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That magic moment when the shoe drops: a short video

That magic moment when the shoe drops: a short video

Believe it or not, every foot fetishist is a bit different than the others. We like different kind of feet, different kind of nylons, nail polish…you name it. But there is one thing that will turn EVERY foot fetish head: a shoe dropping to the floor.

There is nothing more magical than that moment: when finally the object of our fetish completely reveals itself to our eyes. The foot comes out of the shoe…and we can see it in its full glory.

I was thinking about it tonight…and just decided to make a short video. Here it is.

It happened.

It happened.

So it happened. Only a few days ago i was writing about Miss Olivia’s new shoes, about how i found them irresistible… and then, the other night, She contacted me on messenger saying this:

I think you should know i wear the shoes..need some help about the nylons. Got 3 pairs, hard to pick the right one.
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I just went in, like a puppet executing an order. And i saw her: gorgeous as ever.

A super short black dress, her long legs and then…those sandals. She started talking, and my brain started to get foggy…then she put on pantyhose…perfect tan pantyhose…and those sandals again.

Looking at her crossing and uncrossing those perfect legs, while listening to her voice was…just too much. Too much to handle for any kind of man… and for me even more…

After a while i was like a zombie…listening and not writing at all in chat… and the She did it. She asked me to open my Paypal. With her convincing voice…with her crossed legs…with her dangling shoe…

And i exploded. As i never did before with Her, and for the first time i felt…embarassed to tell her what happened and why i would have not paid in Paypal… i just left, like a coward…and sent an apology the day after, to which she still has to answer.

How do i feel? Can’t describe it… but i can clearly see my weakness for her. Useless to deny it, useless to say i can be strong. She showed me that if She wants to get me, She can do it anytime.

I believe no one would ever want to see her in video after reading this post…but in case you do, click here to enter Her videochat. Pure hell. Believe me.

Miss Olivia’s new shoes

Miss Olivia’s new shoes

Since i saw a photo of Miss Olivia‘s new sandals, i can’t stop thinking about her. Well actually what made me think even more of Her is a comment she recently posted on this site, where She describes the way She would behave in a real time session with me:

“Let’s say I date him for a RT session… what makes you think I will whip him in public, when I plan in fact to tease the hell out of him and, at one moment, put my feet on nylons between his legs, make him cum in a public place while smiling like a devil… after a shoes shopping session?”

Now that….that is the exact descrption of a dream i’ve been having since i first talked to Her. And the amazing thing was that, once, She described me that situation without even me telling her about it…it’s like a special connection…i don’t know.


Then those sandals… i imagine her wearing them with tan nylons, among with a classy dress, perhaps a bit short (but not too much). How could any man resist? And if She would start removing one of them and dangle it a bit, while we are having a coffee in a public bar here in Florence…how could i not get instantly hard?

This is a dream i’ve been having since a long time… and of one thing i’m sure…as soon as She will tell me “i’m wearing those sandals“, i will go into her videochat.

By the way…seems like some of you don’t even know how to reach her…and moreover, fail in getting her attention. I can’t tell you how to do it, as many factors are involved, but i’m sure of two things you NEED to do:

  1. – Wait for her to come online and join her in videochat (here).
  2. – Show her that you are not a common wanker, but that you are a slave worth some attention…don’t be cheap.

I don’t think there is any need for me to tell you that you are “playing with fire” by visiting Her. If She decides you are worth her attention…She will drain you.

Financial Domination: she brought me back

Financial Domination: she brought me back

Article originally posted on April 18th, 2011


It seems it was silly for me to even think Financial Domination could have been over… She brought me back into it with a…”virtual slap” i could say.

One Great Diva caught me online the other night… at first i was acting strong, well i was actually sure to be strong enough..but her attitude, her beauty, her power…made me fall all over again into Financial Domination.

She got 300$ in half an hour…and more via tributes… it’s like nothing has changed since she first made me a money slave, more than one year ago. I was so sure to be over it, to be able to control it…and then…here i am… made a money slave again by the one that brought me into Financial Domination at first: One Great Diva.

Thinking about… real life

Thinking about… real life

tacchi01It doesn’t stop…that’s a fact. I am spending more than last year and surely i am not slowing down… perhaps…this is just what i want…and i should really stop fighting this… what’s the point in fighting who i am?

Actually… recently i find myself thinking more and more about… real life sessions… about a Mistress (well, i can say Her name… Miss Olivia) tempting me in a public place, using my fetishes to make me weak…and then.. using me to go shopping… maybe shop about shoes… and modeling them in front of me… yes.. i am thinking about this more and more… and i find it really exciting.

But i do know one thing: that’s something i can’t afford. A real life session is going to cost WAY more than a videochat…and i can’t, can’t, can’t really afford that…at the moment…

This time, shoes made me weak

This time, shoes made me weak

It’s always Her, Sheena. She’s the most dangerous of all the mistresses that are hitting me…she’s always online when i’m feeling weak, and she seems to have this sort of special power to always know what to show and how to show it in order to make me pay…and pay…and pay…

This time she made something that she never did before: she showed me lots of different kind of shoes, always modelling them and dangling them in front of me. That was almost hypnotic for me…i couldn’t resist…and when she ordered me to pay… i just did…as a robot…

Women are meant to be worshipped

Women are meant to be worshipped

I’ve always thought this of course… but sometimes things get to your mind stronger than other times. And tonight is one of those times.

As everytime i have some privacy (meaning, my wife is asleep), i’m browsing through picture galleries of all these wonderful women online. Sometimes i see a shoe dangling for the top of a toe, other times just a pair of beautiful legs crossed while dressed in a formal way… but all these photos have one thing in common: women are Goddesses. They are here to be worshipped and served.
My fight against my moneyslavery doesn’t have anything to do with this. I’m just trying to save money and avoid getting completely raped by one of those Goddesses. But even if i’m trying to protect myself, that doesn’t change the fact that women are Goddesses.

Every man should worship a Goddess (or more than one), because that’s what we were born for.