MsClassy: She’s back… i’m in trouble

MsClassy: She’s back… i’m in trouble

It was well..a quite long time since i last saw MsClassy online…so the other night i was quite surprised when She showed up…and even more surprised when She ordered me to come into her videochat.

Strange enough, i was quite calm and relaxed…thought She wasn’t as dangerous as the others…thought i would have been able to exit whenever i wanted.

Boy i was wrong. Her high arched feet in black stockings and, later on, in suntanpantyhose totally made me crazy and blind. I wasn’t even able to see how much it was all costing me…and forgot that the rate was at 6$ per minute

I ended up spending a truly big fortune… and in the future i will watch this video to remember how dangerous She is…even if i know… i will soon be back at Her feet…

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