The 20,000 Euros Findom Lie: How Close Did I Come to Getting Caught?

The 20,000 Euros Findom Lie: How Close Did I Come to Getting Caught?

One of the biggest challenges faced by married financial domination slaves is keeping all the expenses hidden from your beloved partner. Usually, I do a good job in setting aside a special budget (with a specific source of income) to Findom and, that way, I’m never worried about my wife finding out about my expenses. What I’m most worried about is avoiding being caught in the act, if you know what I mean.

But what happened in Portugal with Goddess Ishtar goes beyond anything I have ever faced: how do you hide the loss of about 20,000 Euros? And how do you recover from the loss of the summer vacation money?

The days after that magical night (I still truly believe it was magical, and I’m super happy it happened) I constantly focused on one thing only: recovering as quickly as possible a good part of that money, and build up an explanation in case my wife would ever find out. I had to solve both problems pretty quickly, unless I wanted to risk ruining my marriage forever: how could I do that? Where could I find all that money so quickly? How could I build a believable story to tell my wife? I had to come with a plan, and do it quickly: so I decided to fully focus on one problem at a time.

Without TRUST, there is no escape

Before getting into details on how I solved the whole situation, let me make an important premise: trust is what greatly helped me to get away with this. You see, I’ve been happily married for a long time now and, believe it or not, I always made sure my beloved ones were my top priority. I’ve always taken super care of my wife, always made sure she felt happy, loved, protected and, yes, spoiled too. The way I always acted, made her trust in me grow day after day and now, this trust, is what saved me from a disaster.

I’m saying this because I’m pretty sure that some readers could end up thinking she is either naive, or that I am simply making up a story. None of that is true: with the right trust, things like this ARE possible. But it is not easy to build a relationship like we have, and I know many guys that can’t even get close to what me and my wife share.

Recovering the money

The first idea I had to come up with, was how to recover the money that got drained from my bank account: about 14,000 Euros. The rest, the cash I gave Goddess Ishtar in person, was already covered by some budget savings: I wasn’t really worried about those 5,000 Euros.

I was starting to get overwhelmed by all these thoughts, so I decided to take small steps towards the solution and write all those small steps down. The very first I came up with, was creating a list of people that could lend me some money: I included only those that I knew could come up with at least one thousand Euros, obviously with the promise of paying them back with interest.
For my job, I get in touch with people from all over the world and, luckily, some of them can easily handle this sort of amount of cash: the list I came up with was of 12 names, not that much considering they would have had to lend me more than 1,000 Euros each, but I had to start somewhere.

I think I made like 30 phone calls, back and forth from those people but, after 12 long hours of constant negotiation, I started seeing the light: 5 of those people would have been enough to cover the whole 14,000 Euros, and they were ready to send the money as soon as I was going to give them the payment info. I also took one extra precaution: they would have sent the money to an offshore account I rarely use, one I created a while ago to easily exchange cryptos. That way, I would have only needed to make one transaction from that account to mine: it’s easier to hide one transaction instead of five of them.

In 2 days I had all the 14,000 Euros back into my bank account. And yes, I knew that meant contracting a huge debt with those 5 people (obviously, the interests they wanted were quite high), but at least the immediate danger was almost gone. But how could I cover those movements, and what story could I build in order to explain the situation to my wife (in case she ever found out)?

Covering the tracks

Thanks to the trust I wrote about before, I knew my wife is not the one that constantly checks our bank account. She knows I’m the one mostly taking care of it, and she totally trusts me. But I couldn’t take any risks and just leave those transactions there: I had to bury them somehow.

The easiest way was to make a lot of small transactions, so that those big ones would have been further down in the list, and so less easy to spot. I remembered that our Bank app only shows the latest 30 transactions, so I started using my debit card on pretty small stuff like newspapers, coffee, ice-cream, whatever I could come up with while walking in the streets of Lisbon. In a couple of hours, I managed to make about 35 transactions, for a total spending of 150 Euros. If someone opened my bank app now, the amount shown would have been roughly the same as before, and those two huge transactions would have not been so noticeable.

It was, though, stressful and exhausting, but it seemed I made it: I was “that” close to be safe. The only thing left was to create a plausible story for my wife, hoping anyway that I would have never needed it.

The plausible story

How could I explain 14,000 Euros getting away from our bank account, and then come back a few days later? Who was that company I’ve sent 14,000 Euros to? Why did they come back from an offshore account under my name?

As it often happens, they way to make an absurd story a bit more plausible, is to play the part of the victim, especially if the executioner is the boss of the company you work for, a guy you always hated and that your wife knows always made your life at work difficult (to say the least).

The story (which I hope I’ll never have to tell her anyway) was similar to something that already happened in the past with this guy: him asking me to do some shady stuff, in order to keep my job. It happened a couple of times in the past, but those times it involved only small things like sending a certain parcel from the post office, or sending a wire transfer of a few hundred euros to a certain company. No big deal really.

Sure, you can see where this is going. My awful boss called me in Lisbon, fuming and agitated. He demanded I transfer 14,000 Euros to a company he owed money to, promising to pay me back the next day from his personal account. Feeling ashamed of the situation, I did it. That’s why I haven’t told my wife about it – hopefully, I never will.

Lessons Learned: Trust, Boundaries, and the Power of Findom

To summarize the lessons I learned, financial domination can be incredibly exciting, but it demands extremely careful handling.
Building trust with your partner is key to enjoying financial domination while preserving your relationship. Remember, your real life and financial stability must always come first.
Maintain separate budgets to avoid jeopardizing your and your loved ones’ well-being. Always prioritize them in your thoughts, actions, and behavior. Financial domination can be a part of your life, but don’t expect it to disappear if you want lasting happiness.
Finally, encounters with powerful Dominants like Goddess Ishtar can be unforgettable — a thrilling mix of empowerment and submission — but also incredibly dangerous, with significant real-life consequences.

