Starting to miss my Financial Domme

Starting to miss my Financial Domme

No matter how much i try to avoid her, i always end up at this: i start to miss One Great Diva, my true and only Financial Domination Queen.

About a month ago (or mayb it’s more, i can’t even guess the time…looks a century to me) i asked and obtained from her the permission to take a pause, as i noticed it was starting to be way too risk for my financial situation.

So i went back to see other mistresses like Miss Olivia, and don’t take me wrong, they are amazing and i don’t think i could ever resist them but… One Great Diva has…something more, something special. She gets into your brain, She looks for you, She’s like a predator…She doesn’t just wait for you to come to Her, She contacts You when She’s not even online (on messenger, from her iPhone bought by a slave of course)…She always makes sure you know  She’s there, you know She owns you…She just doesn’t let you breath.

And this is incredibly exciting for a money slave like me…even if after a while it gets even too dangerous…but in the end… i always end up missing One Great Diva

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