10 days away from cams and Goddesses

10 days away from cams and Goddesses

It has been ten days…so far. Ten days since my last cam session online, Ten days since i’ve fall at a Goddess feet… ten….LONG days.

And i have to be honest… i can’t wait for this to end. I didn’t choose to stay away, i didn’t want this to happen (even if i should), it wasn’t an act of strength on my part, it wasn’t me winning against my instincts.

I just didn’t have a single cent left on my credit card.

Now i got my paycheck…now everything is in order again…and i just can’t wait to have the privacy required to go there, go to that site and… let my instincts do the rest.

I know it’s wrong, i know. But it’s kinda useless to try to resist. I FEEL the need to go there, i FEEL it…and yes…i’m gonna do anything i can to have the required privacy…

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