Teamviewer Blackmail: I’m just a coward

Teamviewer Blackmail: I’m just a coward

One of the hottest and, perhaps, most dangerous things in financial domination and blackmail (more often than not, those two are connected these days) is, surely, Teamviewer Blackmail. The use of TeamViewer by the Goddess to take complete control of the slave’s computer and, basically, send herself money.

Just the idea makes me terribly excited: looking at her in webcam while She teases me and takes complete control of my own computer is an incredibly hot image.


But I’m a programmer…and I use TeamViewer more or less daily to give support to customers. Therefore I am very familiar with it and…with its power. And that scares the hell out of me. Yes, I’m a coward. And what happened yesterday only confirmed it once more.

Heartless Queen was in cam, dangling her sexy red heels and not wearing nylons. I went into her room and started looking…hypnotized. After a minute, she sent me a message asking if I was alone. And yes, I was.

“Teamviewer Id and Password, now.”

I think She is the one most experienced in this and, most probably, she does that because she loves it… after that, with her knowing smile, she slowly started to put her tan stockings on…

I was going to fall. I was feeling weaker and weaker. The one experience that I always dreamed about, the one that I always had a nightmare and dreams about…was going to happen. She would have teased me while taking money from my credit card.

But then I closed my laptop and just left the room. The virtual and the physical one. I wasn’t ready for this. I probably never will. This is one big taboo for me and, although I will keep having fantasies about this, I don’t know if I’ll ever have the courage to do it.

If you are better than me and find TeamViewer blackmail fascinating, visit Hearless Queenn. You won’t find a better Goddess for this, trust me. She will scare the hell out of you.

This is a repost of an old article. In September 2016 I had a server crash and all site content got lost, since then I’ve been trying to repost some of the old articles

7 thoughts on “Teamviewer Blackmail: I’m just a coward

  1. I am getting comftable with my TV being open… I set up a log on to my desktop and that is now building up separate to my main desktop. I have given the logon to a person… also he has access to that desktop via Team view. My browser history is available and i have set it up to remember passwords and logons… the person has already accessed a picture site and joined me to groups and posted my pictures… He is working things out and i review it later as i have set TV to record access… I am not around most of the time… much trust in this as well… Email have been sent from my 3 email accounts as well. I even noticed his in my Back page…. when i first saw that i cum…

  2. One of the most dangerous, if not thee most dangerous financial dominatrix in the webcam arena. A pioneer of Teamviewer manipulation dating back to her original “Heartless Queen” stint at CamContacts in 2012,…meaning; she knows what she wants and takes great pleasure in extracting it. Highly addictive and overwhelmingly sexy, an epicurean on every level whom not only demands your attention to detail, but your constant attention in properly serving her needs. She consumes travel, cash, fashion and flash in pursuit of her never ending narcissistic luxurious lifestyle. As someone who’s taken her private at least 30 times in my history of financial domination, and considering the fact that it took me several months just to build up enough courage to say “hello Miss Havin” without trembling out of my chair. There is absolutely zero shame in referring to yourself as a “coward”.

    1. Can not agree that … she is more unpolite, even after paying tributes, asking more or I blocked you … not really mind playing and taking advantage with some powerfull skills

      1. Also in my case our time was just discussion unfortunately. No beautiful legs no exciting… nothing.
        At the end for me was just money and time lost.

        1. I can only respond with; she’s a dominatrix, you’re there to serve her needs, not the other way around. …and if you’ve spent any significant time with her in private and actually got to know her a little bit, I’m positively certain you’d think differently of her.

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