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She pushed me back into the nightmare

She pushed me back into the nightmare

(Article originally posted on December 12th, 2012)

Life is unfair. Recently i noticed some improvements in my financial domination addiction, i thought i was keeping it under control: didn’t get the same excitement, didn’t get the same “need” to serve Goddesses… so yes, i was quite satisfied about it (even if still not happy, that’s a different story).

Then, today, One Great Diva showed up and pushed me back into the worst period of this nightmare. She didn’t show any sort of mercy, didn’t even care if i had troubles or whatever.

She contacted me on messenger, sent me this picture and just said:

“I’m online, move your ass”


How could i resist? How could ANYBODY resist? I didn’t. I went in, spent a fortune in cam, bought her a pair of shoes as She ordered, looked at her laughing about my weakness, stared at her incredible beauty, went offline when She said She was bored of me.

End of story. I spent a fortune and i am actually here getting excited while i write this. My nightmare starts again. Today.

My Financial Domination fetish isn’t slowing down

My Financial Domination fetish isn’t slowing down

Seems like one month passed since i last wrote something here about my usual and, probably, never ending Financial Domination fetish…so why not putting down an update, more to remember myself how things are going than to anyone else.

My goddess asked me (ordered me) to remove all her videos i’ve ever shared online, and so i did it. I’ve actually found it kinda weird, as She was the one telling me at first that She was more than happy about them…but well, i suppose a slave can’t really judge a Goddess order, and surely i can’t if it comes from Her. Needless to say, i’ve been spending a LOT with her in October. Each time i see her, She looks more gorgeous and sexy to me…i don’t know why….but i’m sure if you ever visited Her, you’ll probably agree with me.

I’ve spent A LOT of time with One Great Diva too…actually, She is the one i’ve spent most of my time (and money) with. The reason is her new website: i’m a member of it and i can assure anyone reading this word that, if you join that site, you’ll be more and more addicted to her. In fact i’ve been sending her lots of tributes lately…something i rarely did in the past…

Then…the best thing happening to me: my dark angel is still around, and we’ve been spending some truly quality time together lately. Lots of talk, lots of laugh, a few teasing…and once she did the sweetest thing i can imagine.
One night i was feeling really, really, really depressed because of some problems with my wife… went into her chat just to say hello and telling her i wouldn’t have been around for long…and i left. A few seconds after she contacted me on messenger, asking what was wrong… And from there we had a nice and kinda long chat where she helped me A LOT in getting back in a really good mood…and she also sent me two pictures that really really helped my mood a lot. The sweet thing is that she did all of this like any friend would do. That’s what i really like about her: she’s herself, all the time. She doesn’t let me “cross the line” and be too close to her (i know nothing about her private life, in example) but still…she acts in a friendly and great way that makes it all so natural and great… of course, that fact that she’s one of the most beautiful and sexy girls i’ve ever seen helps a lot too…

In the end…October was a huge spending month for me…as i’ve spent about 2.500$ This isn’t getting any better, and the page where i keep track of the money i spend is starting to look like a serious problem…

Sometimes i regret not being online

Sometimes i regret not being online

It happens. Even if i know how dangerous that would have been for my wallet, i see a picture like the one below, posted by Sheena, and i start to regret i wasn’t online when She was.


I don’t see i’ve ever seen Her with those shoes, and i believe there is something different on Her makeup…moreover, She’s wearing purple lingerie (shown in other pictures)…She’s hot…as ever…and yes, i wish i would have been online to let her make me weak dressed like this.

What did i just do?

What did i just do?

Till a few minutes ago i was on Miss Olivia’s videochat… nothing new…but….the really new and never happened before thing for me is that my wife is in the other room ironing….

She is awake…she could have caught my anytime…and this was exciting…really exciting…

Miss Olivia was wearing back deluxe cuban stockings, red high heels and matching lingerie…She was magnificient….

After about 20 minutes i sort of run away…because i just realised what i was doing…what i was risking…even though…something tells me that, later on, i will go back there…

MsClassy is back, and She took 600$ from me

MsClassy is back, and She took 600$ from me

MsClassy is back, and i won’t be safe anymore from Her. I thought others were the highest danger for me, boy i was wrong.

After coming back from a vacation in Seychelles (4.000$ paid by Her slaves), last night MsClassy caught me on messenger and just said “tonight you will Pay for my new nylons”

Believe me, i tried to say no. Tried to resist. But..she first showed me what she wanted to buy…and even sent me the pictures of the nylons She was going to order. Actually, here’s the pics…so that you are warned: She will have these nylons in a couple of weeks.

After that She said:

“now you will come in and pay for them”.

I thought i was just going to go into her room and stay a while…to admire her legs and feet….i wasn’t really afraid….but… then… She started with her sexy looks, perfect feet, perfect dangling in some black high heel shoes…and even if She didn’t wear any nylons…i was unable to resist.

I ended up spending 400$ into her videochat…plus 200$ for her nylons… and She said She will come for more, as soon as those nylons will arrive… i’m in danger…now even more than ever.

When beauty and elegance raped my wallet

When beauty and elegance raped my wallet

A few nights ago i had the bad luck (or good luck, it’s always hard to tell) to meet Mistress Sandra on messenger. At first She didn’t even show interest in me, actually ignoring my “hello”…but that was just because She was busy… after a few minutes… She just told me:

“You should come at my feet, i have new shoes tonight”

And well… how could i say not… She is beyond beautiful, and always has a great choice in clothing. That night She was wearing a fantastic blue top, black stockings and those superb, magnificient, shiny black high heel shoes. She left me breathless… i really didn’t know what was going on for a long time, while She was using all my fetishes against me…

As i think i said a while ago… it seems like i can’t be a loyal slave to just one Mistress…it seems i am always looking for troubles…and Mistress Sandra surely is a BIG trouble…

My pathetic 120$ spent with MsClassy

My pathetic 120$ spent with MsClassy

MsClassy caught me on messenger last night. She contacted me and just said:

“I feel like draining you tonight”

And i couldn’t even answer…all i said was that, at that time, my wife was still around so i couldn’t go into her video. To that She answered:

“I know you need me and you will come to me”

And that’s exactly what i did, after about an hour. I couldn’t help it, i had to go even if i saw She set up the price to 6$ a minute. She put on her black stockings in an incredibly sensual way, She kept looking at me with those magnetic eyes, She changed shoes, dangled them, played with a credit card… i was like under hypnosis. After 20 minutes, She told me it was time to tribute Her, and She ordered me to send 100$.

At that time i came and felt so ashamed that i had to leave. It was pathetic, really pathetic…but i couldn’t help it. That’s the way She made me feel.

Financial Domination: 300$ in 20 minutes

Financial Domination: 300$ in 20 minutes

It all started two nights ago, when Sheena was online and, after a “good evening” from my part, ordered me to go into her videochat in 5 minutes.

Five minutes passed, but another guy went in before me…and She told me to wait. I waited 2 hours just to be able to see Her…but i didn’t and had to go.

The night after, She was online again. As soon as i logged on messenger, She told me “Get in”.

I immediatly saw She had put a 6$ per minute rate but…it was like i HAD to see Her…so…i went in…and that was my biggest mistake.

She was dressed in black, with black stockings and black high heel shoes: She looked amazing, to say the least.

She immediatly started using all my weaknesses against me…and…to make a long story short….She made me send money via PayPal…and…shortly after that…i exploded.

She took 300$ in 20 minutes….and it was incredible. I am still shaking thinking about all the power She always has on me. She can’t be resisted, when She want something…She takes it, no matter what.