She’s inside my brain, and She won’t leave

She’s inside my brain, and She won’t leave

Goddess Adriana is inside my brain, inside my bones, inside my soul…and I just can’t escape from Her. Well, I don’t even WANT to escape, to be honest.

She just KNOWS the “buttons” to push and when to push them. Her brain is sexy, her body is sexy, her movements are sexy, her style of dressing is just the kind every Woman with capital “W” should use.

Last night it happened again. I didn’t have much money left on my credit card…and I told Her I would have been able to see Her just for a few minutes. Instead of reacting like many “Goddesses” in a hysterical way like “then come back when you’ll have money!” (it happened many times to me), She just told me it was fine…and She allowed me to see Her, even on Skype…where the video is crystal clear and amazingly fast.

And I know why She did it. Because She KNOWS I can’t resist Her, She KNOWS that I can’t go away from Her unless She allows me to… and in fact… I was on videochat with Her for about an hour in the end…

I spent 600$

She was dressed all in black, from head to toes: a black sating cocktail dress with an erotic zip on the back, some incredibly sexy pantyhose, and Her black shiny peep-toe shoes…there was no way I could have escaped from all that.

And the thing is… now I am here…desperately waiting for the next time that I’ll be able to see Her, to feel Her power…and i also find myself dreaming DAILY of meeting Her in real, serving Her, be at Her feet in real…

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