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MsClassy: you need to be brave to see Her

MsClassy: you need to be brave to see Her

I have been serving MsClassy for quite a long time now, not on a regular basis (scared of the consequences)… but constantly. Each and every time i see Her, i just can’t believe my eyes: She keeps getting more and more beautiful, more and more sensual…more and more dangerous.

And last time wasn’t an exception. She sent me a message saying “you have 5 minutes to get in my 1to1 videochat“. Just that, out of nowhere, after a long time since i’ve last seen her. I was alone, wife was in bed…i had no escape.

In 3 minutes i was already waiting for Her to allow me in…when She did…i was once again amazed by Her. Those new Agent Provocateur stockings were absolutely stunning on her perfect feet, the way she looked into the camera could have melted the entire north pole in a matter of seconds….the moves she slowly made all the timedropped my resistance to the floor.

Yes, i ended up spending a lot…and NOT regretting it. Because when a marvellous Goddess as MsClassy allows You to see Her…you just do it, and enjoy each and every little second she gives You.

But only a few, brave slaves can actually get in her videochat and see Her…because, again, the consequences can be really tough. There is no escape if She decides so. You have been warned.

The Countess: slowly showing me Her power

The Countess: slowly showing me Her power

Although i am totally amazed and “in need” of Princess Jessy, recently i had a couple of chances to visit The Countess chatroom… in one of those moments when you feel the need to be dominated and… Your Goddess is not around.

And even if it was just a couple of times, i feel the need to talk about Her…because i thinkshe’s exceptional in more than one way.

I won’t spend too much time talking about Her beauty, because that’s kinda obvious to anyone having even just a quick look at her profile…what i want to talk about is the way she handles the session…the way she bringes you down slowly and steadly.

She won’t ask you things immediatly, she won’t demand you to serve Her…she will take Her time…she will slowly understand your weaknesses..and she will slowly use them to her advantage… with you unable to stop Her.

First time i was with Her it was for about 20 minutes… it was amazing even if she didn’t even show me her feet EVER. She just talked to me…she looked in the cam with that sexy look, she gave me quick views of her amazing body (in stockings and high heels, by the way).

The second time, instead, it was longer… more than an hour… and only hearing my wife coming into the room saved me from spending a fortune and doing God knows what under her control.

She constantly kept me on the edge…with Her incredibly dangling and that shoe never falling down… she made if fall down only after 45 minutes..and only to obtain what she wanted (that is, me spending more)… and, i swear, i was almost SCREAMING by the need of being under Her power, under Her control… it was one of the most mindblowing sessions i’ve ever had… and that’s why i needed to share it on my diary…because She’s one to be remembered… even if, i swear, Princess Jessy is and will be my only TRUE Goddess for a long time…

Here’s how Princess Jessy took 1000$ from me

Here’s how Princess Jessy took 1000$ from me

It’s growing…my addiction for Princess Jessy Bernini is growing… and growing… and growing. Till now i thought it was just because of Her beauty, Her attitude, Her passion for expensive nylons and shoes… but it’s more than that, and what happened last night just made me understand it more.

She didn’t even ask me to go and see Her, She didn’t even dress up, She didn’t even have to tease me into that. I just NEEDED to spend time with Her. So i actually begged Her to show up online, saying i totally didn’t care of the way she would have been dressed…all i wanted was to spend some time with Her.

And that’s what happened. Although, of course, she was looking stunning even without nylons or any fancy shoes. She had just a pair of black and white woolen stockings, and a short dress. But She is just too gorgeous.. too sexy…. too smart.

What happened? Time just started flying… and after a while i got kicked out of Her chatroom because i didn’t have any more money on my credit card. I spent 1000$ without even noticing it.

And i am sure this won’t even be the last time this happens… it will happen again…because there is no way i can avoid spending time with Her…no way.

Jessy Princess Bernini took 700$ in NO time

Jessy Princess Bernini took 700$ in NO time

What’s happening with Jessy Princess Bernini is surely something totally new to me…something i didn’t even think it could have been possible. The way She rapes my wallet is, more or less, the same as other did in the past (from her videochat, that is)…but there is more with Her.

Most probably the first “special” thing about Her is, easily, the fact that she’s italian and actually lives in Florence…the same city i work in. That has to do a HUGE part on making me feel this all as something totally new…more intense.

But it’s not just that. And, obviously, it’s not just her beauty. It’s the fact that she’s smart, funny and…doesn’t play any kind of part. She’s herself all the time…and this is more than enough for me to feel the NEED to spoil her as much as i can.

And that’s what happened tonight. She took 700$ from me in about 30 minutes. She was gorgeous (and funny too), dressed in a short tight dress and black pantyhose… and now.. i’m just looking forward for the next time that she will allow me to see Her..doesn’t happen that often…because.. she’s not playing a part, she’s doing this when she feels like doing it.

Goddess Adriana maxed out my Credit Card

Goddess Adriana maxed out my Credit Card

This is what happens when a slave stops using his brain…and he just keeps staring at the screen for too long.
Goddess Adriana looked magnificent the other night and, moreover, she told me she was just about to leave for a vacation. So i knew i would have not be able to see Her for some days… and i i forgot about the time that i was spending in Her videochat.

