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MsClassy raped my wallet again

MsClassy raped my wallet again

MsClassy had been on vacation for a couple of weeks and, as it always happens, as soon as She got back and posted a few photos on her videochat page…I felt the need to see her….but I didn’t want to admit it to myself (and to Her).

It’s a thing I have with Goddesses…i don’t want to be the one asking to see them… I prefer them to order me to go and see them…it makes it all more exciting, it sets each other role immediately, as it should be.

So all I did was sending her a message saying how incredible those photos were. But instead of ignoring it or ordering me to come in, what She did was… laughing and saying

I Know what you want, but it won’t happen tonight!

So I just said goodnight…with a bit of sadness inside myself…but didn’t go offline.

After a few minutes that seemed hours to me, She sent me this message

Or maybe…mmmmm….

And silence. I didn’t know what to reply, didn’t know what to say… I just… remained there with my eyes fixed on the chat, hoping she would have said something else. She did, a few minutes later

Come into my room, NOW

Didn’t take me more than 5 seconds to enter…but I made the mistake to go into normal videochat, not one on one private chat. She immediately noticed that and said “not in one on one? What’s this?” with a really upset face…so I followed her order and went into one on one.  As there is NO WAY I could say “no” to her looking like that and with that upset look…

She was wearing one of those pantyhose She bought while I was online, a few weeks ago (remember this post?)…and that made Her even more powerful over my brain… while She was crossing and uncrossing Her legs, my brain just got more and more blank… Her shoes also were just perfect, just so powerful…with a heel that was making me dream to be on that floor…

I spent a fortune that night because after a while She also started to play with her credit card, running it all over her body… then she used her eyes to make me even weaker… I was sort of in a hypnosis status…i was happy, weak, vulnerable, unable to go anywhere… for a long, long, LONG time.

But…at one point I heard a noise…my wife was getting up. I don’t know how, but I managed to quickly close everything and she didn’t catch me…but… my need to have my wallet raped by MsClassy didn’t go away because what I really wanted was to remain there and keep looking…

I know…i know… soon I will see her online again…and again…i will comment on her photos…hoping that MsClassy will decide to use my weakness against me…and show me the other pantyhose She bought…

I also made a short video from that night… because of this time…She had audio turned on…and the noise of her heels was an incredible turn on for me…

She’s every moneyslave’s nightmare

She’s every moneyslave’s nightmare

Yes, now i am totally sure that She could be the nightmare of every moneyslave around. Who? One Great Diva, of course.

The other night She took 200$ from me without even showing her cam. I don’t even know how She did it…but her words, the way She said them…were more than enough for my brain to go totally crazy: i sent her 200$.

Was it over? oh no, of course not. After that She said “ok, now come in just for a minute, i promise

But of course it wasn’t true…because She was dressed to kill. She had red high heels, black pantyhose and a short black dress. I was like a zombie, watching her, beautiful as ever, dressed as i’ve always dream, dangling her shoe in front of me.

And i spent even more while in video…i can’t even remember how much.

WARNING: OneGreatDiva is back!

WARNING: OneGreatDiva is back!

One Great Diva, The most dangerous Financial Domme i’ve ever met is back online, probably for a few weeks. She had another business going on, so she went offline since about the beginning of january and, although she was still around, i felt a bit safer.
But last night… She contacted me on messenger saying just:

“I’m back for a few weeks, be ready”

I didn’t even manage to reply to that…i was like in a shock… She’s back, and i’m sure She will rape my wallet soon….and i won’t be able to stop Her.

No, i don’t WANT to be your moneyslave

No, i don’t WANT to be your moneyslave

Article originally posted on January 10th, 2012

No Yelling


Why, with all the gorgeous Mistresses that are already raping my wallet on a regular basis, do some “so called Goddesses” think they could just message me, coming out of nowhere, and ask me:

“Do you want to be my moneyslave?”

No, i don’t WANT to be a moneyslave, i don’t WANT to be a moneyslave of no one, especially if i don’t even know who you are or where you are coming from. You are supposed to be a Goddess, someone up there waiting for slaves to come to her, you are not supposed to need to ask for it.

