The 5 Major Turn Offs For Slaves

The 5 Major Turn Offs For Slaves

A while ago i wrote a post about how a slave should approach a Goddess online and I still believe that’s very accurate and, at least, a good starting point for any “slave wannabe”. But..what about all those “Goddesses wannabes“? Would it help them know the things they need to avoid, in order to keep people with them? I don’t know…but I feel like putting down this list so…here are the 5 major turn-offs for slaves (at least for one like me)

1. Bad English

I am sorry, but if you just can’t type in proper English… don’t even bother to pretend You are a Goddess. You are not…or at least, if you are, try to be one with guys from your own country…because as for me, your bad English will just be a huge turn-off.

2. Brain smaller than mine

You can’t control a slave’s mind just because you are wearing some boots and stockings, or because you are wearing a fake cock. You need to have something inside that brain of yours. You need to show me that you are way more wise and intelligent than me. You need to show me that I can also admire you for your culture, not just for your beauty.


3. No listening

Lots of Goddesses (even successful ones) always say “I don’t care about what a slave wants, I am the Goddess”. I can understand this in part…but if the slave tells you, for example, that “pantyhose make me weak”…why would you ignore that? If he tells you “i am excited by blackmailing”, why would you ignore that? If you don’t listen to what I say and don’t even try to do things to put me in trouble…well…I won’t be in trouble: I’ll be looking for another Goddess as soon as possible.


4. Cheap setup

We are in 2014: an HD webcam doesn’t cost a fortune, and putting up some nice furniture and lighting in a room shouldn’t be a big issue for someone that wants her slaves to pay 12$ a minute to see her. If your setup looks cheap, you look cheap to me… and I surely won’t feel weak for long in front of you.


5. Broken nylons

Ok…this is just for the nylon fetishist that I am… But it can relate to the point above: if you break your nylons…put a new pair on. Are you so cheap that you can’t even afford a new pair of nylons? Really?


So that’s it… that’s what I felt like writing tonight… hope I didn’t offend anyone by writing it…but if I did…well…perhaps it’s because you are just a… “Goddess wannabe”

2 thoughts on “The 5 Major Turn Offs For Slaves

  1. This was helpful for me. It was frustrating but constructive.
    I’m starting the wrong way.
    I’m a writer in Brazil and talking to someone who doesn’t write Portuguese well bothers me a lot. I understand you.
    It’s better for me to interact with people from here in Brazil.
    But anyway, it was a pleasure to read your texts. I’ll save what was good about this experience.

    1. Thank you for your comment 🙂
      I get your point about Portuguese…but when it comes to English, that’s even more frustrating. Like it or not, is a Worldwide accepted language, and these days it’s SO easy to improve your English if you want to.

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