Heartless Queen: When danger gets seriously HOT.

Heartless Queen: When danger gets seriously HOT.

As we all know, Goddesses are not all the same. They have a different style, attitude, personality and, obviously, a different way of getting into our brain, of enslaving us.

Heartless Queen, at least in my case, always enslaved me by…scaring me. Yes, I’m not afraid to admit it: She is the one I’ve always been most scared of. 

Her approach has always been very direct: as soon as She understood what drives me crazy, She started constantly using it to make me weak and drain me. 

I honestly never had very long sessions with Her…but only because I ended up literally running away pretty soon.  Each one of them has been very intense, with my heart beating as fast as ever and I often ended those sessions by running away (that is, literally switching my computer off before it was too late). 

She enjoys pushing her victim’s limits…and pushing them hard.

One thing that always catches me is, apart from her obvious beauty, the camera angle she keeps in her room: we always look at her from the floor, with her legs constantly moving back and forth, her feet often letting her pumps dangle from the top of her toes. And this, to me, is like the hottest sight EVER in cam.

So, as you can imagine, as soon as I get a chance to see Her…it’s kinda impossible for me to move away. And if, by any chance, I give her even the slight idea I might be in a “sitting duck situation”….she jumps on me like a lion on a pray, using my weaknesses to make me fall…and drain me. That’s how it always happened with Her…and that’s what always scared me the most. There is NO WAY you can be around her without her reminding you of your role: we are slaves and we MUST serve her.

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  1. I totally agree! how she dangles her shoe so dramatically so you can see the under-cleavage of her toes is so hypnotizing, like you get so excited for the next dangle to see them again for a slip second.

  2. This post gave me the chills and brought me back to October/November 2015. When I first discovered her in July of 2015, it took me several months just to build up enough courage to say “hello”…I often went to her room without logging in so I could hang out as a “Michigan guest” at Flirt4Free without being cornered so I could record and study her tendencies, meaning; if you was logged in, I better be prepared to serve her immediately, only…she absolutely terrified me to such an extent that based on what I was witnessing, even if I gifted her and took her private, I was still subject to being tossed out of her room if I didn’t do or say the right thing. …and even after all the years that have passed since, she still scares the shit out of me. LOL! you described her as a “Lion”, I’ve often referred to her as a “praying mantis” patiently waiting to strike and devour her kill at any given second. Excellent review Massi!

    1. Thanks for your contribution, I guess being scared by Her is a pretty common feeling, but it’s the kind of fear that excites you so much that, sooner or later, you WILL fall into her net

      1. You’re absolutely correct, and to be certain, she’ll probably be the death of me. The older I become puts me in a vulnerable position. As my heart continues to race with fear and excitement, the allure becomes magnified ten fold while gifting her with hands shaking at my keyboard. I can’t quit her, even more dangerous, she knows I can’t either. She’s so extremely galvanizing, intimidating.

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