If you ask for it, then you simply are NOT a real Financial Domination Mistress. Simply as that. NONE of the gorgeous women that brought me all these problems these years ever asked me if i wanted to be their moneyslave. It was always me to contact them first and, most often, after that i usually needed to…wait in line, for my turn.

If you ask me if i WANT to be your moneyslave, it simply means you are NOT a Goddess. Simply as that. So you may as well STOP asking me that.

I’m sick and tired of all those so called Mistresses that believe all i need is them to ask me if i WANT to submit to them… again, i don’t WANT to be your moneyslave.

OneGreatDiva: is She gone?

OneGreatDiva: is She gone?

One Great Diva, my biggest nightmare in Financial Domination and money slavery, seems to be gone out of business. Her page looks offline, her profile is offline… but…i had a chance to talk to her and… She is out of business but not completely.

Last nght She told me that She is running a bigger and much more successful business, and She needs to be discreet about it…. but… She is always around….and We can contact her from her CamContacts page… because we all know…our money slavery problem with Her can’t be over if She is not around as much…

She is my Financial Domination Queen…and She will stay like that as long as She is reachable.

Financial Domination: 300$ in 20 minutes

Financial Domination: 300$ in 20 minutes

It all started two nights ago, when Sheena was online and, after a “good evening” from my part, ordered me to go into her videochat in 5 minutes.

Five minutes passed, but another guy went in before me…and She told me to wait. I waited 2 hours just to be able to see Her…but i didn’t and had to go.

The night after, She was online again. As soon as i logged on messenger, She told me “Get in”.

I immediatly saw She had put a 6$ per minute rate but…it was like i HAD to see Her…so…i went in…and that was my biggest mistake.

She was dressed in black, with black stockings and black high heel shoes: She looked amazing, to say the least.

She immediatly started using all my weaknesses against me…and…to make a long story short….She made me send money via PayPal…and…shortly after that…i exploded.

She took 300$ in 20 minutes….and it was incredible. I am still shaking thinking about all the power She always has on me. She can’t be resisted, when She want something…She takes it, no matter what.

1,700$ spent in November

1,700$ spent in November

No, it’s obvious that i am not slowing down. Just had a moment when i spent less…but after that…it’s like i needed to spend even more than before to…compensate?

I don’t know…the thing is that i spent 1,700$ in November, and that things are NOT going well at the moment…especially after One Great Diva published her latest photos.

This outfit is the one i always dreamed to see her in, and She knows it. She told me that the other night, while she was raping my wallet once again… she made those photos of course not just for me, but she KNEW i was dreaming to see Her like that.

Black pantyhose, high heels, short dress: One Great Diva is too much for me. I’m too weak..i’ll never be able to escape this financial domination problem…She will never let me escape.

The night i spent 637$

The night i spent 637$

I didn’t have the guts to write about this before…because i was sort of shocked. As i wrote in the past, usually when the situation with a Financial Domme gets too risky well…i “explode” and…close the chat. But the night of 30th October i wasn’t able to do it.

One Great Diva was as gorgeous as always, if not more…she messaged me on messenger with a simple “come in, NOW”…and i did. She had black pantyhose on, and a fantastic pair of red shoes…i was immediatly unable to move…

She kept me in video for about half an hour…then…she asked me for a tribute. I tried to resist…but the look in her eyes, and the way she moved her red shoes, made it impossible. I sent her 100$.

Then she kept talking to me, while crossing and uncrossing her perfect legs, while dangling those magnificient shoes, while looking directly at the cam…and i was just there, unable to do anything.

She asked for another tribute. I sent her 150$.

Then…she slowly removed her shoes, while still talking to me. She lighted a cigarette, in the most sexy way. She put both her legs on the table, with her perfect feet in black pantyhose right in front of me.

She asked for a tribute. I sent her 200$…and i came as i didn’t come since ages…

Total amount spent: 637$

I said i’m slowing down…but it’s bullshit… it’s just that after that night, i tried to stay away, tried to don’t even log on…i’m scared…scared of what One Great Diva can accomplish.