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16 thoughts on “The 20,000 Euros Findom Lie: How Close Did I Come to Getting Caught?

  1. Thanks for this follow-up. You had no other accounts from which to replace this money? Effectively, then, she took all of your money?

  2. Thanks for sharing. Of course it would have been hotter if you had been caught, or if the scenario developed … after you secured the replacement funds, feeling glad you’d manage to save the situation, there’s a nagging feeling … yes, you’ve managed to cover things up, but … you return to Goddess Ishtar’s feed. There’s a comment there that says she hopes she has ruined your marriage. The comment turns you on, but you tell yourself that she’s just playing a part, she’s baiting you. You return to your routine, happy that you’re able to step back from the precipice. Until … how hot would it be to send the replacement money to Goddess Ishtar. It’s not that you don’t love your family, it’s that Goddess Ishtar is all that matters. She actually wants you to ruin your marriage for her. This is what would please her and pleasing her is all that matters …
    But no, I’m just being a bastard. On balance, I’m glad you’ve been able to save things. Findom homewrecking is a hot fantasy but, like rape fantasies that women have, it would be a decidedly unsexy reality (wouldn’t it?). I’ve had findom fantasies for only a few years and it is only during the last year that I have actually sent money, about 5k. Still coming to terms with how this will develop but, on balance, I’m hoping that I keep expenditure to a minimum. There are other things I want to spend money on! (This is what I tell myself). When I try to think about it objectively I tell myself that if I never send another tribute it won’t be the end of the world.

    1. “There are other things I want to spend money on!”
      Ok…keep telling this to yourself. Or, in other words, keep lying to yourself 😉

      And yeah, perhaps it would have been hotter…in a fantasy world. But this is real life, and my marriage HAS to be preserved…or at least I need to keep trying doing so. Even though, obviously, knowing that Goddess Ishtar doesn’t care and only wants to push me further down into the rabbit hole is…hot. Super hot.

      1. Haha, yeah, of course you’re right. I’m jealous about how you’re able to be true to yourself.

        But, to turn the tables lol, why does your marriage have to be preserved? Yeah, no doubt you love your wife and kids but that makes your submission to Goddess Ishtar more meaningful. You’re really sacrificing something that you value at the altar of Her magnificence. Not to mention that you’re also lying if you don’t admit that that’s what you really want, aren’t you?

        But that’s just influenced by my experience and I’ve probably gone too far – I got divorced ten years ago (although not because I had a findom addiction) and it was a tough thing to go through but now I can see that it was for the best. Sure it will be tough on the wife and kids but is there a part of you that wonders if it would be best for them as well?

        1. Honestly? No. In the end, we are all part of a very exciting, dangerous, beautiful sexual game/fantasy. We act on that in a pretty extreme form, for sure, but in my opinion it still is a game. Thanks to Goddess Ishtar, I keep moving forward and forward my limits, and I will always be grateful to Her for this. But my personal life, my marriage, my family are what in the end counts the most. It’s me who has to make sure that I can keep both. And that’s why I have three jobs at the moment, and work not less than 12 hours per day.

  3. I’m new to Findom and trying to get my head around things so thanks again for being so open and honest.
    Where does the game end and reality begin? I’m guessing it’s a bit of a grey line (one of the reasons it’s so hot).
    Would your wife think it’s a game? I’m wondering what she’d do if she found out. That’s between you and her I guess. Personally I’m glad I’m no longer married. I can do what I want, come and go as I please – and no one else gets hurt.

  4. and the scary part is that Goddess Ishtar would find that hot. I think She meant it when She says She hopes She ruins you and your marriage completely. She plays for keeps

    1. on the other side of the coin, Ishtar isn’t going to lose any sleep if she doesn’t end someone’s marriage. She’s more than happy to play into subs’ fantasies and encourage them and appear to be the personification of them but ultimately that’s more in subs heads than in hers.

      1. Chris, I deleted your last comment because it was TOTALLY disrespectful to Goddess Ishtar and, to be fair, to me and this blog. If you think you can come to this blog and write things like that, you are wrong.
        Show more respect if you want to keep the discussion going here.

  5. Man what you are doing to your family is disgusting. I know you don’t want to hear this but a hard on is not an excuse to do this. Keep telling yourself that your family is everything and are your priority. Clearly they are not, at least give a chance to your wife and kid to be happy away from you and if you want to go after your doom do it alone. I wish you well and I know the trill that you talk about but there are some red lines. Bringing people who even aren’t aware of this , to this mess is simply wrong no matter how you put it. I wish your family well. Please wake up.

    1. Thanks for your input. Clearly you don’t know the whole picture, so I know you mean well. But when I say they are my priority, I mean that. Obviously this time I screwed up, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been putting them as my top priority in the last 15 years that I’ve been doing this.

      Again, you are (obviously) missing a lot of pieces in the puzzle, so it’s ok. Thanks again for your concern.

  6. This post brings up a lot of pain from my own experience in a similar situation. I have hesitated to comment, but some of the language in this (and related) post reminds me of how much of a veil fantasies blinded me to reality. It took alot to maintain those fantasies. I built what I thought was trust with someone who was meaningful to me by weaving elaborate webs of deceit to manipulate them into trusting me. It was exhausting. If it ever gets too much, you aren’t alone. There is help out there. Best of luck.

    1. Thanks for your message. I think I’ve found a pretty good balance, and I am happy of how things are going, both personally and on findom. But thanks again for your message, means a lot 🙂

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