The blackmail SCAMMER

The blackmail SCAMMER

This came to my attention lately, and I really hope every Goddess out there will read this message.

There is an individual who has a really nasty habit: he goes to a Goddess saying he’s into Blackmail and humiliation, agrees to do that and be exposed…and then he reports the Goddess to all the sites she works on AND the police.

He did this already to two Goddesses I know (won’t say the names, of course) so I think every Goddess out there needs to be alerted.

Here are all the usernames he has, so that Goddesses can identify and block him:

SkyPrivate: christianbeier33
Imlive and Skype: slavedanskerdk
Twitter: @moneyloserdk

I also have his real name, but won’t post it here to avoid problems with him.

Please share this with all Goddesses you know

12 thoughts on “The blackmail SCAMMER

  1. Unfortunately blackmailing is against law.. it’s not important if the slave asks it or not, it’s just against law. I still don’t understand how “goddesses” do it. A real domme shouldn’t blackmail a slave to be served, she should use the weakness of the slave, her beauty, her sensuality…

    1. It seems you’re out of the subject! You know nothing about law, fantasy, roleplay and domination! Beating a person out of the blue is not legal. When a domme beats a slave because he begged for it, it is his need and fetish that is not illegal! A real domme knows that this fetish is a weakness just like footfetish is a weakness! Being owned, controlled, told what to do, used and dominated are weaknesses for so many! Blackmail fantasy and roleplay or game or whatever you need to call it is making part of the need to be owned, used and controlled! The need and fetish to be forced to do or not do certain things! Illegal is forcing someone to do or not do stuff by using compromising things against that person! When you specifically ask for it, crave it, beg it then you get what you asked for! Not what you didn’t ask for! When you provide content and ask people to use the content to control, own and force you to do things that you actually crave for but you don’t have enough balls to do them by yourself then it is legal! Do you ever go to the restaurant and order the food you’re allergic at and after feeling sick because of what you ate you go and report to the police the waiter who brought you the food you’re allergic at? I don’t think so!

    2. You misunderstood what’s happening here. This idiot WANTS to be blackmailed, because that’s his fetish. He asks for it, he gives them what they need to blackmail him…and when they do, out of the blue, goes reporting them police and camsites. Blackmail is very risky, I do agree with you, but if both parties understand that, in the end, it’s a fetish game…when one of them wants to end, surely it ends. In this case the reporting seems to be part of his fetish…like if he’s there just to hurt Goddesses.
      And again… I am NOT talking about Goddesses that force someone into blackmail,that’s obviously illegal. But when he DEMANDS for it…come on…

  2. I think you need to learn what the law permits and what not.

    If blackmailing is not legal, it’s not.

    It’s not that if I ask to be killed by you, and I sign a document for it, you can kill me.

    I’m not saying the “slave” is not a moron.. but for sure the “domme” should learn what she can do and what not.

  3. Hey Massi
    Thanks for the warning. We dont wont our Goddess to get in trouble.
    For me its easy to see he come from Denmark. I feel shame over taht one from my country do that

  4. Blackmailing is forbidden on most webcams and clips sites, and there’s a reason for it.

    The example stra348 made about killing is extreme, but it’s correct: where is the limit between the game/fetish and the reality? Do they sign a contract for the limit and a safeword? In that case, it’s not exciting at all, and the domme is not risking. But we all know it’s never done, and that’s why you are correctly warning the dommes.

    So, when you do this “game”, you know the slave has the power, just because the domme is doing something against law, even if that is a “fetish” for the slave. So the domme can just hope the slave is correct, otherwise she’ll be in trouble.

    The slave is a scammer and is making a fraud, but the domme should be smarter and avoid accepting this kind of games.

  5. Interesting. I’ve worked with him for years. Never had this problem. What I hear is that your “goddess” doesn’t understand the word no. Submission is a gift and should be voluntary. If he’s not into it he can say no. She obviously didn’t learn to accept that and got the police called on her ??‍♀️ Take the loss and move on.

    1. First of all, it’s Goddess, not “Goddess”. Since you know NOTHING about the one I’m talking about.
      Second, he did that to others as well.
      Third, I know Her and, although she’s very strict, she’s also VERY smart. He could have got out of it with no problems by talking to her in a mature way.

  6. So are we deleting comments that don’t jive with what you’re saying? You did basically post his name on here (that username is pretty clear). I’ve known him for a decade and he’s never called the cops on me because be I know how to respect boundaries. This “goddess” clearly didn’t know how to accept when things were done, and got herself caught up trying to bully people. That’s on her and anyone else who doesn’t know how to accept when slaves are no longer interested.

    1. “Deleting comments”? What are you talking about? your comment is here, as all the others.
      Even if you know him well, that doesn’t mean he behaves the same with everyone. You may have been lucky, you may have not been too harsh with him to “trigger” this behaviour.
      Once again, it happened to ANOTHER ONE as well at least.
      I spoke to her, and I know she’s smart enough to understand when enough is enough. If he would have confronted her like an ADULT, she would have stopped. Instead he just went to the police.

      Let me make it clear:
      – He askes to be blackmailed HARD (because he refused to do with others that were too “soft”, his words)
      – He gets what he asks for
      – He wants to stop but without acting like an ADULT and confront her, he goes to the police.

      And you are actually DEFENDING him? I’m speechless.

  7. I have known and worked with this slave for at least 11 years now. I have done blackmail and other fetishs with him. He has always paid and followed orders and commands. Ive never had these issues. I think some push him outside of what hes agreed to which is not ok and thats when he rebels. If you stick to what he agreed and was agreed muturally, no problem

  8. I actually know him for more than 8 years and he is a trouble maker. Because of him I had a paypal account closed.
    No hate here ,no bullshit talk ,simple reality.I have been avoiding him for Last years, time in which he begged Me multiple times,made several accounts so we can chat etc.
    About blackmail fantasy,look ,I do it ,I have fun with it ,but I care for My slaves.When I feel is too much for them ,I set them free.I sense when and if I cross the line and if they want to stop truly,we stop.

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