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Killing Me Softly With These Pictures

Killing Me Softly With These Pictures

I should know by now: I can never predict what’s going to happen when I’m alone and vulnerable. Nothing can be planned in findom, nothing at all. And what happened last night wasn’t an exception.

I was just getting ready to switch off my computer, after a long day and a pretty boring night, when I got a message from MsClassy:

“Take a look”

After that, She just sent me this picture.

Obviously, my plans of switching off the computer and go to bed where canceled. But I still didn’t know what was going to happen, all I knew was that this was a magnificent picture of MsClassy legs in Wolford pantyhose. Enough for my heart to start beating faster.

I reacted in a pretty silly way, something like “wow” (yeah, I’m never too original in those moments) and thought that was it. Boy, I was wrong. After about one minute of silence… She sent another one.

If the first one caught my attention, this one started to drive me crazy. Her perfectly shaped legs could easily be seen, and those shiny Wolford made them look even more amazing. Her toes in a perfect position, to enhance their beauty and power I know so well.

All I could say was a simple (and classic) “Goddess, You are incredible“. Which was exactly what I thought at that moment. And yes, I started getting excited. But she didn’t say anything for a while. 

After about 5 minutes, that I spent looking at our chat unable to type anything or move away, She decided it was time to increase her pressure on my self control. She sent two pictures this time.

Yes, She is beyond beautiful. Her perfect arched feet, Her beautiful face, those unique and gorgeous eyes… all those details that made me spent more and more in the last few years. All those details there, in front of my eyes, in those pictures.

She knew I was now under her control. She knew I couldn’t run away or say “no” by now. And after a few seconds, She only said:

“Now you will go to my room and send me a 500$ gift”

And this made me discover something I wasn’t aware of. My favourite cam site recently added the ability to send gifts. You just go to Her profile, click a button and select the amount to send.

It took me less than 10 seconds to spend 500$, and without even asking to see Her or anything. I just sent the gift, got a nice “well done Massi” from Her…and ended my night.

What happened was that has killed my softly (and slowly) with those pictures…leading me to where she wanted. To have me under Her total control

I might not talk too often about Her, but believe me…once MsClassy gets you, there is no way you can ever run away. Time can pass, but once She decides to gets you… She gets you. 

OneGreatDiva getting more and more Gorgeous

OneGreatDiva getting more and more Gorgeous

Someone once told me “beauty doesn’t last forever”. Maybe. But for some Women (with capital “W”) beauty just continuously keeps reaching higher levels: OneGreatDiva is certainly one of them.

I obviously always look at Her pictures, hoping to see some new ones…and whenever She does post some, She always (ALWAYS) takes my breath away.

I mean…look at these pictures and tell me how I can avoid running into her chatroom to spoil Her as She deserves…

The torture of Silence

The torture of Silence

I don’t know about you, but when I’m watching a beautiful Goddess driving me crazy, I tend to speak a lot. Of course, I don’t make lots of sense, as the brain doesn’t really work well in those moments, but I tend to keep telling Her how gorgeous she is, how incredible she looks.

That’s why what happened last night was PAINFUL.

Goddess Adriana approached me on chat, ordering me to go and see Her, even if I was low on cash. She said, “doesn’t matter for how long, come in or I won’t let you see me for 2 weeks”. Obviously, in no time I was in her videochat.

She was stunning: a back tight skirt above the knee, Cuban tan pantyhose, high heel peep toes, and a nice white top. Simply AMAZING.

But almost immediately, She turned that videochat into the most painful one till now:

Tonight, I want you to watch me in silence.
Just shut up and worship


My total devotion for Her made me follow that order literally, and I didn’t say a word for about 10 minutes (then I had to go…as money run out quite quickly). Believe me, it was painful. I was there, looking at Her… excited, willing to tell Her how beautiful She is, how powerful She is….and I couldn’t. I had to stay in silence. But her microphone was on, so I was able to listen to the noise of her legs crossing, of her shoe, dangling…and I was also able to see her chatting with someone else. But I just remained in silence, as She ordered.

I didn’t really think silence could have been torture…till last night. One of the many things Goddess Adriana is making me learn…day by day.

The perfect dream

The perfect dream

A beautiful Woman. Stockings. Sandals. Her foot on his face. Her other foot on his cock. She’s drinking coffee, as if she doesn’t care that much of him being down there. She’s powerful, Her power being represented by her “size” compared to his.

Isn’t this the perfect dream of each and every slave?


More than 22.000$ spent on Financial Domination

More than 22.000$ spent on Financial Domination

And so this year comes to and end. And more or less nothing changed since last year: my financial domination fetish is as strong as ever.

A few minutes ago i’ve updated my expenses record and i saw two things: in december i’ve spent less than usual…and in total, in 2013, i’ve spent 22.025$ on financial domination… that’s a hell of a lot…and something i’m ashamed of but…something i just can’t avoid it seems. Maybe the fact i’ve spend less in december could make me think that i’m improving…but how long will it last? How long till one of those Goddesses will contact me on messenger saying one of the things that excites me most?

I’m wearing nylons, and i’m going to rape your wallet tonight

I don’t know. My journey continues…my fetish isn’t stopping…and my money keeps going away from my pocket.

And while i’m writing this, i just saw one of One Great Diva’s latest pictures…

MsClassy is back! Now I’m in HUGE danger

MsClassy is back! Now I’m in HUGE danger

There was a time when I thought my financial domination habit could be stopped, or that I could slow it down. Lately, it seems even are happening to make me understand that I will never be able to get out of it.

Just when I thought I had enough troubles, last night I got an instant message from MsClassy. All She said was this:

“It’s time”

I immediately knew what that was meaning, and my heart started beating fast. It has been a while since I last saw her, She wasn’t online often… these days I did notice her online, but I thought, perhaps, She wasn’t interested in me anymore…in a way, I felt safe.

Boy, I was wrong. She made me weak in a second, not even wearing nylons this time. Her perfect feet were more than enough to drive me crazy. As I think most of you know by now, I am into feet but, mostly, into nylons. Barefeet usually doesn’t do anything to me. But with Her, it’s totally different. She has the most perfect arched feet I’ve ever seen, her toes are just a huge tease, the way she naturally dangles her shoes is something to be seen to believe…so yes… all these things together made me spend a lot…again…with her.

Just when I thought I had enough problems.

I’m broke and then i see this

I’m broke and then i see this

Yes, since today i’m officialy broke, at least till this sunday. Yeah, went over my credit card limit and can’t spend till it gets reset…this sunday that is. So i was just browsing around…then… i see One Great Diva updated her personal site of which i’m a member of and… well… this is one of the pictures.

Now…is there any more perfect, powerful, gorgeous creature in this world? How will i ever be able to stop serving Her? There can be others, and surely there are…but One Great Diva is just… The One.

Pictures driving me crazy tonight

Pictures driving me crazy tonight

Ok i will say it again: i’m broke. Till monday my credit card is maxed out….so i can just…sit here and dream on free stuff…and that hurts, a lot. I’ve been browsing around pictures for a while tonight, and some of them are really driving me crazy…i’ll post them here and well…if you’ll click on them you’ll see whom they belong to…