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She’s inside my brain, and She won’t leave

She’s inside my brain, and She won’t leave

Goddess Adriana is inside my brain, inside my bones, inside my soul…and i just can’t escape from Her. Well, i don’t even WANT to escape, to be honest.

She just KNOWS the “buttons” to push and when to push them. Her brain is sexy, her body is sexy, her movements are sexy, her style of dressing is just the kind every Woman with capital “W” should use.

Last night it happened again. I didn’t have much money left on my credit card…and i told Her i would have been able to see Her just for a few minutes. Instead of reacting like many “Goddesses” in an hysterical way like “then come back when you’ll have money!” (it happened many times to me), She just told me it was fine…and She allowed me to see Her, even on Skype…where the video is crystal clear and amazingly fast.

And i know why She did it. Because She KNOWS i can’t resist Her, She KNOWS that i can’t go away from Her unless She allows me to… and in fact… i was in videochat with Her for about an hour in the end…

I spent 600$

She was dressed all in black, from head to toes: a black sating cocktail dress with an erotic zip on back, some incredibly sexy pantyhose and Her black shiny peeptoe shoes…there was no way i could have escaped from all that.

And the thing is… now i am here…desperately waiting for the next time that i’ll be able to see Her, to feel Her power…and i also find myself dreaming DAILY of meeting Her in real, serving Her, be at Her feet in real…

More than 22.000$ spent on Financial Domination

More than 22.000$ spent on Financial Domination

And so this year comes to and end. And more or less nothing changed since last year: my financial domination fetish is as strong as ever.

A few minutes ago i’ve updated my expenses record and i saw two things: in december i’ve spent less than usual…and in total, in 2013, i’ve spent 22.025$ on financial domination… that’s a hell of a lot…and something i’m ashamed of but…something i just can’t avoid it seems. Maybe the fact i’ve spend less in december could make me think that i’m improving…but how long will it last? How long till one of those Goddesses will contact me on messenger saying one of the things that excites me most?

I’m wearing nylons, and i’m going to rape your wallet tonight

I don’t know. My journey continues…my fetish isn’t stopping…and my money keeps going away from my pocket.

And while i’m writing this, i just saw one of One Great Diva’s latest pictures…

And then, as a thunder, Goddess Ishtar reminded me Her power

And then, as a thunder, Goddess Ishtar reminded me Her power

It’s Valentine today… and a good husband should be thinking only about his wife… but the thing is…i’m sick, and therefore i didn’t go to work. So i was home this morning…wife away for a couple of hours…and i saw… Goddess Ishtar online.

The temptation was too high…and i asked Her if i could go and see her… “for a bit” i said. Obviously, nothing stops until She says so… therefore we spent 1 hour together…she took about 300$ from me… and also took my brain with Her.

She was MAGNIFICIENT. Her teasing was too much to handle, Her orders were firm and at the right time…She was wearing a short (way short) red dress, tan pantyhose with NO panties and some of the most beautiful shoes i’ve ever seen. Black shiny peep toeswith a spike red heel…. i was like a zombie the whole time.

She kept teasing me more and more, driving me more and more crazy each minute…and always ordered me to stop rubbing my cock at the right time….then… my wife called me… Goddess Ishtar saw me talking to her on the phone… and i had to run….wife needed to meet me for something.

Usually i would have run away immediatly….but Goddess Ishtar told me “wait untill i say you can go”….and so i did. I didn’t care if my wife was waiting, i know Goddess Ishtar would have let me go in time…but i had to follow Her orders.

And so She did. She let me go after a short while…made me promise to don’t cum without Her permission (i didn’t manage to!)…and i left.

I am here, writing this article, and i still have Her strongly into my mind, very deep, very strong. Even when i met my wife i was like in trance….didn’t even act normally…she even told me “what’s wrong?”…

Yes, Goddess Ishtar today reminded me of Her power, Her huge power…and i want to end this article with a warning: don’t visit Her unless You are ready to face Her power….make your choice: this is her chatroom

There is NO ONE like OneGreatDiva

There is NO ONE like OneGreatDiva

If you follow this blog, most probably you are going to say now “Her? again? Oh come on!”….but that’s the way it is. I can’t define myself as a loyal slave, i keep visiting new Goddesses online…but Her, OneGreatDiva, just can’t be compared to anyone else.

It’s not only her beauty (which i don’t even need to speak about)…it’s Her attitude, Her brain. As i think i said many times, for me the domination starts in the brain. I am quite an intelligent person, and i don’t fall easily as it may seem reading this blog. Yes i can fall once or twice for someone just because of Her beauty but… to keep falling deeper and deeper, to keep acting like a puppet… She needs to be smarter than me, She needs to be wiser than me, She needs to be more intelligent than me.

And that’s Her. OneGreatDiva always knows how to push my limits, always knows my weaknesses, She seems to be able to read my mind, and knows in every single moment my limits. One time she will make me spend a lot (like a few nights ago, 850$ in videochat), another time she will just refuse to even accept me on cam… it’s like She knows how much i can spend each and every time… and when i’m not around… She knows how to “call me”…by just posting some pictures on Her Twitter account

This is a repost of an old article. In September 2016 i had a server crash and all site content got lost, since then i’ve been trying to repost some of the old articles

Writing and spending (a bit) less

Writing and spending (a bit) less

It always amazes me when people contact me on Twitter like David did the other day:

He was indeed right. I didn’t write as much as i used to do recently and, moreover, it has been nearly three months since i last updated the page where i keep track of the money i spend on my Financial Domination Fetish….which i did 5 minutes ago.

