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The blackmail SCAMMER

The blackmail SCAMMER

This came to my attention lately, and I really hope every Goddess out there will read this message.

There is an individual who has a really nasty habit: he goes to a Goddess saying he’s into Blackmail and humiliation, agrees to do that and be exposed…and then he reports the Goddess to all the sites she works on AND the police.

He did this already to two Goddesses I know (won’t say the names, of course) so I think every Goddess out there needs to be alerted.

Here are all the usernames he has, so that Goddesses can identify and block him:

SkyPrivate: christianbeier33
Imlive and Skype: slavedanskerdk
Twitter: @moneyloserdk

I also have his real name, but won’t post it here to avoid problems with him.

Please share this with all Goddesses you know

Blackmail: 4 ways to escape from it

Blackmail: 4 ways to escape from it


Blackmail is one of the most exciting and controversial fetishes in my opinion, surely one of the closer ones to illegal activity: believe it or not, it’s illegal to blackmail someone, even if it’s a consensual “game”. If the victim goes to a judge saying he got convinced in doing it, most probably the judge will rule in his favor but…

How many of us could (and would want to) sue one of these Goddesses? I mean…first of all it would be stupid because we were the one that wanted it in first place and, secondarily, how can you run after someone you know almost nothing about or lives in a different country?

But yet i get from time to time messages from more or less desperate slaves, saying this or that Goddess keeps blackmailing them even if they don’t want to go on, that they risk all their life savings and so on…

How do you stop Her from blackmailing you?

In a few words: it’s complicated and it works only if she is smart enough to understand when it’s the right time to take a step back.
Good news: all the best Goddesses are of course intelligent and smart enough.

So the first rule is: never play blackmail with a newbie, with a Goddess who’s around since not so long or that no one ever heard of. Most probably she is too inexperienced to even play that game in first place.

Ignoring the fact that she can or cannot understand, there are indeed a few ways you can approach the problem.

1 – The Joke

Next time she contacts you, start acting funny. Act as she is just a friend. Tell her jokes, act as if this is all a total joke for you and laugh about it. Keep doing that, and if she doesn’t get the message, end the conversation (smiling) saying you gotta go. Leave her with the doubt: “Does he really care? Will i get anything from this?”

2 – The Change

In a calm, relaxed way tell her you don’t want to play this game anymore. Be sure to use the word “game” more than once, and to offer her alternatives. Things like “i love the time i spend with you, and i want to be your slave forever. But i’d like to play a different game, as blackmail really doesn’t give me any excitement at all anymore.”. Even tell her blackmailing is boring you, and that you want to spend your time with her doing something better. Never stop acting calm, and if she insists in the nasty way, leave her with a firm “ok, whatever. I’ll go visit someone else” and go. After this, never return to Her unless she is the one getting in touch with you. In that case, keep playing this part.

3 – The Silence

Stop contacting her or answering her messages. Ignore her completely (and i mean completely). Lead her to believe you don’t care anymore, or you are totally busy doing something else. If she has other slaves, she will leave you alone and move on. But warning: this works ONLY if she is smart enough to know that she shouldn’t really do anything “seriously”. If she is stupid, or inexperienced, this could easily lead her in using the info she has of you to contact your relatives or similar to get a reaction from you.

4 – The Threat

This is the worst way to end it, because doing this you won’t be able to visit Her anymore, not even for other kind of fun. She will HATE you after this, so be careful if this is not how you want things to end with Her.
Tell her you will report all this to the site she works with. Remember, for those sites a customer is the holy grail, and blackmail is illegal. If you tell the site that she blackmailed you without your consent, she will face big problems with the site, her account could be closed, her money could be kept. If she doesn’t work on a cam site, tell her you rill report her to the site you used to send money to her with (Paypal, Payoneer or whatever). Either way, be sure to tell her this is illegal and you won’t stop till she faces serious issues. Act as you are more dangerous than her. And leave the conversation in a sudden way, with one last bad sentence like “Ok, you’ll see!” and disappear. After that, don’t contact her for a long time. She won’t contact you as well and you’ll be free.

