She owns me

She owns me

It happened. After all this time going from one Goddess to another, never being able to stay loyal to any of them… I’ve met Goddess Adriana.

At first what really hit me was Her elegance, Her style of dressing. Then I saw Her power, Her intelligence. Then I saw how smart She is… and She slowly entered into my head. Minute by minute.

I’ve spent 1.700$ in 4 days with Her

This is more I’ve ever spent with anyone else… and I don’t even regret it. Now She’s on vacation for a week…and guess what…I miss Her. And all I wish is to be at Her feet, to let Her style and beauty drive me crazy…to feel the risk of Her ruining my life with the snap of a finger.

Yes, Goddess Adriana owns me, and I’m not even afraid to admit it.

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