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Looking forward to be a sitting duck

Looking forward to be a sitting duck

Looking forward to beeing a sitting duck

Usually when I know I will be home alone for some time, I kinda feel scared. Unsafe, I would say.

I know that when I’m alone, I am an easy target for Goddesses, and I also know that those are the days I end up spending the most.

But this year I feel different, don’t know why.

I am actually looking forward to it. Perhaps it’s because I am coming out a tough period at work, or simply because I didn’t have that much privacy lately… I really don’t know. Whatever it is.. I can’t wait for these 2 weeks to start.

Since this Friday I’ll be alone for about two weeks, and I get excited even when I type this.

What will happen? Oh I know it very well… we all do. 

Home Alone: 10 days as a sitting duck

Home Alone: 10 days as a sitting duck

Just as I was saying goodbye to financial domination, the perfect chance to enjoy my fetish arrived.

I will be home alone from today until 10th of February, making myself an easy sitting duck for Goddesses. The only issue is the lack of money… but I’m sure I will manage to spoil and be drained by some of them…in the end…isn’t this the reason a slave is for?

FeetGoddesss is surely the one I will spoil the most, as She is the one I want to buy a new pair of Louboutin’s for…again… with the help of my money.

Wish me luck guys..I’m going to need it.

Alone for 2 weeks: freedom or sitting duck?

Alone for 2 weeks: freedom or sitting duck?


As it often happens, my family just went away for a couple of weeks while i had to stay here because of work. Just an excuse really, it’s just that i find terribly relaxing being able to have the whole house for myself. That silence and total freedom is priceless.

But…is this really a freedom period or…is it just full of high risks as only a sitting duckfaces?

When i’m not alone, the moments when i have the right privacy to go online and do whatever i want are limited, instead till 19th of august i will ALWAYS have total privacy as soon as go home.

How will i be able to resist any sort of temptation? What will happen if one of my goddesses will come and order me to server Her? Maybe more often than usual?

I think i already know the answer….but then again….i’m getting excited even by the thought of this…

The sitting duck

The sitting duck

Why do i always find myself doing this “sitting duck” sort of game?

I know everytime she contacts me, i can’t resist her… so when i see she’s online on messenger, i log in and stay there…not contacting her and telling myself “i’ll go in 20 minutes”.

Inside myself i know the excitement i get to be “on the edge”…but i also know i NEED to avoid her, to protect myself against her…

But yet… i play like a sitting duck…all the time…