Financial Domination: 300$ in 20 minutes

Financial Domination: 300$ in 20 minutes

It all started two nights ago, when Sheena was online and, after a “good evening” from my part, ordered me to go into her videochat in 5 minutes.

Five minutes passed, but another guy went in before me…and She told me to wait. I waited 2 hours just to be able to see Her…but i didn’t and had to go.

The night after, She was online again. As soon as i logged on messenger, She told me “Get in”.

I immediatly saw She had put a 6$ per minute rate but…it was like i HAD to see Her…so…i went in…and that was my biggest mistake.

She was dressed in black, with black stockings and black high heel shoes: She looked amazing, to say the least.

She immediatly started using all my weaknesses against me…and…to make a long story short….She made me send money via PayPal…and…shortly after that…i exploded.

She took 300$ in 20 minutes….and it was incredible. I am still shaking thinking about all the power She always has on me. She can’t be resisted, when She want something…She takes it, no matter what.

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