Spoiling Goddess Ishtar from Office

Spoiling Goddess Ishtar from Office

This happened just today…it was brief..but intense.

I was in the office, at the end of my day and, as it doesn’t really happen often, I was alone. Everybody left a bit earlier today, so basically, I had the chance to be alone for about 30 minutes before it was time to leave for home

Goddess Ishtar was online. I was looking at her icon… thinking if it would have been appropriate to approach Her or not…when…

I want you to spoil me, I don’t care if you are in the office

Just like if She knew I was alone. I don’t know how she could but… I was immediately on her videochat. She had a leather dress on, with vintage stockings and some gorgeous heels. I couldn’t stay long…so it all lasted like 10 minutes…but it was SO intense…like a rush to spoil Her as much as I could in those few minutes.

I admit, I probably don’t visit Her chatroom as much as I should…but she never stops surprising me. Never stops getting more and more beautiful and dangerous.

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