Money slave of the perfect financial domme

Money slave of the perfect financial domme

One Great Diva brought me back into financial domination… and i can easily say that i feel like i am the money slave of the perfect financial domme.

She’s beyond beautiful, sexy, intelligent, greedy… believe me, i might look like an easy target but i’m not. There are small things that help me escape from a financial domme…but One Great Diva doesn’t have any of these things. She’s just perfect.

I’m afraid she’ll keep raping my wallet over and over… she’s too perfect and i’m just too weak. Yes, i’m totally back into financial domination.

And if this post looks like a giant “TV spot” for her…well i don’t care. I write what i am feeling at this moment…and if i feel like just saying how great she is… i will keep saying that over and over, i don’t care what you all think…in the end…i opened this blog to write about my journey into the sea of financial domination…and i will keep writing what i feel like writing about…

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