spent about 5 thousand dollars in financial domination… never happened before.

So this fetish is getting stronger, even if i keep track of my steps in this blog. What does this mean? Recently i started considering the fact that i might even be “evil” somehow…but most probably…the truth is that…financial domination is part of myself, and i’ll never be able to exist without it…

And while i write these lines… One Great Diva and Miss Olivia are both online…this will never end.

Slave of many Mistresses

Slave of many Mistresses

I can’t be loyal, i just can’t be slave of a single Mistress. I thought i could…but One Great Diva actually opened my eyes, and let me see the reality: i am a slave of many Mistresses, although one of them is sort of the “main one” (One Great Diva).

The thing is that, sometimes, i just feel the need to be dominated, to have my wallet raped…and that’s why i start browsing those sites listed here on the right…looking for a Mistress. Is it wrong to do so? Should i just wait for One Great Diva to come online? She said i’ll never be able to…and i will always end up visiting all the others…like Mistress Sandra, MsClassy, Miss Olivia…and maybe others.

That’s just the way i am: sometimes i need a beautiful woman to use her feet to seduce and enslave me…even if My Mistress isn’t online.

Starting to miss my Financial Domme

Starting to miss my Financial Domme

No matter how much i try to avoid her, i always end up at this: i start to miss One Great Diva, my true and only Financial Domination Queen.

About a month ago (or mayb it’s more, i can’t even guess the time…looks a century to me) i asked and obtained from her the permission to take a pause, as i noticed it was starting to be way too risk for my financial situation.

So i went back to see other mistresses like Miss Olivia, and don’t take me wrong, they are amazing and i don’t think i could ever resist them but… One Great Diva has…something more, something special. She gets into your brain, She looks for you, She’s like a predator…She doesn’t just wait for you to come to Her, She contacts You when She’s not even online (on messenger, from her iPhone bought by a slave of course)…She always makes sure you know  She’s there, you know She owns you…She just doesn’t let you breath.

And this is incredibly exciting for a money slave like me…even if after a while it gets even too dangerous…but in the end… i always end up missing One Great Diva

Sooner or later…perhaps…

Sooner or later…perhaps…

…i will fall into Miss Olivia’s power. I always had a pretty unique feeling for Her: sometimes i feel like i can be strong and even ignore Her, sometimes i just fall as soon as She tells me “Come in”. It’s unique..peculiar…and feels a bit dangerous.

Why? Because deep inside i get the feeling that, sooner or later, She will get me for good…and maybe even ruin me more than others. She never looks like she’s in a hurry or anything…it’s like if She knows that, sooner or later, i’ll be at her feet.