So will i be surely free after this?

No. These are all the methods that came to my mind the first time i faced an issue like this: it happened to me a few times already, and each time i used the method of these that i thought was more appropriate for the situation and the Goddess involved. But that doesn’t mean that i can be 100% sure these methods will work in your case! it can even be that She won’t stop…so be careful. Always.

Teamviewer Blackmail: I’m just a coward

Teamviewer Blackmail: I’m just a coward

One of the hottest and, perhaps, most dangerous things in financial domination and blackmail (more often than not, those two are connected these days) is, surely, Teamviewer Blackmail. The use of TeamViewer by the Goddess to take complete control of the slave’s computer and, basically, send herself money.

Just the idea makes me terribly excited: looking at her in webcam while She teases me and takes complete control of my own computer is an incredibly hot image.


But I’m a programmer…and I use TeamViewer more or less daily to give support to customers. Therefore I am very familiar with it and…with its power. And that scares the hell out of me. Yes, I’m a coward. And what happened yesterday only confirmed it once more.

Heartless Queen was in cam, dangling her sexy red heels and not wearing nylons. I went into her room and started looking…hypnotized. After a minute, she sent me a message asking if I was alone. And yes, I was.

“Teamviewer Id and Password, now.”

I think She is the one most experienced in this and, most probably, she does that because she loves it… after that, with her knowing smile, she slowly started to put her tan stockings on…

I was going to fall. I was feeling weaker and weaker. The one experience that I always dreamed about, the one that I always had a nightmare and dreams about…was going to happen. She would have teased me while taking money from my credit card.

But then I closed my laptop and just left the room. The virtual and the physical one. I wasn’t ready for this. I probably never will. This is one big taboo for me and, although I will keep having fantasies about this, I don’t know if I’ll ever have the courage to do it.

If you are better than me and find TeamViewer blackmail fascinating, visit Hearless Queenn. You won’t find a better Goddess for this, trust me. She will scare the hell out of you.

This is a repost of an old article. In September 2016 I had a server crash and all site content got lost, since then I’ve been trying to repost some of the old articles

She owns me

She owns me

It happened. After all this time going from one Goddess to another, never being able to stay loyal to any of them… I’ve met Goddess Adriana.

At first what really hit me was Her elegance, Her style of dressing. Then I saw Her power, Her intelligence. Then I saw how smart She is… and She slowly entered into my head. Minute by minute.

I’ve spent 1.700$ in 4 days with Her

This is more I’ve ever spent with anyone else… and I don’t even regret it. Now She’s on vacation for a week…and guess what…I miss Her. And all I wish is to be at Her feet, to let Her style and beauty drive me crazy…to feel the risk of Her ruining my life with the snap of a finger.

Yes, Goddess Adriana owns me, and I’m not even afraid to admit it.

One of those nights…

One of those nights…

So my wife went to sleep. I’ve been working till a few minutes ago, and mind you is about 1.30 am… so I’m here, sitting in front of my computer, trying to relax.

And that’s when it happens: I’m alone, it’s night, I’m online. It’s like my fingers move by themselves..typing the address of the site I mostly visit my Goddesses from… but She’s not online. The one I have been thinking about since 2 days isn’t online… and I wish She was. Yes, I wish She would use her power on me tonight…but She’s not online.

And so…it’s one of those nights when I say…

I’ll wait 10 minutes, then go to bed if She doesn’t show up

And 10 minutes become 20….and then 30… and in the end…i will just feel useless and went to bed very late. It has happened before…it will happen tonight…unless…i just shut down my laptop and go to sleep.

Will I?

Is it REALLY blackmail that excites me?

Is it REALLY blackmail that excites me?

