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And then, as a thunder, Goddess Ishtar reminded me Her power

And then, as a thunder, Goddess Ishtar reminded me Her power

It’s Valentine today… and a good husband should be thinking only about his wife… but the thing is…i’m sick, and therefore I didn’t go to work. So I was home this morning…wife away for a couple of hours…and I saw… Goddess Ishtar online.

The temptation was too high…and I asked Her if I could go and see her… “for a bit” I said. Obviously, nothing stops until She says so… therefore we spent 1 hour together…she took about 300$ from me… and also took my brain with Her.

She was MAGNIFICIENT. Her teasing was too much to handle, Her orders were firm and at the right time…She was wearing a short (way short) red dress, tan pantyhose with NO panties and some of the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever seen. Black shiny peep toes with a spike red heel…. I was like a zombie the whole time.

She kept teasing me more and more, driving me more and more crazy each minute…and always ordered me to stop rubbing my cock at the right time….then… my wife called me… Goddess Ishtar saw me talking to her on the phone… and I had to run… my wife needed to meet me for something.

Usually, I would have run away immediately….but Goddess Ishtar told me “wait until I say you can go”….and so I did. I didn’t care if my wife was waiting, I know Goddess Ishtar would have let me go in time…but I had to follow Her orders.

And so She did. She let me go after a short while…made me promise to don’t cum without Her permission (i didn’t manage to!)…and I left.

I am here, writing this article, and I still have Her strongly into my mind, very deep, very strong. Even when I met my wife I was like in trance….didn’t even act normally…she even told me “what’s wrong?”…

Yes, Goddess Ishtar today reminded me of Her power, Her huge power…and I want to end this article with a warning: don’t visit Her unless You are ready to face Her power….make your choice: this is her chatroom

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Moneyslave questions and doubts

Moneyslave questions and doubts

Does it still make sense for me saying that i’m trying to stop? Am i really trying to stop my financial domination fetish?

I’m starting to believe that…no, i won’t stop and i don’t want to stop. I keep spending more and more (just updated a few minutes ago my total spending, here, and it says 15.000$ so far this year) and, even worst, i don’t feel bad about it.

I don’t know if it’s because lately i’ve met some truly exceptional Goddesses , or if it’s just that my real life is going well even if i have this financial domination problem….or maybe, i am just starting to acknowledge that this is what i am… i don’t know, truth is i am not slowing down and i am most probably not going to stop anytime soon.

So i’m here asking to myself (and not only, if you’ll want to add your thoughts in the comments): should i state in this blog that i am NOT looking to stop, but that i am and will always be a moneyslave?

What did i just do?

What did i just do?

Till a few minutes ago i was on Miss Olivia’s videochat… nothing new…but….the really new and never happened before thing for me is that my wife is in the other room ironing….

She is awake…she could have caught my anytime…and this was exciting…really exciting…

Miss Olivia was wearing back deluxe cuban stockings, red high heels and matching lingerie…She was magnificient….

After about 20 minutes i sort of run away…because i just realised what i was doing…what i was risking…even though…something tells me that, later on, i will go back there…

Her greedy and powerful look

Her greedy and powerful look

I am weak, and that’s a fact i’ve learned the hard way. But i also understood that i am weak only when i am…made weak. Usually i’m a quite strong man but… how can anyone resist Diva’s look?

The other night i went to see her again…well, to be honest, she ordered me to.. and while i was there…she gave me this look, while asking for money.

How, how, how can anyone resist this look? Made me so weak that…i don’t even remember how much she drained me…well… i do… but it’s better if i don’t say it…a lot, really a lot of money… but again…that’s the power of Her greedy look.

I’m free… for now

I’m free… for now

I said that i needed a break from One Great Diva, and she actually answered from her blog.

So yes… i’m free from her, as She said i can be teased by others too…so i should be feeling better but… it’s obviously just a temporary thing.

“I know that anytime i get back or i find some free time to be online he will get weak under my royal feet”

And that is so true…i can feel it…but i don’t want to think about it now. As i said, i need to look around…i need to get some “fresh air”…as i am more or less intoxicated by Her…can’t stand it anymore… i will visit other Mistresses…and i know i’ll fall again…because i’m weak. But perhaps, it won’t be as close to bankruptcy as it was with One Great Diva.