It happened.

It happened.

So it happened. Only a few days ago i was writing about Miss Olivia’s new shoes, about how i found them irresistible… and then, the other night, She contacted me on messenger saying this:

I think you should know i wear the shoes..need some help about the nylons. Got 3 pairs, hard to pick the right one.
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I just went in, like a puppet executing an order. And i saw her: gorgeous as ever.

A super short black dress, her long legs and then…those sandals. She started talking, and my brain started to get foggy…then she put on pantyhose…perfect tan pantyhose…and those sandals again.

Looking at her crossing and uncrossing those perfect legs, while listening to her voice was…just too much. Too much to handle for any kind of man… and for me even more…

After a while i was like a zombie…listening and not writing at all in chat… and the She did it. She asked me to open my Paypal. With her convincing voice…with her crossed legs…with her dangling shoe…

And i exploded. As i never did before with Her, and for the first time i felt…embarassed to tell her what happened and why i would have not paid in Paypal… i just left, like a coward…and sent an apology the day after, to which she still has to answer.

How do i feel? Can’t describe it… but i can clearly see my weakness for her. Useless to deny it, useless to say i can be strong. She showed me that if She wants to get me, She can do it anytime.

I believe no one would ever want to see her in video after reading this post…but in case you do, click here to enter Her videochat. Pure hell. Believe me.

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