My pathetic 120$ spent with MsClassy

My pathetic 120$ spent with MsClassy

MsClassy caught me on messenger last night. She contacted me and just said:

“I feel like draining you tonight”

And i couldn’t even answer…all i said was that, at that time, my wife was still around so i couldn’t go into her video. To that She answered:

“I know you need me and you will come to me”

And that’s exactly what i did, after about an hour. I couldn’t help it, i had to go even if i saw She set up the price to 6$ a minute. She put on her black stockings in an incredibly sensual way, She kept looking at me with those magnetic eyes, She changed shoes, dangled them, played with a credit card… i was like under hypnosis. After 20 minutes, She told me it was time to tribute Her, and She ordered me to send 100$.

At that time i came and felt so ashamed that i had to leave. It was pathetic, really pathetic…but i couldn’t help it. That’s the way She made me feel.

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