Recently i’ve been fascinated by blackmail, the excitement of being in huge danger, of letting a gorgeous woman “steal” personal data from me in order to keep me into her hands…but… is this the real reason i’m getting excited by this?

What if…all i crave is cheating my wife with another woman? What if all this fetish of mine (moneyslavery or blackmailing) is just a reason to “feel” the excitement of actually cheat my wife for real?

I have never done that, i have never cheated her in real life…only online… and now… the idea of actually be, physically, with another woman…totally attracts me even more than before.

Maybe, these days, it’s not anymore about financial domination, it’s not aboutblackmailing…it’s just about…cheating my wife.

What if your Goddess has a kid?

What if your Goddess has a kid?

I have to admit, i don’t consider myself an “easy to catch” slave, surely not an “easy to keep”. I have many reasons why i could suddenly stop feeling weak in front of a Goddess and today i am facing a new one that’s… making me think a lot about my “relationship” with a specific Goddess.


I won’t say her name, of course, but rest assured that She is someone i have NEVER spoke about in this blog, because I’ve actually met her just a week ago or so. She is absolutely gorgeous: brunette, long hair, slim, perfect legs and feet… and also a brain to fall for… in a few words, I’ve spent a lot with her and, even worst, i have been telling her lots of personal data…as I’ve never done before. So yes… i am totally into her…at the moment.

Last night we spent a long time together…even on Skype (and BOY…Skype makes it all so more REAL)… and it was magnificent. She took even more money and info from me… so I’m more and more weak for her…but then…today… i did what i always like to do (maybe it’s wrong)…i went searching for info about her online.

And I’ve found out she has a kid. Now…should this change anything on the way i feel for her? And if it does, why? She is still gorgeous, powerful, sexy, smart and everything else…but… but she has a family. She’s not “free“….. damn it i don’t even know how to explain this… but thinking about her as a mother, as a sweet mother… makes me feel WAY less weak thinking about her…is this wrong of me?

Don’t take me wrong, i am NOT saying she shouldn’t do what she does because she’s a mother, that’s absolutely NOT what i mean here….it’s how this makes me feel actually that is the question. Is the fact that all this make me feel less weak in front of her… it makes me see her more… human perhaps? Less dangerous? Maybe that’s it… the fact that she has a kid makes me think she is less dangerous… less “available”…less “free” of using the data i gave her…

I am sure i won’t be able to stop seeing her immediately…because when i say she is GORGEOUS, i really mean it…one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen…but i know…sooner or later…I’ll stop feeling weak in front of her…. and at that time…the next question will arise me… should i tell her the reason? Perhaps if i do…i could even still be close to her, even if not as a slave? She’s still a gorgeous woman… and hell…would still be great to make her teasing me from time to time…

…actually am i even making sense here?

I will never be a loyal slave

I will never be a loyal slave

Ok, let’s face it: i will never be a loyal slave to just one Mistress. Does this make me a bad slave? sure it does. Do i care? Sure i don’t.

A great girl i’ve “virtually met” recently, defined this in a very easy way: men are always looking for new targets. And that’s so true, surely in my case it is. Of course i will always fall for certain Goddesses (One Great Diva, of course will ALWAYS have me at her mercy with a snap of Her fingers), but i’m constantly looking for new experiences, new goddesses, new girls to spend time with. Then i find one that “hits me” (as this one did recently) and i visit her often for a while. But what happens when she’s not online and i’m horny? I end up browsing…and internet is so full of gorgeous women to serve, to fall for…

How can a slave be loyal?

How can a MAN be loyal?

I don’t know… but i can’t. On the other end… recently i’ve been totally “hit” by a gorgeous girl…smart…funny… and great teaser. It all started with a blackmail game…and although i was trying to be careful, she more or less found out everything about me in about 30 minutes in chat…then after that… the teasing went on…and is now going on via Whatsapp as well… more on her later…i will ask Her if i can write Her name here…