What did i just do?

What did i just do?

Till a few minutes ago i was on Miss Olivia’s videochat… nothing new…but….the really new and never happened before thing for me is that my wife is in the other room ironing….

She is awake…she could have caught my anytime…and this was exciting…really exciting…

Miss Olivia was wearing back deluxe cuban stockings, red high heels and matching lingerie…She was magnificient….

After about 20 minutes i sort of run away…because i just realised what i was doing…what i was risking…even though…something tells me that, later on, i will go back there…

One thought on “What did i just do?

  1. This is priceless! Back in the day I use to see this Dominatrix from PrivateFeeds [Mabel] and maxed out a couple of Visa’s on her. Needless to say, that’s how I became a 2 time-loser. The excitement of hanging out downstairs in the rec room with Mabel, while the wife is upstairs watching soap opera’s was an absolute adrenaline surge. Lesson #1, never let the wife open your credit card statements. …and keep your money separate.

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