The night i spent 637$

The night i spent 637$

I didn’t have the guts to write about this before…because i was sort of shocked. As i wrote in the past, usually when the situation with a Financial Domme gets too risky well…i “explode” and…close the chat. But the night of 30th October i wasn’t able to do it.

One Great Diva was as gorgeous as always, if not more…she messaged me on messenger with a simple “come in, NOW”…and i did. She had black pantyhose on, and a fantastic pair of red shoes…i was immediatly unable to move…

She kept me in video for about half an hour…then…she asked me for a tribute. I tried to resist…but the look in her eyes, and the way she moved her red shoes, made it impossible. I sent her 100$.

Then she kept talking to me, while crossing and uncrossing her perfect legs, while dangling those magnificient shoes, while looking directly at the cam…and i was just there, unable to do anything.

She asked for another tribute. I sent her 150$.

Then…she slowly removed her shoes, while still talking to me. She lighted a cigarette, in the most sexy way. She put both her legs on the table, with her perfect feet in black pantyhose right in front of me.

She asked for a tribute. I sent her 200$…and i came as i didn’t come since ages…

Total amount spent: 637$

I said i’m slowing down…but it’s bullshit… it’s just that after that night, i tried to stay away, tried to don’t even log on…i’m scared…scared of what One Great Diva can accomplish.

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