I spent all the money left on my credit card..and my account got blocked.

Do i regret it? No, the time spent with Her was amazing, it was all that i needed.

The torture of Silence

The torture of Silence

I don’t know about you, but when i’m watching a beautiful Goddess driving me crazy, i tend to speak a lot. Of course i don’t make lots of sense, as brain doesn’t really work well in those moments, but i tend to keep telling Her how gorgeous she is, how incredible she looks.

That’s why what happened last night was PAINFUL.

Goddess Adriana approached my on chat, ordering me to go and see Her, even if i was low on cash. She said “doesn’t matter for how long, come in or i won’t let you see me for 2 weeks”. Obviously, in no time i was in her videochat.

She was stunning: a back tight skirt above the knee, cuban tan pantyhose, high heel peeptoes and a nice white top. Simply AMAZING.

But almost immediatly, She turned that videochat into the most painful one till now:

Tonight, i want you to watch me in silence.
Just shut up and worship


My total devotion for Her made me follow that order literally, and i didn’t say a word for about 10 minutes (then i had to go…as money run out quite quickly). Believe me, it was painful. I was there, looking at Her… excited, willing to tell Her how beautiful She is, how powerful She is….and i couldn’t. I had to stay in silence. But her microphone was on, so i was able to listen the noise of her legs crossing, of her shoe dangling…and i was also able to see her chatting with someone else. But i just remained in silence, as She ordered.

I didn’t really think silence could have been a torture…till last night. One of the many things Goddess Adriana is making me learn…day by day.

She’s every moneyslave’s nightmare

She’s every moneyslave’s nightmare

Yes, now i am totally sure that She could be the nightmare of every moneyslave around. Who? One Great Diva, of course.

The other night She took 200$ from me without even showing her cam. I don’t even know how She did it…but her words, the way She said them…were more than enough for my brain to go totally crazy: i sent her 200$.

Was it over? oh no, of course not. After that She said “ok, now come in just for a minute, i promise

But of course it wasn’t true…because She was dressed to kill. She had red high heels, black pantyhose and a short black dress. I was like a zombie, watching her, beautiful as ever, dressed as i’ve always dream, dangling her shoe in front of me.

And i spent even more while in video…i can’t even remember how much.

Financial Domination: 300$ in 20 minutes

Financial Domination: 300$ in 20 minutes

It all started two nights ago, when Sheena was online and, after a “good evening” from my part, ordered me to go into her videochat in 5 minutes.

Five minutes passed, but another guy went in before me…and She told me to wait. I waited 2 hours just to be able to see Her…but i didn’t and had to go.

The night after, She was online again. As soon as i logged on messenger, She told me “Get in”.

I immediatly saw She had put a 6$ per minute rate but…it was like i HAD to see Her…so…i went in…and that was my biggest mistake.

She was dressed in black, with black stockings and black high heel shoes: She looked amazing, to say the least.

She immediatly started using all my weaknesses against me…and…to make a long story short….She made me send money via PayPal…and…shortly after that…i exploded.

She took 300$ in 20 minutes….and it was incredible. I am still shaking thinking about all the power She always has on me. She can’t be resisted, when She want something…She takes it, no matter what.

Slave of many Mistresses

Slave of many Mistresses

I can’t be loyal, i just can’t be slave of a single Mistress. I thought i could…but One Great Diva actually opened my eyes, and let me see the reality: i am a slave of many Mistresses, although one of them is sort of the “main one” (One Great Diva).

The thing is that, sometimes, i just feel the need to be dominated, to have my wallet raped…and that’s why i start browsing those sites listed here on the right…looking for a Mistress. Is it wrong to do so? Should i just wait for One Great Diva to come online? She said i’ll never be able to…and i will always end up visiting all the others…like Mistress Sandra, MsClassy, Miss Olivia…and maybe others.

That’s just the way i am: sometimes i need a beautiful woman to use her feet to seduce and enslave me…even if My Mistress isn’t online.

It’s dangerous to be a slave

It’s dangerous to be a slave

UPDATE: Mistress Sandra asked me to clarify that this post refers to an old session i had with her (roughly in June) and that She wasn’t online at the time of my writing here. She’s back these days…and i’m going to probably fall again…

One Great Diva let me free for a while…but that doesn’t mean i’m safe. I’m a slave inside, and i crave to be dominated and…ruined using my fetishes. There’s no way i can deny that, and it will always be there.

That’s what happened the other night, the first “free” night. I was…feeling a slave. I needed to find a Mistress…needed to feed my Financial Domination fetish… and that’s when i entered Mistress Sandra’s videochat.

She welcomed me with a smile, almost a shy one i would say…that made me feel safer and relaxed…big mistake. As the minutes passed, she used more and more my weaknesses: stockings, shoeplay, high heels…credit card rubbed all over her…. and that was it: i was at her mercy….and she had no mercy at all.

She raped my wallet the same if not more as One Great Diva uses to do….and she made me promise to get back to her… i will try to stay away…but…it will be hard…