About me

About me

Yes, I’m a money slave. I can’t deny that financial domination is my biggest fetish, and even if I know it’s dangerous and wrong, I keep visiting the Mistresses I know and…new ones.

I have no cam…i have a fetish for feet, pantyhose (or stockings), high heel classy shoes, classy style of dressing, sexy teasing looks……and i go crazy for beautiful women that use my fetishes to tease me, make me weak and… ruin me…

That’s what I usually say in videochat to many Mistresses… hoping to find the right one, the woman that would have been able to totally control my mind (and my wallet) using all my weaknesses.. and yes, I’ve found a few.

In 2009 I spent about 9000$ on videochat. When 31st December came and I spent another 2 hours with a gorgeous Mistress (spending about 400$ again) I decided that was it, I had to run away, I had to find a way to stop all that.

So I decided to log all my steps in this hard and difficult task (believe me, it IS hard) online, exposing myself to public shame. Only time will tell if I succeed or not. Only time and…this blog.

The blog had quite a lot of success, comments, and loyal readers. Then, one day, my server got a hardware failure and I had to start it all over again. It was September 29th, 2016…the same day while I’m writing this. At the moment I have no idea what will be of this blog in the future.

After a few weeks from that “hardware-drama”, I managed to recover more or less all my old posts and started writing again.

What others say about me

Other sites i like
Here’s a list of sites regarding Financial Domination that i find interesting. Have look, maybe there are some you didn’t know about.

  • OneGreatDiva.com – Her personal site (one of the many She has)…do i need to say more?
  • Ishtarxxx.com – Goddess Ishtar personal site, where she shares lots of incredible findom experiences and stories