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No, i don’t WANT to be your moneyslave

No, i don’t WANT to be your moneyslave

Article originally posted on January 10th, 2012

No Yelling


Why, with all the gorgeous Mistresses that are already raping my wallet on a regular basis, do some “so called Goddesses” think they could just message me, coming out of nowhere, and ask me:

“Do you want to be my moneyslave?”

No, i don’t WANT to be a moneyslave, i don’t WANT to be a moneyslave of no one, especially if i don’t even know who you are or where you are coming from. You are supposed to be a Goddess, someone up there waiting for slaves to come to her, you are not supposed to need to ask for it.

If you ask for it, then you simply are NOT a real Financial Domination Mistress. Simply as that. NONE of the gorgeous women that brought me all these problems these years ever asked me if i wanted to be their moneyslave. It was always me to contact them first and, most often, after that i usually needed to…wait in line, for my turn.

If you ask me if i WANT to be your moneyslave, it simply means you are NOT a Goddess. Simply as that. So you may as well STOP asking me that.

I’m sick and tired of all those so called Mistresses that believe all i need is them to ask me if i WANT to submit to them… again, i don’t WANT to be your moneyslave.

Starting to miss my Financial Domme

Starting to miss my Financial Domme

No matter how much i try to avoid her, i always end up at this: i start to miss One Great Diva, my true and only Financial Domination Queen.

About a month ago (or mayb it’s more, i can’t even guess the time…looks a century to me) i asked and obtained from her the permission to take a pause, as i noticed it was starting to be way too risk for my financial situation.

So i went back to see other mistresses like Miss Olivia, and don’t take me wrong, they are amazing and i don’t think i could ever resist them but… One Great Diva has…something more, something special. She gets into your brain, She looks for you, She’s like a predator…She doesn’t just wait for you to come to Her, She contacts You when She’s not even online (on messenger, from her iPhone bought by a slave of course)…She always makes sure you know  She’s there, you know She owns you…She just doesn’t let you breath.

And this is incredibly exciting for a money slave like me…even if after a while it gets even too dangerous…but in the end… i always end up missing One Great Diva

More and more into financial domination

More and more into financial domination

It’s getting worst. Since she raped me a few days ago, i updated my current status page and…it didn’t look good at all.

I’m spending way more than last two years….and it doesn’t look like i can stop.

I keep going there, looking for those Financial Domme i know but also always to seek for new ones…as if i’m always looking for more women to rape my wallet… this is not going to stop…

Money slave of the perfect financial domme

Money slave of the perfect financial domme

One Great Diva brought me back into financial domination… and i can easily say that i feel like i am the money slave of the perfect financial domme.

She’s beyond beautiful, sexy, intelligent, greedy… believe me, i might look like an easy target but i’m not. There are small things that help me escape from a financial domme…but One Great Diva doesn’t have any of these things. She’s just perfect.

I’m afraid she’ll keep raping my wallet over and over… she’s too perfect and i’m just too weak. Yes, i’m totally back into financial domination.

And if this post looks like a giant “TV spot” for her…well i don’t care. I write what i am feeling at this moment…and if i feel like just saying how great she is… i will keep saying that over and over, i don’t care what you all think…in the end…i opened this blog to write about my journey into the sea of financial domination…and i will keep writing what i feel like writing about…

Financial Domination: she brought me back

Financial Domination: she brought me back

Article originally posted on April 18th, 2011


It seems it was silly for me to even think Financial Domination could have been over… She brought me back into it with a…”virtual slap” i could say.

One Great Diva caught me online the other night… at first i was acting strong, well i was actually sure to be strong enough..but her attitude, her beauty, her power…made me fall all over again into Financial Domination.

She got 300$ in half an hour…and more via tributes… it’s like nothing has changed since she first made me a money slave, more than one year ago. I was so sure to be over it, to be able to control it…and then…here i am… made a money slave again by the one that brought me into Financial Domination at first: One Great Diva.