I just had the most intense Teamviewer session ever

I just had the most intense Teamviewer session ever

I always played a bit around Teamviewer sessions. Always thought of how it would have been…I actually gave my details only once to a Goddess that I knew wasn’t dangerous at all, just playing around a bit. Always thought how it would have been with a really dangerous Goddess.

And I always KNEW the most dangerous Goddess would have been Heartless Queenn

Many guys described how it would have been with her, and I knew already that she enjoys it A LOT. She knows how to use Teamviewer and how to use it to get more and more money. The idea excited me a lot…but I was always too scared to try. Till now.

Today I gave Her my Teamviewer ID and Password.

She was in cam, dangling her red heels in the sexiest way, as she always does. Without stockings. I came into Her room and she just asked me: “Home alone?”

I wasn’t. My wife was sleeping in the next room…but I wanted to do it. I wanted to give her access to my computer. I didn’t tell her what I wanted to do, why I was in her room. But..she started putting her tan stockings on and, as if she could read my mind, said:

“Teamviewer ID and password”

And I did as she asked me.

At that point, she made a mischievous smile. She knew after so long, I finally did what she always wanted me to do. And she was totally enjoying it.

She switched on my cam, started a private show in her room, sent her votes and credits. Then…started to make a payment to add more credits. My card didn’t have credit..so she kept looking for ways to do it. She was still smiling…enjoying all this so much. And I was getting harder and harder, without even taking my cock out of my trousers.

Then she selected Paypal as a payment option. And, to my surprise, I saw my login details already filled in. She was ONE CLICK away from sending herself 200 Euros.

I exploded. Literally exploded in my pants. I don’t remember the last time I had come that much without being able to control myself. I wet my pants, made a total mess…and closed my laptop.

I was in shock. It was probably one of the most intense sessions I’ve ever had…and it was quick. Quick and intense.

Before my wife woke up I managed to clean up everything, telling her I took a coffee and it accidentally fell onto my trousers. A lie…a huge lie of course. But she believed that.

I honestly don’t know if I will have the strength to try this again…but I know that in case I will look for a Teamviewer session… I will surely go to the worst (best) one: Heartless Queenn.

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    1. I know what you mean… I started with a Flickr friend i have never met and he accesses my PC when i am around. We are slowly changing this and i am getting more game. He looks around my PC and i have shown him how to set up unattended access in my Team-viewer .. I have sent him lots on what to do. Showed him that my browser has all my passwords and users to sites. He is learning as he went to my tab for my link to my back. I let him see how easy it was to get to that bank. He has full access to my Flickr account and when he is online to me PC he activates Photo Booth and takes shots and video of me. he also sends them to himself on my yahoo account which he now loads on my PC.

  1. Incredible! Reading this made my adrenaline surge. “Intense” is a tragic understatement when describing a private session with Miss Havin, shocking would be more appropriate… she’s an extremely galvanizing figure.

  2. Funny, I had a friend who was into findom. I was telling him about this dominatrix that I had a crush on named Havin Miller, he says; Havin Miller?! That’s Heartless Queen from camcontacts, you stay the hell away from her! She’ll break your ass in bankruptcy court. And of course because he told me to stay away from her, I had to look at her. Surpassed 100k over 9 years of serving her.

  3. part 2; what I’m trying to say, because I’ve served HavinMiller/Heartless Queen for damn near a decade is, you did a very dangerous thing…

  4. …I was at Flirt 4 Free the night she snagged some big taking fish for 80k, she’s very dangerous, hitting me for 10k over the course of an hour was extremely gentle in comparison.

  5. well, I looked her up once and discovered she made 6 figures two years in a row, she’s a lifestyle dominatrix, I don’t know her net worth, but she is financially secure.

  6. two things are certain with Heartless Queen, she loves being on cam, and she loves money…and she’s damn good at what she does.

  7. Impressive, can i ask another question plz, have you served her in person before i mean like cash dates or worshipping her feet, is that possible if i served her good online that i gonna have a chance to serve her in person? thank you.

    1. I’m not sure if I’m the only one she’s met in person as she’s been a lifestyle Dominatrix for quite sometime now, and I’ve never asked her. I’ve served her for almost a decade since she became Havin Miller after a stint as Heartless Queen at camcontacts…she was an experienced TeamViewer Dominatrix long before i started serving her

    2. I suppose anyone, not just a Dominatrix would be motivated to fly first class at my expense from Bucharest to Detroit for about 10 hours for 12.5K

  8. Hard to say, I had been serving her for about 7 years at that point, as I described in my Twitter feed, it was more like a Mafia business transaction than anything else. She was there long enough to drink a glass of orange juice, stuff a yellow envelope in her Gucci, said; thank you, Olof…and left…about a 5 minute encounter.

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