No, i don’t WANT to be your moneyslave

No, i don’t WANT to be your moneyslave

Article originally posted on January 10th, 2012

No Yelling


Why, with all the gorgeous Mistresses that are already raping my wallet on a regular basis, do some “so called Goddesses” think they could just message me, coming out of nowhere, and ask me:

“Do you want to be my moneyslave?”

No, i don’t WANT to be a moneyslave, i don’t WANT to be a moneyslave of no one, especially if i don’t even know who you are or where you are coming from. You are supposed to be a Goddess, someone up there waiting for slaves to come to her, you are not supposed to need to ask for it.

If you ask for it, then you simply are NOT a real Financial Domination Mistress. Simply as that. NONE of the gorgeous women that brought me all these problems these years ever asked me if i wanted to be their moneyslave. It was always me to contact them first and, most often, after that i usually needed to…wait in line, for my turn.

If you ask me if i WANT to be your moneyslave, it simply means you are NOT a Goddess. Simply as that. So you may as well STOP asking me that.

I’m sick and tired of all those so called Mistresses that believe all i need is them to ask me if i WANT to submit to them… again, i don’t WANT to be your moneyslave.

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