Is it REALLY blackmail that excites me?

Is it REALLY blackmail that excites me?

Recently i’ve been fascinated by blackmail, the excitement of being in huge danger, of letting a gorgeous woman “steal” personal data from me in order to keep me into her hands…but… is this the real reason i’m getting excited by this?

What if…all i crave is cheating my wife with another woman? What if all this fetish of mine (moneyslavery or blackmailing) is just a reason to “feel” the excitement of actually cheat my wife for real?

I have never done that, i have never cheated her in real life…only online… and now… the idea of actually be, physically, with another woman…totally attracts me even more than before.

Maybe, these days, it’s not anymore about financial domination, it’s not aboutblackmailing…it’s just about…cheating my wife.

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