The result? I’m spending less than last year, even if still way more than 1,000$ per month. I still remember what i wrote in my first post here:

“A maximum of 500$ for the entire year”

Yeah right…talk about a complete failure. But…is it? Is it a complete failure or, maybe, just an understanding of something that is and will always be a part of me? This is most probably close to the truth even if, i have to say, that scares me especially considering that, lately, i have been thinking a bit more seriously about meeting Goddess Ishtar… and that scares me. Even the fact that i’m thinking seriously IF i could do it makes me shake… looks like… i’m going deeper and deeper into this fetish of mine.

Here’s how much i’ve spent so far

Here’s how much i’ve spent so far

It has been nearly 3 months since i’ve last updated the page where i keep track of the money i spend on financial domination (this page)…and i guess it was because i KNEW this was NOT going well at all.

I’m spending way more than any other moment of my life…surely way more than when i’ve started this blog… i guess i will just have to give up to my fetish…and acknowledge the fact that i will never stop my financial domination fetish.

Pictures can easily make a moneyslave weak

Pictures can easily make a moneyslave weak

That’s an obvious thing maybe, or maybe not. But everytime it happens to me, i do realise that, no matter what’s my mood or how things are going in my life, certain photos will ALWAYS make me weak and give me the need to visit the one that took them…

Yes it’s her, Sheena, that asked me to don’t post anything with her on this blog…but i suppose if i cover her face, it’s ok…

Safe from one Goddess but… One Great Diva is back

Safe from one Goddess but… One Great Diva is back

Just yesterday i wrote about GoddessFever, this new Goddess i visited that really made me feel like i’ve found yet another serious nightmare…but then, luckly, last night She made a couple of little “mistakes” that could help me stay away from her.

I believe most of Financial Domination, at least in my case, starts from a perfect attitude of the Goddess. I consider myself quite an intelligent person (yeah, those of you that don’t understand what financial domination is, will say i’m not) and therefore one Goddess, to get hold of me, has to always be more or less perfect. And i’m talking about attitude, not just beauty.

GoddessFever had been perfect the first night, a bit less in the second (when at one point she made some graphic things on cam that i don’t think a Goddess should ever do) and even less last night. At one point She described how She would have liked to cook me breakfast before i go to office, while wearing just a pair of nylon stockings.

This is a perfect image if we are talking about a sexy woman to date but…NOT for a Goddess to be served! Really…i kept thinking about it for the whole day today…and the more i thought of it, the less i felt the need to come back to visit GoddessFever. Great, isn’t it? One Goddess less to serve!

But… then… a few hours ago…i got an e-mail saying just this.

“Look at the picture attached to this e-mail then come and serve me.
I’m online.”

The picture is the one below…e-mail is from One Great Diva. My all time nightmare, the one that made me a moneyslave, the one that can make me Her moneyslave anytime She wants. In fact i couldn’t resist. I went in…and spent about 300$…for now.

But One Great Diva is back…and i’m serious danger.

New nightmare: 1.000$ in three days

New nightmare: 1.000$ in three days

I’m pretty sure some people, reading my latest post, will start thinking either that i’m a complete fool, or that i’m making things up. Well, none of the two is correct. I’m not a fool (or not completely one) and this is all damn real. I’m just a moneyslave…or better said, a “cam” moneyslave.

And now i have a new nightmare: GoddessFever.

I first went into Her room a few days ago, as i was curious because of her high price and no shots of her face in her gallery…i wanted to see who was behind that 5$ per minute price. And i was totally shocked when i went in.

She’s beyond beautiful, reminds me of a top model i can’t recall the name of (Claudia Schiffer perhaps?) and, to make things worst, she has a vivid imagination and totally knows how to describe the fantasy of the slave in front of Her. She kept me there telling me about a possible meeting, about things She would have make me done…and at the same time teasing me a bit…not too much…but just enough to keep me there.

Till now i spent about 1.000$ into her room…She’s a new nightmare as She’s often online and…each time i look back at her face…i just can’t stop myself from going here, inside her room, again…

MsClassy took 900$ from my wallet

MsClassy took 900$ from my wallet

And so it happened. I knew it was going to, as I wrote a few days ago on this blog: MsClassy was going to rape my wallet, and it happened.

It was a few nights ago…all She had to do was telling me she was online and invite me (well, order me) to come in: I executed the order as I was really missing the view of her perfect arched feet in nylons… and there She was.

Wearing a short dress, pink high heels, and tan pantyhose…outstanding outfit. Moreover, she was in one of those nights when all she wants is to take money…and that’s why she immediately showed me the cash she got that day from another slave. Plenty of euros, I didn’t even manage to count them while she was waving them in front of me…it was so hypnotic…

This time she allowed me to see her on Skype…and boy it DOES make a big difference. Video quality is incredibly high there, and her beauty was shining even more…impossible to resist. I just looked at her for a long time…do not even know for how long..all I know is that She took 600$…and that 2 days after that, she took 300$ more just by telling me “hey, come in a second, I wanna show you something”. I made a short video of the first night…just to show you all how gorgeous and irresistible she was…