The most dangerous words

The most dangerous words


It’s late at night, i’m horny as usual but no one is around (plus, i can’t really spend in this period) so i ended up browsing the web with no particular path and then… i started thinking.. what’s the most powerful thing She could tell me? What’s THE thing She could say that would lead me to do anything for Her?

I imagine the scene…She’s right there in front of me, dressed in an elegant way, with a black pair of pantyhose and high heel shoes. Her left shoe dangling from the top her toes. Our session has been going for a good time now, but somehow i’m still able to control myself. Then…

What if She orders me to do something and then adds to it…

Do it or i will NEVER allow you to see me again

How could ANY of us be strong there? How could we not end up doing anything She asks? If She’s the one, if She’s the one you end up thinking a lot during the day…could you live without being able to see Her ever again? Could you even think of Her ignoring you FOREVER?

5 thoughts on “The most dangerous words

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for some months now and I can relate to you on so many levels. Thanks to you I found CamContacts, so I joined the site and checked to see if any of the Dommes that you recommend were online, but unfortunately they were not.

    So I started searching for my poison and as soon as I saw the incredibly GORGEOUS feet of “DivineArches” – seriously, Her feet are truly amazing. Mile-high arches and slender long toes. Definitely tops the list (tho Katherina from will forever be THE #1). I was hooked. Although Her video quality wasn’t the best and Her microphone being a bit low, I still couldn’t leave the One2One-session. She teased me wearing high heels and nylons, but eventually I got to enjoy Her bare feet. I ended up being drained for $200.

    What I also really loved about CamContacts was that there were no credits (like you have mentioned in another post) and that your CC keeps draining every minute without you even knowing. That’s really hot.. dangerously hot.


      1. I think you hit the nail in that blog post. I couldn’t agree more!

        Definitely, check her out. I am still mesmerized by her gorgeous feet. Breathtaking..

        1. I saw Her pics today… and i got totally stunned. Most probably some of the best looking arched feet ever…

          1. I stand in agreement, sir. She’s got some amazing arched feet that could seduce even the non-foot fetishist.

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