Alone for 2 weeks: freedom or sitting duck?

Alone for 2 weeks: freedom or sitting duck?


As it often happens, my family just went away for a couple of weeks while i had to stay here because of work. Just an excuse really, it’s just that i find terribly relaxing being able to have the whole house for myself. That silence and total freedom is priceless.

But…is this really a freedom period or…is it just full of high risks as only a sitting duckfaces?

When i’m not alone, the moments when i have the right privacy to go online and do whatever i want are limited, instead till 19th of august i will ALWAYS have total privacy as soon as go home.

How will i be able to resist any sort of temptation? What will happen if one of my goddesses will come and order me to server Her? Maybe more often than usual?

I think i already know the answer….but then again….i’m getting excited even by the thought of this…

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