1,700$ spent in November

1,700$ spent in November

No, it’s obvious that i am not slowing down. Just had a moment when i spent less…but after that…it’s like i needed to spend even more than before to…compensate?

I don’t know…the thing is that i spent 1,700$ in November, and that things are NOT going well at the moment…especially after One Great Diva published her latest photos.

This outfit is the one i always dreamed to see her in, and She knows it. She told me that the other night, while she was raping my wallet once again… she made those photos of course not just for me, but she KNEW i was dreaming to see Her like that.

Black pantyhose, high heels, short dress: One Great Diva is too much for me. I’m too weak..i’ll never be able to escape this financial domination problem…She will never let me escape.

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