Spring can help my Financial Domination problem

Spring can help my Financial Domination problem

It might sound weird…but these days I can see that spring is actually helping me in spending less online. Amazing isn’t it? And the reason is so stupid… that I’m actually even embarrassed to speak about it… Spring makes me weaker….physically weaker I mean..and that means fewer chances to stay up till late, fewer chances to stay in front of a computer all alone… fewer chances to spoil these amazing Goddesses.

Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But again…when you have a problem (or let’s say, a difficult to handle part of what you are) that goes on and on…every little help can make some difference… and surely this is making a difference in the money I’m spending.

But then again… I find myself even frustrated because I can’t spend enough time as I wish online…enough time to let their amazing beauty drive me completely crazy and helpless… enough time to let those feet in nylons, those high heel shoes, those gorgeous sexy smiles…just drive me completely crazy and make me like a zombie…

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