It’s dangerous to be a slave

It’s dangerous to be a slave

UPDATE: Mistress Sandra asked me to clarify that this post refers to an old session i had with her (roughly in June) and that She wasn’t online at the time of my writing here. She’s back these days…and i’m going to probably fall again…

One Great Diva let me free for a while…but that doesn’t mean i’m safe. I’m a slave inside, and i crave to be dominated and…ruined using my fetishes. There’s no way i can deny that, and it will always be there.

That’s what happened the other night, the first “free” night. I was…feeling a slave. I needed to find a Mistress…needed to feed my Financial Domination fetish… and that’s when i entered Mistress Sandra’s videochat.

She welcomed me with a smile, almost a shy one i would say…that made me feel safer and relaxed…big mistake. As the minutes passed, she used more and more my weaknesses: stockings, shoeplay, high heels…credit card rubbed all over her…. and that was it: i was at her mercy….and she had no mercy at all.

She raped my wallet the same if not more as One Great Diva uses to do….and she made me promise to get back to her… i will try to stay away…but…it will be hard…

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