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The blackmail SCAMMER

The blackmail SCAMMER

This came to my attention lately, and I really hope every Goddess out there will read this message.

There is an individual who has a really nasty habit: he goes to a Goddess saying he’s into Blackmail and humiliation, agrees to do that and be exposed…and then he reports the Goddess to all the sites she works on AND the police.

He did this already to two Goddesses I know (won’t say the names, of course) so I think every Goddess out there needs to be alerted.

Here are all the usernames he has, so that Goddesses can identify and block him:

SkyPrivate: christianbeier33
Imlive and Skype: slavedanskerdk
Twitter: @moneyloserdk

I also have his real name, but won’t post it here to avoid problems with him.

Please share this with all Goddesses you know

Heartless Queen: When danger gets seriously HOT.

Heartless Queen: When danger gets seriously HOT.

As we all know, Goddesses are not all the same. They have different style, attitude, personality and, obviously, a different way of getting into our brain, of enslaving us.

Heartless Queen, at least in my case, always enslaved me by…scaring me. Yes, I’m not afraid to admit it: She is the one I’ve always been mostly scared of. 

Her approach has always been very direct: as soon as She understood what drives me crazy, She started constantly using it to make me weak and drain me. 

I honestly never had very long sessions with Her…but only because I ended up literally running away pretty soon.  Each one of them has been very intense, with my heart beating as fast as ever and I often ended those sessions by running away (that is, literally switching my computer off before it was too late). 

She enjoys pushing her victim’s limits…and pushing them hard.

One thing that always catches me is, a part from her obvious beauty, the camera angle she keeps in her room: we always look at her from the floor, with her legs constantly moving back and forth, her feet often letting her pumps dangle from the top of her toes. And this, to me, is like the hottest sight EVER in cam.

So, as you can imagine, as soon as I get a chance to see Her…it’s kinda impossible for me to move away. And if, by any chance, I give her even the slight idea I might be in a “sitting duck situation”….she jumps on me as a lion on a pray, using my weaknesses to make me fall…and drain me. That’s how it always happened with Her…and that’s what always scared me the most. There is NO WAY you can be around her without her reminding you of your role: we are slaves and we MUST serve her.

The most dangerous words

The most dangerous words


It’s late at night, i’m horny as usual but no one is around (plus, i can’t really spend in this period) so i ended up browsing the web with no particular path and then… i started thinking.. what’s the most powerful thing She could tell me? What’s THE thing She could say that would lead me to do anything for Her?

I imagine the scene…She’s right there in front of me, dressed in an elegant way, with a black pair of pantyhose and high heel shoes. Her left shoe dangling from the top her toes. Our session has been going for a good time now, but somehow i’m still able to control myself. Then…

What if She orders me to do something and then adds to it…

Do it or i will NEVER allow you to see me again

How could ANY of us be strong there? How could we not end up doing anything She asks? If She’s the one, if She’s the one you end up thinking a lot during the day…could you live without being able to see Her ever again? Could you even think of Her ignoring you FOREVER?

Dangerous night

Dangerous night

My only hope is to find the strength to resist the temptation… and just go offline. Because tonight, in this moment, One Great Diva and MsClassy are both online… lots of temptation…lots of danger…

It’s dangerous to be a slave

It’s dangerous to be a slave

UPDATE: Mistress Sandra asked me to clarify that this post refers to an old session i had with her (roughly in June) and that She wasn’t online at the time of my writing here. She’s back these days…and i’m going to probably fall again…

One Great Diva let me free for a while…but that doesn’t mean i’m safe. I’m a slave inside, and i crave to be dominated and…ruined using my fetishes. There’s no way i can deny that, and it will always be there.

That’s what happened the other night, the first “free” night. I was…feeling a slave. I needed to find a Mistress…needed to feed my Financial Domination fetish… and that’s when i entered Mistress Sandra’s videochat.

She welcomed me with a smile, almost a shy one i would say…that made me feel safer and relaxed…big mistake. As the minutes passed, she used more and more my weaknesses: stockings, shoeplay, high heels…credit card rubbed all over her…. and that was it: i was at her mercy….and she had no mercy at all.

She raped my wallet the same if not more as One Great Diva uses to do….and she made me promise to get back to her… i will try to stay away…but…it will be hard…